Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 27, 2015

 On exchange with Sister N****

and we saw this cool address
 Dear Mom!

Life is good! I love being a missionary!! I love the people I serve and teach!! I love Mesa Arizona!! I love the Book of Mormon and the gospel! I love temples and family! I love you and Dad!! I am just so happy :)

****** canceled his lesson this week... :/
But we had a wonderful lesson with M***** this week!! She believes the Book of Mormon is true!!! We are going to commit her to baptism this next week! 

P******* is super sick. Please keep her in your prayers.

Oh! Hey, there's an idea!! I should just move to NYC or Cali with Emma!! And then me and Emma can star in some TV Shows or Movies or Broadway Shows!! Sounds like a plan! ;)

Reasons I would rather go to school in Hawaii . . . I have family in Hawaii and Utah, but none in Idaho. I miss wearing sandals/flip flops. I'm not ready to give that up again. I like wearing shorts. I just simply have zero desire to go there...

I love Ellie Leach. Seriously. She will make a great Lady MacBeth. #teamellie

Ugh, I really don't have many good memories of stake dances... I will support them with all of my heart when my kids or other youth in my ward go them, but I really didn't like them. I think I will try to go to more YSA dances when I get home though! #support #dohardthings

My favorite sport that we play [every Monday on Prep day] is called Chair Soccer. And I also like Chicago Fire (it is a form of Basketball, but there are three teams).

Oh, and today we played a game called 3 step (a form of Dodgeball but it's every man for himself and there is only one dodgeball) and I jammed my pinky finger. Boo hoo. Hahaha - it hurts but I played Chicago Fire right after and just played through it!

Wow, that first week is going to be fun when I get home!! I look forward to helping out Emily with Seminary when I'm home!! I could even sub for you guys a few days - hahaha!!

Hey - it's really okay that you sent music and monologues during the week, it didn't really phase me like I thought it would. Thank you so much for you help!!

Me and Sister R**** match!! We are so cute!!

I have been feeling a lot of stress too. I have about five sores in my mouth. I was in SO much pain this week, but they are all pretty much healed by now.

When does Kat leave? [Katrina and her children spent a few nights with us while Gordon was out of town.]

Nick is not Batman. I'm Batman *said in Christian Bale's Batman voice*

Tell Emma to write me about Trek!!

Yeah I totally know Emily G**** and I met her fiancé/now husband!! How cool that Dad knows her mom!! Did I tell you that I actually saw her mom down at Christmas lights and that's when we all made the connection?!

I remember that story that Katrina told about Hank and the car crash. That is a very sweet story. It reminds me of 3 Nephi when the children began to say marvelous things to the multitude.

Speaking of the Book of Mormon, I LOVE THE BOOK OF MORMON!! I am in Ether and this morning I was reading so many chapters so quickly because it is so intense in these books! All of these righteous and unrighteous kings. The rebellions and secret groups that result in stolen thrones. The prophets that come and help guide the people to repent and then there is peace for a time. It amazes me what these authors of the Boom of Mormon went through in order to keep these records preserved. Just so that we could have it for our day!! The Lord clearly and undoubtedly had a hand in the protection of these sacred records. And the Book of Mormon really is for our day. A quote from Ezra Taft Benson: "The Nephites never had the book. Neither did the Lamanites of ancient times. It was meant for us..." I love that thought. It astounds me to think that the Book of Mormon is truly for us in these days!!

Okay I love you guys!!

Sister Brady

Throwback to our first day in Mesa #throwbackmonday
(also we did a 
super good job of unintentionally color coordinating!!)

Oh and the mission office sent me an email asking me to confirm my departure date and arrival airport with you...

So are we all in agreement that I am flying home to the Portland Airport on December 15th?

Please email back to this today.

Thank you :)

I love you!!



Elder M*** is really good at taking photos
on my iPad when I'm 
not looking....

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