Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

I met Natalie Portman!! Jk... It's just a laurel.

Dear Mommy and Daddy!!!

Katrina is having a baby boy!!! Bah-- I am so excited!!! I love babies!! I can't wait to have another Nephew!!!

Also, Happy Birthday to Grandma Ferre!!! Whooo!! Is she in Oregon or Hawaii right now? I love Grandma so much!! She is one of the most generous and charitable person that I know. I want to be like her!!


Life is great!! Being a missionary is the best thing in the whole wide world!! We have had some miracles this week!

B***** (who we haven't heard from in almost two weeks!!) messaged us on Saturday morning and said we could stop by!! She has been going rough some crazy stuff, which is why she hadn't been able to respond to our calls and texts. We shared the Mormon message "Because of Him" and she really loved how humble Christ's life was. She then wanted to know all about Christ's ministry and life and how His ministry started. We were answering her questions and talking about Christ and how prophets have always prophesied and testified of him. And then Sister R***** and I both had the spirit hit us like a brick wall and we both said "you should come to the Easter pageant!!!!" Because it's all about Christ's birth and ministry!! And so she is going to come to the Easter pageant this week!! Yayyy!!!

Mesa Temple

We also had the greatest members in the world purchase food for us for the next TWO weeks. Food and toilet paper is the best gift you can give to a missionary. Actually, you guys should give the Elders in your ward a whole package of toilet paper... They will love you for it.

We sang “Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat” for Broadway cabaret. I think you must have watched us practice it when you came to surprise me in Hawaii. Remember that? That was sooo awesome!! Remember how I just burst into tears when I saw you? Yeah, “Sit Down” would be a a great group musical!! What did Emma do for group musical this year?

Hahaha... Does Talia like my hair?...

Oh that picture of Willie Wonka looks so great!!! How fun!!! I love acting!!! I really do look forward to being in a play/musical again.

Yes the Jenkins will be here for my whole mission.

Me mimicking and Elder!
What are your plans for spring break?

Oh. Can we go to Disneyland when I get back? Please? If not, it's okay.

Does Emma still have braces?!?? Is she even going to get them off while I am on my mission???

Haha -- this morning we played dodge ball with one of the zones (we live super far from our zone/area so we just piggyback on other zones that are closer to where we live). But it was so much fun!!

Next week we are going to play quidditch!!!! I am sooooo excited!!!

I am SO glad that Gordon is okay!! [Gordon was in a car accident and is OK – but the car is totaled – :( ]Did he get hurt at all?

Mom, it is impossible for my future in-laws to have given Emily a ride anywhere because Bruce Wayne's family is all dead....

Sister R******* and I had a good conversation with two of our members about the foster system. It made me cry. I will foster and adopt all of the children.

It's fine [that the Willie Wonka lead actors had head mics]. I will have head mics when I am on Broadway.

Will you email me all of Sandra Turley's story? 

Oh Hank Smith sounds like he was a really great speaker. I love that thought!!

So I can't remember if I told you, but by 2019 the brethren of the church want to have 100,000 full time missionaries serving!!!

I love you mom and dad!!

Love, Erica

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