Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 24, 2015

Guys, we're a really cute zone!

Me, my companions and our awesome housemates! And the food is
some food that members gave us because they know we are poor.
Dear Mom,

You have my itinerary?!? Wait what?? Okay wow! What is my flight time?? [Yes we do know when she is coming home!!! December 15th!!! Woohoo!!!]

Yeah, I love books that are written for middle schoolers. Like Percy Jackson (have you read those books?)

I did get Grandpa Ferre's package!!! Thank you Grandpa!!!!

Emily do the MHCC program!!! It is the best!! And even if you don't graduate a year early you could just go and then be on the student body program or something and get scholarships for wherever you transfer to!!
Cute Zone Again!
Hey can you schedule a dentist appointment for me for when I get home? I haven't gone since the December before I left, so it will be two years by the time I go again.

BABY BRADY!!!!!! He is so precious!! I can't wait to meet him!! Actually I can wait to meet him and I certainly look forward to it!!

I love girls camp. Tell Emma to write me! :D

What movie did you rent from Redbox?

Hey so it's cool that you brought up that book by Sheri Dew because we actually had a lesson in church yesterday about Grace! And the teacher read a quote from that book! It was an amazing lesson. I love this ward and I never want to leave.

Today I read 2 Nephi 4 and it made me want to cry and rejoice all at the same time. I love Nephi.

And again!!
So we had a super miraculous week this week! We have three new investigators, one in each ward, and one who has committed to be baptized! (We haven't set a date yet though). He also came to church and loved it (not gonna lie though, our ward hasn't had an investigator in forever so they kind of were overwhelming with their greetings haha but its okay he still wants to meet with us!)

We also are going to meet with M*** every single day this week to prepare her for her baptism in 2 weeks. #crashcourse we taught her the plan of salvation this last week and when we asked her if she knew anything about Adam and Eve she said she didn't. We said "that's fine! We'll teach you about them!" We were using a whiteboard so I drew on the whiteboard two stick figures and said "This is Adam and Eve..." And M*** goes "Oh! Now I know what they look like!" Hahaha and then we all laughed and she goes again, "Oh, was that a mean joke?" So we assured it was a very funny joke :) I love our investigators. Please pray for them!

Oh and we also had a 5 year old kid in our ward swallow a quarter!! He's totally fine! We went to visit the parents and they were telling us what happened. I guess the dad saw throw up on the bathroom floor and he went into C****'s room (where he was playing video games) and the dad said "C****, are you okay?" And C**** said "yeah" (and then he was silent for a moment) "But I swallowed a quarter" so they rushed him to the emergency room and it had made it to his stomach so they are now just waiting it out.... #ouch. When the dad asked C**** why he swallowed a quarter he said "I was really hungry" the dad laughed when C**** said that and said to us "he is never not eating" (p.s. This kid is five and is about 3 feet and is 85 pounds). Haha anyway I just wanted to share that funny/scary story with you.

Okay I love you Mom!


Sister Brady
There aren't any cups in the kitchen at our church building but
someone gave us Little Caesars and soda for dinner (they couldn't feed
us at their house) so I used a pitcher to drink the soda :)
Dear Dad,

I see people all the time here that I think are people from back home! And then sometimes they are! (Like when I saw Garrett and his wife, and when I saw Elder Linn and Sister Tippery :))

Remember when we saw Bishop Wilson at Disneyland? [We didn't really . . . but we saw a guy that looked like him!]

I always am reminded of you whenever people talk about the stake patriarch here or when patriarchal blessings come up. It's crazy to think I still haven't been around you since you've become the stake

The Claim Jumper is your new favorite?! I went there with Sister Peacock and her niece Gabby Peacock before we went to go watch New Moon. It was fun!

Dad, I love being a missionary. And I love you :)

Sister Brady
 I love my companions and housemates!! Last night we all watched
"Legacy the Movie" and ate cinnamon roles that a member made for us
(best cinnamon 
roles I have ever had!!)!! It was great!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 17, 2015

My District . . . My family!

