Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 17, 2014

Not a missionary picture . . . just a throwback!
A couple of weeks before Erica left to go on her mission!

Dear mom,

On Tuesday, Sister T******** and I taught ******** over facetime!!! We taught the message of the restoration and we are going to hopefully teach again this week. It was super crazy to see their face! And to know they were in Oregon! [Facebook missionaries can teach worldwide!]

I got the insurance card and letters!! Hahaha I loved the old Halloween letter story.
N****** told me that "I'm friends with your mom on Facebook!" She was super excited haha! The wedding is on Saturday!! Yayyy! I. So excited for them!

Yeah, I've been pretty cold here lately....

YOU LOVE DISNEYLAND?!!? Oh we are SO going to go there when i go back! (Haha, probably not immediately, because I would rather take you and dad (and Emma) back here with me to see Christmas lights..... Maybe think about it? For next Christmas? (We could do it the week after Christmas)

And I love what you picked out for Hank, Chuck, and Nick! [I did a little Christmas shopping for Erica].

Sister T******** really appreciates that you still send her emails, thank you for doing that, it means a lot to her (and me). We will be life long friends. We are kindred spirits. So are sister T******* and I. I love her so much!!

Maybe an Oregon t-shirt for my companion? But I've no idea what size to get. But she might not be my companion for Christmas. Ugh, I don't know. Maybe some hot chocolate mixes? You choose. I don't need anything but maybe socks. And gloves. But I will probably have to buy gloves and a hat and scarf and black leggings next week cause I'm dying already. Oh, will my tacky Christmas sweater fit in the box? If no, that's okay.

I glad things are going well back home!! I wish that it would snow here. I mean, I hate the cold, but if I have to deal with it, Iwish there could be some snow to go a long with it!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR TESSA!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! And she gets paid for it! That's cool! [Tessa auditioned for a play in Wisconsin and was offered a role].

I helped to direct the musical number for zone conference this transfer.

I liked those thoughts on goals. I need to do a better job of following up on goals... Also, i have decided that I want to be a more accountable person, so that is my goal for the week and I will be using the list in chapter 8 of PMG [Preach My Gospel].

I am really feeling in the Christmas spirit these days!! I wear my Rudolph sweater when I work out, and refuse to take it off the entire 30 minutes.

Also, sister T******* likes to quote jingle all the way... Bahahahahaha.... 

I love you mom!!

Sister Brady 

Letter #2
Not a missionary picture . . . just a throwback!
Dole Pineapple Plantation 2 years ago! 

Dear family,

I've watched Joseph smith: Prophet of a Restoration, sooooo many times this week. I think I can quote the whole movie. Its great.

I have such a strong testimony that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of god, and that it was through him that the gospel was restored.

I love being in a mission with so many temples and a visitors center! The dedication was so great to be a part of. Thomas s. Monson is so funny!!! Before the cornerstone ceremony, the wind was blowing president Monson's tie everywhere, so he suddenly shouted out "George! George (referring to his tie)!! Down George! Stay put!" And then he tucked in his tie, buttoned up his suit coat, and smiled at the camera. Bahahaha it was great!!

We had a great night yesterday. We stopped by one investigator's house and watched a general conference talk. We watched "the temple standard" and talked about how important it is to keep the temple in our sights. We talked about how they were both taking the steps they needed to get there. They are fantastic!!!

Then we went to our YSA investigators home and watched David a Bednars "come and see". And a miracle happened!! Our investigators brother and friend both decided to watch it with us!!!! Then we were able to share our testimony with them! Yayy!! We have been trying to connect with that brother for so many weeks!

I love being a missionary!! I am so happy!

Its easy to take things for granted when they are right in front of you. I feel that way now that I am away from my trainer. She is a fantastic missionary and friend, and sometimes I didn't let her know that. In fact sometimes I was a little bit rude to her... Fortunately she is still in my zone and I make sure to give her a hug and tell her how much I love her every time I see her. Remember to be grateful in the moment.

Sister Brady

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 10, 2014

Sooooooo Happy!
Dear Mom,

[After feeling a little stressed] So things are definitely better and I'm grateful for the prayers :) I am feeling peace and joy and comfort! I feel strength and I am sooo happy!!

Oh, i need you to send the new insurance card. Because i might be going to the doctors this week. So if you can send that as soon as possible, that would be great!

I will be sure to sing twinkle twinkle little stars to nick over skype :) hahahhaa hes a cute kid!! [Nick – Katrina's little boy love's that song but only wants Thomas the Train to sing it . . . he cries really hard if any of us try and sing it to him – which we find amusing].

What is a rebus puzzle? [Emily was in the CHS mystery play that involved a rebus puzzle – I answered her question!].

I love my combat boots. I wear them every day :) [This “thrills” her father!]

I am so glad you enjoy reading Preach my Gospel (PMG)! I really want to make sure I read it at least once every year when I am home from my mission!

