Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Monday, August 31, 2015

August 24, 2015

Guys, we're a really cute zone!

Me, my companions and our awesome housemates! And the food is
some food that members gave us because they know we are poor.
Dear Mom,

You have my itinerary?!? Wait what?? Okay wow! What is my flight time?? [Yes we do know when she is coming home!!! December 15th!!! Woohoo!!!]

Yeah, I love books that are written for middle schoolers. Like Percy Jackson (have you read those books?)

I did get Grandpa Ferre's package!!! Thank you Grandpa!!!!

Emily do the MHCC program!!! It is the best!! And even if you don't graduate a year early you could just go and then be on the student body program or something and get scholarships for wherever you transfer to!!
Cute Zone Again!
Hey can you schedule a dentist appointment for me for when I get home? I haven't gone since the December before I left, so it will be two years by the time I go again.

BABY BRADY!!!!!! He is so precious!! I can't wait to meet him!! Actually I can wait to meet him and I certainly look forward to it!!

I love girls camp. Tell Emma to write me! :D

What movie did you rent from Redbox?

Hey so it's cool that you brought up that book by Sheri Dew because we actually had a lesson in church yesterday about Grace! And the teacher read a quote from that book! It was an amazing lesson. I love this ward and I never want to leave.

Today I read 2 Nephi 4 and it made me want to cry and rejoice all at the same time. I love Nephi.

And again!!
So we had a super miraculous week this week! We have three new investigators, one in each ward, and one who has committed to be baptized! (We haven't set a date yet though). He also came to church and loved it (not gonna lie though, our ward hasn't had an investigator in forever so they kind of were overwhelming with their greetings haha but its okay he still wants to meet with us!)

We also are going to meet with M*** every single day this week to prepare her for her baptism in 2 weeks. #crashcourse we taught her the plan of salvation this last week and when we asked her if she knew anything about Adam and Eve she said she didn't. We said "that's fine! We'll teach you about them!" We were using a whiteboard so I drew on the whiteboard two stick figures and said "This is Adam and Eve..." And M*** goes "Oh! Now I know what they look like!" Hahaha and then we all laughed and she goes again, "Oh, was that a mean joke?" So we assured it was a very funny joke :) I love our investigators. Please pray for them!

Oh and we also had a 5 year old kid in our ward swallow a quarter!! He's totally fine! We went to visit the parents and they were telling us what happened. I guess the dad saw throw up on the bathroom floor and he went into C****'s room (where he was playing video games) and the dad said "C****, are you okay?" And C**** said "yeah" (and then he was silent for a moment) "But I swallowed a quarter" so they rushed him to the emergency room and it had made it to his stomach so they are now just waiting it out.... #ouch. When the dad asked C**** why he swallowed a quarter he said "I was really hungry" the dad laughed when C**** said that and said to us "he is never not eating" (p.s. This kid is five and is about 3 feet and is 85 pounds). Haha anyway I just wanted to share that funny/scary story with you.

Okay I love you Mom!


Sister Brady
There aren't any cups in the kitchen at our church building but
someone gave us Little Caesars and soda for dinner (they couldn't feed
us at their house) so I used a pitcher to drink the soda :)
Dear Dad,

I see people all the time here that I think are people from back home! And then sometimes they are! (Like when I saw Garrett and his wife, and when I saw Elder Linn and Sister Tippery :))

Remember when we saw Bishop Wilson at Disneyland? [We didn't really . . . but we saw a guy that looked like him!]

I always am reminded of you whenever people talk about the stake patriarch here or when patriarchal blessings come up. It's crazy to think I still haven't been around you since you've become the stake

The Claim Jumper is your new favorite?! I went there with Sister Peacock and her niece Gabby Peacock before we went to go watch New Moon. It was fun!

Dad, I love being a missionary. And I love you :)

Sister Brady
 I love my companions and housemates!! Last night we all watched
"Legacy the Movie" and ate cinnamon roles that a member made for us
(best cinnamon 
roles I have ever had!!)!! It was great!!

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