Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August 3, 2015

Zone conference!
We combined with two other zones :) the person

taking the picture also did not count..... :p
[Shelly here - why is everyone smiling except Erica??]

Our district leader and his companion
 (and the Biebs) sent us these pictures

Oh some background on the Bieber thing.... Elder M***** and S******
came home one night and found this in their room. Apparently the
church members they live with had done this haha!!!

Dear Mom

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh my goodness!! How exciting that you are turning 33!!! Hahah :) but seriously, 53 isn't even old. You are soooo young! I am so young!! And Emily is still a baby!! And considering we have the rest of eternity to live, learn, and grow (if we make it to the celestial kingdom ;)), even a 93 year old is young. Really. Wow, I love the gospel.

So what are you going to do for your birthday?!

So this week we had amazing success with meeting some less active members. Seriously. We have two families who we are now teaching their boys the missionary lessons, and we are teaching a another family (and they came to church this week!!).

The Pose . . .

(Haha, yes we are doing Elder M*****'s pose again!)
I also feel like so many members are trusting us! Maybe it's because I've been in this ward for 6 months and so they just feel familiar with me now, but many members welcome us into their homes and love to hear our testimonies, and even better, they love to share their testimonies with us!! The next step is just getting them to share their testimonies with their neighbors.... ;)

Anyway, life is good, and I love these wards. I don't want to leave. We find out this Saturday what my transfer news is (we already know Sister P*****'s... Hahahah...)

I am so excited for Kat to have her baby! And Tess too!!

Oh my goodness... I cannot believe you just said my future companion might be on my mission..... Wow mom.....

Yeah, I wish I had dated boys when I was in high school. I could have been such a good influence on them.... Hahahahaha.....


The pose . . . again!

My pinky is officially unjammed!!

Yeah I would LOVE to get that time to learn the gospel with Emma!!! It would be like Companion study again!!!

Fortunately I haven't had a cold sore since I went on my first date with *****... All of my sores [canker sores] right now are inside my mouth, but they are all mostly healed!!

I loved the 4th year hike!! I am so excited for Emma!!

Haha, Yeah December is coming kind of close. But it is only August and I have plenty of time left!! Have I told you I am going to serve another mission in a few years?

Is Sister **** still fostering those kids?

I have spent the majority of this P-day playing sports and it has been glorious!! We've played chair soccer, K-ball, and Ultimate Gonzer (it's a version of Ultimate Frisbee)

100 degrees is nothing. I really love the heat.

So This week has been great and I love you so much!!!!


Sister Brady

Zone pics from our zone party today.

Dear Dad,

"Sut wut dee Kah" was the first thing I said to M****!!! It's the only thing I know in Thai :)

I LOVE the Lukers!! The oldest one (Briton) was in my first year group when I was a 5th year and the almost youngest one (Raegan) was Gretl!!! I miss the sound of music!! I will miss the Lukers!!!!! :(

Yes let's watch all of those movies when I am home!!

I love you Dad soooo much!! Sorry this letter is so short!! I will write more next week :)

I love you!

Sister Brady

Funny faces!!!

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