Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 23, 2015

I got transfer news . . . 

And I'm leaving the saguaro zone for the first time in my mission. 

spent half my mission here and they are kicking me out!! 

I am Soooooooooo sad :( I love this group so much!! 

(Even though most of them have moved out of the zone
since I first got here, haha) but it 
is still sad!!

Letter from Erica (to Mom)

Dear Mom

Well, I'm getting transferred. We got news from President, and both Sister T*** and I burst into tears.

But something really cool is that I had a dream that I would be companions with Sister R*** (my new companion). I don't know a ton about her, but when President said I would be companions with her, my heart skipped a beat! I could hardly believe that my dream had come true! President is so inspired!!

WhoHoo Happy Birthday to Kevin!! 

Me and Sister C***

Being a missionary is the best. I am so happy all the time. Except when I get transferred.

I want to do foster care!! How cool that President and Sister Linn are doing that! You and dad should do that!!! Do it before Emily leaves so that she can have siblings again and so that when Emma leaves you guys can stop doing foster care and then go on a couples mission :)!

Remember that time that I cried when I found out that you would not get to be my unit leader ever because you were called into the stake young women presidency. I was so mad. I wanted you to be my 4th and 6th year leader SO BAD!!

Sister C and Me again :)

Thoroughly Modern Millie is my all time favorite. I want to be in that musical again.
Happy birthday to Grandpa Ferre this week!!

Bahahahahahahaha Fit Mom's workout class!!! Bahhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! That was the funniest story I've heard all day!! Dad and Fit Mom's!! I am glad you had a good time at Tessa's!!

Oh poor Nick!! That is so sad and scary!! Poor thing! [Nick was sick].

Ha, remember when I sang at the district wrestling match? Ha....... :/

So we are outside waiting for our dinner appointment to arrive and
sister T**** says "lets take pictures!!"

We start with a normal selfie ...

Sister T*** LOVES the game ticket to ride!! I've never played it though.

Okay, so this week we taught *** and ****. They are both progressing SO fast!! And they are both so excited to be baptized. *** was sad when I told him I was being transferred, but he said he knew it was God's plan for me. And I haven't told *** yet. *** bore a powerful testimony in his lesson and in gospel principles this week. And **** gets SO excited to show us everything he is doing or working on (family history, listening to the Book of Mormon). I love the people I am working with. I will still get to go to their baptisms because I have some parts in the program. Yay :)

And then . . . 

Oh, I love those spiritual thoughts!! I have also have always wanted to know more about Jesus as a boy and teenager. Especially when i was a child!! I wanted to relate to him in those ways, but I am satisfied hearing the stories of his ministries.

Man, I am soooooo sad to be leaving my area, my companion, my roommates and my zone :(

I have been reading in the Book of Mosiah recently and it is INCREDIBLE!!! It kind of goes all over the place! They should make it into a movie or a mini series.

I love you mom!!!


Sister Brady

P.S. Will you tell Jamie painter that I say happy birthday (it was her birthday this last week)!

The return of the beard!!

Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

This has been a good week! It started off a little rough, but I got a blessing and everything since then has been wonderful!! I am so grateful for priesthood power!!

I don't think I've ever played the game Rage. I've actually never heard of that game.

Thank you for your thoughts on patriarchal blessings. I read mine this morning and had a few things confirmed (some questions that I have received answers to), and I was also able to recognize some of the blessings that I've recently received in my life. I love my patriarchal blessing.

I have been exercising more and eating healthier too!! No more sugar for me!

I am SOOOO happy :)! Life is wonderful.

I love you dad!

Sister Brady

Candid Camera

Photo-cred: sister Henretty


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