 Dear Mom,

Wow, we need to stop talking about my return date... For the sake of me staying consecrated on the work let's pretend I don't get home until April 15th. (I'm pretty sure the mission office ladies will notify you when I get my flight itinerary, but I will be sure to pass on any information I receive). [Shelly here - They did notify us this week! It is official!! December 15th!]

Okay so my two new companions:

Sister B is from Washington and she has a twin. They are the oldest of nine kids. She does competitive ballroom dancing! She went to a year of school at UVU. Sister M is from Hawaii (Honolulu) and she is the oldest of six kids (all her siblings are boys!!!) She does Tahitian dancing! And I will be in Hawaii when Sister M gets home so I will get to see her!! :D B*** and M*** were actually companions last transfer! Haha - they just moved them up to my area for their "Full-Field" transfer! And they are both SUPER funny!! We laugh so much!! I love to laugh!! And they both came out at the same time!

I really like the pasta at the cheesecake factory. And the cheesecake.

I read my patriarchal blessing and the paragraph about marriage is shorter than the paragraph about missionary work ;)

I love Mesa!! I am excited to take you guys back here some day! I don't know when it will happen but I am excited!! (Maybe Christmas time 2016?)

Yum, I really want waffles. I haven't had waffles since my first area. And I haven't had Red Robin or Costco in over a year. #FirstMealsBackInOregon? :)

Yeah, I don't know what happened to the rest of the email :/ it disappeared from mine to :( but I definitely sent a longer one!! Did you get my selfies with the dead Black Widow?

I love your new job!! I am so excited for you!!!! You are so awesome! You will be a great librarian and I your library will look beautiful!!

I love girls camp. I wonder what kinds of calling I will get when I am settled in a ward. :) hopefully nursery!! :D that would be my favorite!

"TERRIFIED!" Haha was that reference to Fairy May? :) haha!!

Okay so I am re-starting the Book of Mormon and I just finished 1 Nephi and oh my goodness I love him! Like, I'm not in love with him, but I love him! Nephi just speaks my language! And his life was so rough! He had abusive brothers, he had to leave home when he was young, and he was called to be a leader of a whole group of people at a really young age! (I am not saying my life is rough like Nephi. I def don't have abusive siblings and I've never been ask to roam the wilderness for more than a couple days at a time ;) His tough life is just an additional thing that I admire about him). 

Anyway, I Love Nephi. And his dad Lehi. I want to marry a man like Nephi who has a father like Lehi. But I would also be okay if he doesn't have brothers who want to kill us...

So just find me a Nephi and then I will get married before going on another mission! :) [Shelly here – I believe Erica just gave me permission to find her a husband/Nephi – If you know of any Nephi types out there, please have them send applications to my email address.]

Boom. Marriage.

I got the package!!!! Thank you Mom!!! Thank you for sending the jazz shoes and my favorite candies!! And the body spray (I really needed that) and the tissues (a luxury I cannot afford!!) Thank you!!!!

I love you Mom!! Have a great week :)

Sister Brady

My family!

Dear Dad,

Wow that is cool that you can look back and see some of the things that helped prepare you for your calling now as a Patriarch!

Dad I just love you so much! I think I have the best parents in the whole world.

We didn't get to see M this week because she was camping with her family. But we are going to see her this week!! :) Hopefully we will get to take her to the Visitor Center!

I love you Dad!! Have a good week! Oh and I love reading your emails even though my emails aren't very long sometimes.

Sister Brady

Heritage Zone

August 10, 2015


Me, Sister M, and Sister B
 Dear Mum!!

I am glad you had a good simple birthday!! My birthday was pretty simple this year too ;) actually the last three birthdays I've had have been pretty simple :)

We had a lesson with ***** this week! Yay! It was kind of a hard lesson.... But I think the next one is going to be really good!

Transfer news: ....... I AM STAYING IN THE AREA!!!! Hahahah yay! At the end of this next transfer I will have been in the L and MP wards for 7 months!!! Crazy!!

Grandma M, me, Sister M, Sister B
Also......... I am getting TWO companions!! Yup, I'm going to be in a trio- again!!!! My companions are Sister B and Sister M (I served Sister Mwhen I was a Sister Training Leader!!). They are both Visitor Center sisters and this will be one of their "Full-field" transfers :) I love trios though so I am stoked!!

