Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 16, 2015

Me and Sister R

Dear Mom and Dad

Best News of the week!!!!! I GOT A SIGN NAME FROM ELDER J*************!!!!!! Do you realize how awesome that is?! Only deaf people can give you a sign name! And you have to really know that person too. You cant just walk up to a deaf person and say "Hey, give me a sign name". They have to know you and give you one based on your personality. Anyway. So my sign name is "Sister Sweet.”
..... ?

I'll send a video of me signing it. I'm super stoked.

Baby Chair!
Okay so I changed my mind about sending a package home for now. I will probably send one the next time I get transferred.

This morning we went on a hike to Weaver's Needle !! It was so fun! On the hike up I was up in the front hiking so fast and then I looked around.... And realized..... I was alone with five Elders!!!!!!! So we all stopped until two other sisters met up with us. And then I had to slow down so that they could keep up with me. And then President Jenkins caught up with us (cause he is an awesome hiker) and we all hiked the rest of the way together. When we got back down from the mountain, President said to me "wow, you are quite the hiker!" And he turned to someone who walked by and said "she was the first female up there!" ?

Also on the hike back down, I hiked with Sister B******* and the ASL Elders and Elder J****(the deaf elder) actually said my name!! Out loud!! It was so awesome!!

Wait, what? Che got married? I didn't even know he was dating someone, or engaged..
Dad, I think the color of the bathroom sounds like a perfect color!! I look forward to seeing it!

Baby Chick

Sister Sweet is so sweet!
(confession - mom wrote that caption)

I have never seen the play Guys and Dolls. I don't even know the story. I only know the song "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat" because Chris sang it once.

I haaaaaatttteeee it when people sing/hum during performances.... Biggest pet peeve EVER.

Hahahaha I'm sorry about you getting paint in your hair!! And I sang in a trio at a stake conference on Saturday night... It wasn't even for the stake I'm serving in...

And I helped paint a house for four hours on Saturday morning!!! We are twins!!

President Jenkins is the most amazing mission president in the world. He is super inspired and super awesome. Just wanted to let you both know!

Lazer Tag

More Lazer Tag
Anyway I'm sorry that the emails came so late. We had to write them out of wi-fi so they didn't send until we got into wi-fi (which happened to be after 6) ?

Okay I love you both so much!! Pray for us to find some new investigators in this area!!


Sister Brady

It's a Twister!

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