Time Out For Women sounds like it was fun!!
I LOVE ONLINE MISSIONARY WORK!! It is the best!! I am so glad they spoke about it in stake conference!!!

I know that dad is going to do well in his new calling. I have no doubt that it is a calling from God.

I am excited for Maddy!! And i had no idea Jenna was even applying!!!!! Yayyy!! That is so crazy exciting! Mongolia! Wow!!!

I love you mom!!

Sister Brady

Sisters powered from on high!

Letter #2 from Erica

Dear family,

I love you all!!! 

I was reading in PMG this week, and I LOVED this quote from Boyd K. Packer: "Pray for a vision of how the Book of Mormon can be used more effectively in your mission." And then he promises that we will receive understanding! That is incredible to me! My challenge to you family is to pray for a vision of how the Book of Mormon can be used to help those you know come closer to Christ. I promise that if you do so, you will receive an understanding of "the direction you should take". Let me know what impressions you received and what happened when you acted on it!
Let's agree to never again talk about how fast the mission is going... Or how long I've been out :) it makes me feel sick.

We had a really good lesson with one of our YSA investigators! He came to see "Joseph Smith: Prophet of a Restoration" movie with us this week, and then we taught him about the restoration a few days later. The Spirit was strong and at the end of the lesson.... He prayed!!!! He also wants to be baptized :)) yayyyy!!!

I love being a missionary.

We are working on talking with everyone! And guess what?! I am getting better at that!! I have found that I actually enjoy talking with random strangers every where I go! Today at Walmart I met someone who was visiting Mesa for 4 days... And he's from Portland! And then we started talking to a group of old men and they really thought we missionaries were "something". But they were really touched by our message and one of them pulled me into a hug.... Bahahahaha!! It was both sweet and awkward all at the same time!!

I love you family! Don't forget to invite people to ward activities and to not be afraid to declare the gospel to everyone you know! There are amazing blessings that come from doing so! Also, if you are not reading PMG with us yet, you are welcome to join in at any time!! 

The gospel is the only way to be with our family forever and the only way back to our Heavenly Father! Never forget that!

I love you all!!!

Sister Brady

Letter #3 from Erica to Dad 

Dear Dad,

I have felt a great improvement this week! I am so grateful to you and mom, and the rest of the family for praying for me! It really helped!

One thing i am excited about seeing you in a year is all the time we will have to just talk about the Gospel and how incredible it is. I really do look forward to it. But that is the last time i want to talk about post mission life. Please no more mentioning how long i have been out or when i will be home. I realize i just did that... Haha. But seriously, it makes me feel anxious and nervous. I wish sisters had the option to serve for two years.

I am SO glad you are reading PMG! Thank you for accepting and acting on my invitation :) I appreciate that dad. :)

Dad, as you continue to trust in the Lord, and are exactly obedient, you will be strengthened by the Lord and you will grow to become exactly who God wants you to be.

I don't know when i will go to uncle Keith's again... My worst fear is that it will be a distraction and i will break down again... But I will keep praying to know when or if I should go. What do you think I should do?

I love you so much dad!

Sister Brady

P.s. I had a great dream about you!! Haha you showed up at my door again to pick me up and take me somewhere (not sure this time, but definitely not Disneyland). You were kind of annoyed and so was Sister Harris (she was in my dream and apparently coming with us?) because i wasn't packed or ready yet. At one point you said "grab the mattress, lets go" ...... So i picked up the mattress that i sleep on and we shoved it into the car.... Bahahahah!!! It was great :)

And then my dad said "grab the mattress, let's go!"

Christmas lights!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

Putting on the Whole Armor of God

Companion Inventory

Happy Erica

Happy Times

They met a princess!

Temple Trip!

Happy Missionaries! 

Dear mom and dad,
We had an AMAZING WEEK!!! We got to go to the Phoenix temple open house two more times cause president Jenkins changed his mind and said we could go as many times as we could as long as we were with an investigator!!

We also got to go to through a session at the Mesa temple on Halloween night which was so nice! President and Sister Jenkins were in the session with us and the celestial room was FILLED with missionaries!! Also, some of the Scottsdale missionaries were there... But I didn't see sister Tippery or elder Linn :/

We have a new investigator! His name is O****, and he loves to come to all of the activities! He even came to the Saturday session of Stake Conference! (His dad had a doctors appointment on Sunday so he wasn't able to go with us then :/) but that's okay cause he is going to Family Home Evening tonight. His brother I***** isn't as excited about church or lessons or the activities... But that's okay, we are working on it :)

Working with the YSA [Young Single Adults] is... Interesting... Ahaha... It's fun. Really. Haaaaaaa...

Hey so I was going through old letters I had gotten at the beginning of my mission, and I noticed Dulsanna Eliason had sent me a post card!! And I don't think I ever said thank you for it!!! Will you pass on my thank you?! She is the best!!