Me and Sister R. she is leaving the district!! :(

Me and Sister H!! My Day-Trainee
Also... I am "Day Training" which is pretty much when you take one of the brand new missionaries who has just gotten off the plane less than 24 hours before and you are their first "companion" on the mission. And then at transfer meeting you send them to their trainer! As my good friend Sister R describes it: "so I get to pick up a new sister basically right off the plane and be with her for her first day before she gets her real trainer. Its like being an aunt, all the fun of having a child but you get to hand them off to their real mom at the end of the day!" #PreachItR

I am not sick anymore! I feel great this week!

Oh so on Tuesday, Uncle Keith and Aunt Shirley took us to the Cheese Cake Factory!! It was good to see them and visit with them! They asked me if we needed to say a prayer over the food and I said yes and quickly proceeded to say a blessing on the food. It was a good time and Uncle Keith said he wants to take us out again soon! Uncle Keith also told us that the Sister missionaries in their ward (Sister G) stopped by and visited with them! They said they really like Sister G and GUESS WHAT?!? Sister R is going to be Sister G's new companion!!! So my lovely past companion, Sister R, is going to serve in Uncle Keith's ward!!!!! Yaaaaayyyy!!

Oh hey, I should join Emily's online Seminary class and then I could skype in every Friday ;) hahha, jk, but I actually do want to follow along on the study schedule. I love the Old Testament!

I AM SO EXCITED THAT I GET TO WORK AT THE DAYCARE AGAIN!!! Yes I would love to start working the day after I get home!!! Or even the DAY I GET HOME if she needs me!! (When would we go fly to see family? If you guys are still thinking about doing that?)

Going clockwise starting with me: Me, Sister G (housemate),
Sister B, Sister H (Housemate), and Sister M
Hahaha C is the red head who was in the Sound of Music. We went on a few dates! And now he is married!!!!

Tell Emma to write me about the 4th year hike!! I want to hear!!!

Yeah, I plan to go on another mission around age 28 or 30..... Marriage or Full-time missionary service ;) either one works with me!

Well I've survived a summer and a half in Arizona! The summer won't be over until late September or early October, and we had a long spring, so we might have a long summer :/ good thing I love the heat!! Oh, and I don't think it's as bad as last summer.

Dust Storm in Mesa!
I love Sister Howard!! Tell her I say hello!

Is Anita the one who does her eye brow waxing in that little gated community?

I am soooo excited for you to be a librarian!!! I wish I could go with you!! I guess I can go with you on that Tuesday that I first get back? But then I will go off to work :D

Yum, I love waffles... I haven't had waffles in forever...

Wow, you never bought me any costumes when I was a kid...

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2?? Mission Impossible?!? I haven't even heard about these movies at all until now!! What the what!? I must be a missionary or something..

Sounds like you had a perfect birthday mom :) what is Razzelberry pie?

Me! :)
So I was at a members home on Sunday night and it came up that Dad is a sealer and he was just so blown away because Dad is so young, but I had never even thought about that! I mean, Dad is still super young so it is crazy that he is a sealer and a patriarch. It wasn't until you wrote about that that I also thought about how hard the calling of a Stake Patriarch is. Just because you have to prepare yourself so thoroughly and it is probably emotionally, spiritually, and mentally draining to give a patriarchal blessing.

I love Jacob! He is a good teacher!

I love this area and I am so happy that I am staying again!! Maybe I will finish my mission here :D

I love you Mom!!! Oh so much!! Thank you for your emails :)

Sister Brady

Dear Dad,

Wow what a cool experience!! I have been thinking a lot this week about your callings as a Temple Sealer and the Stake Patriarch.

I wanted to tell you that at Zone Conference two weeks ago, President Jenkins asked every one who was not from the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh to raise their hands. Only two people did. One was from the Philippines and I think he was from the tribe of Zeblun. And then an Elder from Idaho told us that he is from the tribe of Judah!! How crazy!

Also I was reading in D&C 133 where it talks about the gathering of the one of the lost tribes (I think it was the tribe of Judah).

And President told us a story at zone conference about a Patriarch who was sent to go give blessings to people in a country where there wasn't a patriarch to give those blessings, and when he returned to report to the 12 apostles they asked him "What tribes were the people from?" And the Patriarch said that there was someone from every tribe!!

Anyway, I just think it is really cool to think that the gathering of Israel is already happening!!!!

I love you dad sooo much!!

Oh and I forgot to mention this in the email to mom, but.....

M IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! She committed to be baptized on September 5th! Oh and we learned this week that her husband is a less active member and that his parents are still super active and super supportive of M :) and her mother-in-law is there almost every week helping with M's kid! Yay! How awesome, right?!

Please keep in your prayers:
The L family

Thank you!!

I love you Daddy!!

Sister Brady
Heritage Zone
Okay, so I just wanted to send you all this story because it is an adventure!

So we went to go visit Sister U. She is an older lady, probably in her 80's. Very hard of hearing, doesn't see very well.

Sister U invited us to sit on her couch, but as I got closer I noticed a black blob by the fireplace and the edge of the couch. Sure enough, it was a lovely big black spider. It was in a web connected to
the couch and the fireplace... "So, um, we can't sit on the couch because, um, you have a really... Lovely spider and it's web is connected to it.... And I think it's a black widow..."

(And then naturally I take a picture. The couch is on the right)

[Shelly here - there was more to this story . . . but it disappeared from our emails ?!?!]

Do you see the red mark!!?!??!? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Knife for scale (also, please note this was
when it was all 
crumpled up and dead).

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015

Zone conference!
We combined with two other zones :) the person

taking the picture also did not count..... :p
[Shelly here - why is everyone smiling except Erica??]

Our district leader and his companion
 (and the Biebs) sent us these pictures

Oh some background on the Bieber thing.... Elder M***** and S******
came home one night and found this in their room. Apparently the
church members they live with had done this haha!!!

Dear Mom

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh my goodness!! How exciting that you are turning 33!!! Hahah :) but seriously, 53 isn't even old. You are soooo young! I am so young!! And Emily is still a baby!! And considering we have the rest of eternity to live, learn, and grow (if we make it to the celestial kingdom ;)), even a 93 year old is young. Really. Wow, I love the gospel.

So what are you going to do for your birthday?!

So this week we had amazing success with meeting some less active members. Seriously. We have two families who we are now teaching their boys the missionary lessons, and we are teaching a another family (and they came to church this week!!).

The Pose . . .

(Haha, yes we are doing Elder M*****'s pose again!)
I also feel like so many members are trusting us! Maybe it's because I've been in this ward for 6 months and so they just feel familiar with me now, but many members welcome us into their homes and love to hear our testimonies, and even better, they love to share their testimonies with us!! The next step is just getting them to share their testimonies with their neighbors.... ;)

Anyway, life is good, and I love these wards. I don't want to leave. We find out this Saturday what my transfer news is (we already know Sister P*****'s... Hahahah...)

I am so excited for Kat to have her baby! And Tess too!!

Oh my goodness... I cannot believe you just said my future companion might be on my mission..... Wow mom.....

Yeah, I wish I had dated boys when I was in high school. I could have been such a good influence on them.... Hahahahaha.....


The pose . . . again!

My pinky is officially unjammed!!

Yeah I would LOVE to get that time to learn the gospel with Emma!!! It would be like Companion study again!!!

Fortunately I haven't had a cold sore since I went on my first date with *****... All of my sores [canker sores] right now are inside my mouth, but they are all mostly healed!!

I loved the 4th year hike!! I am so excited for Emma!!

Haha, Yeah December is coming kind of close. But it is only August and I have plenty of time left!! Have I told you I am going to serve another mission in a few years?

Is Sister **** still fostering those kids?

I have spent the majority of this P-day playing sports and it has been glorious!! We've played chair soccer, K-ball, and Ultimate Gonzer (it's a version of Ultimate Frisbee)

100 degrees is nothing. I really love the heat.

So This week has been great and I love you so much!!!!


Sister Brady

Zone pics from our zone party today.

Dear Dad,

"Sut wut dee Kah" was the first thing I said to M****!!! It's the only thing I know in Thai :)

I LOVE the Lukers!! The oldest one (Briton) was in my first year group when I was a 5th year and the almost youngest one (Raegan) was Gretl!!! I miss the sound of music!! I will miss the Lukers!!!!! :(

Yes let's watch all of those movies when I am home!!

I love you Dad soooo much!! Sorry this letter is so short!! I will write more next week :)

I love you!

Sister Brady

Funny faces!!!

July 27, 2015

 On exchange with Sister N****

and we saw this cool address
 Dear Mom!

Life is good! I love being a missionary!! I love the people I serve and teach!! I love Mesa Arizona!! I love the Book of Mormon and the gospel! I love temples and family! I love you and Dad!! I am just so happy :)

****** canceled his lesson this week... :/
But we had a wonderful lesson with M***** this week!! She believes the Book of Mormon is true!!! We are going to commit her to baptism this next week! 

P******* is super sick. Please keep her in your prayers.

Oh! Hey, there's an idea!! I should just move to NYC or Cali with Emma!! And then me and Emma can star in some TV Shows or Movies or Broadway Shows!! Sounds like a plan! ;)

Reasons I would rather go to school in Hawaii . . . I have family in Hawaii and Utah, but none in Idaho. I miss wearing sandals/flip flops. I'm not ready to give that up again. I like wearing shorts. I just simply have zero desire to go there...

I love Ellie Leach. Seriously. She will make a great Lady MacBeth. #teamellie

Ugh, I really don't have many good memories of stake dances... I will support them with all of my heart when my kids or other youth in my ward go them, but I really didn't like them. I think I will try to go to more YSA dances when I get home though! #support #dohardthings

My favorite sport that we play [every Monday on Prep day] is called Chair Soccer. And I also like Chicago Fire (it is a form of Basketball, but there are three teams).

Oh, and today we played a game called 3 step (a form of Dodgeball but it's every man for himself and there is only one dodgeball) and I jammed my pinky finger. Boo hoo. Hahaha - it hurts but I played Chicago Fire right after and just played through it!

Wow, that first week is going to be fun when I get home!! I look forward to helping out Emily with Seminary when I'm home!! I could even sub for you guys a few days - hahaha!!

Hey - it's really okay that you sent music and monologues during the week, it didn't really phase me like I thought it would. Thank you so much for you help!!

Me and Sister R**** match!! We are so cute!!

I have been feeling a lot of stress too. I have about five sores in my mouth. I was in SO much pain this week, but they are all pretty much healed by now.

When does Kat leave? [Katrina and her children spent a few nights with us while Gordon was out of town.]

Nick is not Batman. I'm Batman *said in Christian Bale's Batman voice*

Tell Emma to write me about Trek!!

Yeah I totally know Emily G**** and I met her fiancé/now husband!! How cool that Dad knows her mom!! Did I tell you that I actually saw her mom down at Christmas lights and that's when we all made the connection?!

I remember that story that Katrina told about Hank and the car crash. That is a very sweet story. It reminds me of 3 Nephi when the children began to say marvelous things to the multitude.

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!! I am in Ether and this morning I was reading so many chapters so quickly because it is so intense in these books! All of these righteous and unrighteous kings. The rebellions and secret groups that result in stolen thrones. The prophets that come and help guide the people to repent and then there is peace for a time. It amazes me what these authors of the Boom of Mormon went through in order to keep these records preserved. Just so that we could have it for our day!! The Lord clearly and undoubtedly had a hand in the protection of these sacred records. And the Book of Mormon really is for our day. A quote from Ezra Taft Benson: "The Nephites never had the book. Neither did the Lamanites of ancient times. It was meant for us..." I love that thought. It astounds me to think that the Book of Mormon is truly for us in these days!!

Okay I love you guys!!

Sister Brady

Throwback to our first day in Mesa #throwbackmonday
(also we did a 
super good job of unintentionally color coordinating!!)

Oh and the mission office sent me an email asking me to confirm my departure date and arrival airport with you...

So are we all in agreement that I am flying home to the Portland Airport on December 15th?

Please email back to this today.

Thank you :)

I love you!!



Elder M*** is really good at taking photos
on my iPad when I'm 
not looking....