How is Susan doing? Is she doing a play right now? I can't remember... She's doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, right?

The ward members in my new areas are awesome! (Yes, even in the YSA Ward haha :)) 

I'm glad the funeral went well. It sounds like they were beautiful services. I can kind of remember little John's funeral (was that his name?), but I don't think I really knew him.

I asked sister T**** if she has heard of your friend from NZ. But I don't think she has.... What radio station is she on?

ALSO!! I am the worst aunt evverrrrr!!  I didn't wish AJ a happy birthday!!! Is he 2 now?? Can he talk?? Oh my goodness this is just too crazy!!

I am so excited that Emily's group is doing "Whipped Into Shape"!! That will be so awesome!!!! I love that musical!!

Here is a tender mercy for today: I was with Sister Q***** when we went to Walmart today and one of her members saw us and offered to pay for our groceries. Of course we said no, but later when we bumped into her again she asked if she could see Sister Q********'s iPad and then she refused to give it back! And she said "I will give it back when after you let me pay for your groceries. I will see you up front" and then she walked away!! Haha!!! It was super sweet and funny of her!!

One of our former investigators went to the temple with us, and on the way she was talking about how much her husband loves Costco. Hahaha so of course I brought up the fact that both of you love Costco too!! And then she told me that when she and her husband were looking for a job, he refused to take one in a state (I can't remember which one) because there was no Costco there.... BAHAHAHA!!! So dad, what would you have done if you'd gotten a job offer in a state with no Costco :)) haaaaa....

I have a goal to listen to all of the Thomas. S Monson talks in the gospel library app. I can usually only listen to one a day but I am loving listening to the words of our living prophet!!!! 
How is Sister Linn doing? I had a dream that I was helping her and President Linn move somewhere and she was super distraught....

What is a Treble Choir Festival??

I can't believe Emma's play opens his week!!! How is school going for her?? She can get her permit in February!!! AHHHH!!! 

Why didn't someone sing "Oh Danny Boy" at grandpa's funeral? Wasn't that his favorite song? 

I'm glad Emma had fun on Halloween! We used that golden M&M my 4th year of girls camp for our Harry Potter skit! That was fun haha

I want to see the Christmas card and the wedding invitation! Don't forget to send me them!
Thank you soooooo much for the package!! It was so exciting to get it!! And I have worn the boots almost every day :) also the Rudolph sweater :) 

Brrrrrr!!! It has been freezing lately!!! My knuckles are starting to bleed. Ugh, that hasn't happened since before I went to Hawaii :p I should probably buy some lotion and gloves. The sweater and coat came just in time!

Do you only watch church movies on Sunday now or something? I think that is an awesome idea!

I love reading the Book of Mormon. I've noticed that the days that I read from the Book of Mormon during personal study are the days that go better for me. Isn't that funny? I'm a missionary and although I am in the world I am very much not of the world. Everything I do is centered on Christ and serving others... And yet, even a missionary MUST read the Book of Mormon every day! It is essential! Because a good personal study is what will lead to a good day of missionary work!

I love being a missionary!!

I love you mom and dad!!!


Sister Brady

Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014

Happy Halloween Week from Sister Brady!
Sister Brady's costume:

Sister Brady wants one of these Jackets:

Dear mom and dad,

     I am really doing okay. I'm glad you got the picture! Sister U***** sent that picture and her husband is the ward mission leader. They have the cutest little girls. 

     Reading about grandpa is really heart wrenching. Did anyone sing or speak at the funeral? I'm glad everyone got to go to the funeral. And I am glad Tessa got to see grandpa one more time, even though she couldn't make it to the funeral.

     I had the opportunity to bare my testimony at church on Sunday in both of my new wards. Haha it's kind of a funny story. The M***** ward had fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, so sister T******* and I bore our testimony. But the HG ward did not have testimony meeting this week. Instead, a girl who was supposed to speak got sick this weekend, so bishop took her place, and then just as he was finishing he said "and since there is still time left I would like to ask sister Brady to bare her testimony because she is new hahaha" in both testimonies, i testified of how serving others helps to make our trials lighter. I testified of the atonement and how it can bring us peace in trials, and then I testified of the plan of salvation. I was so grateful for the opportunity to share my testimony in both wards.
It's been hard, but I'm doing well.

     Tell grandma I love her.

     Sister T****** is great :)

     The Phoenix temple open house was amazing!! And I got to say goodbye to the S**** family. (Brother S***** is less active, but they are working on getting to the temple).
Sister T***** told me that sister O******* finally prayed and that she has committed to pray every day this week!!!! Yay!!!

     TELL GRANDMA FERRE THAT I GOT HER CARD!!! I meant to tell you that when I got it, but then I kept getting sidetracked while reading and writing emails!! THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH GRANDMA!!

      So we are teaching N**** in the M******* ward. She is engaged to a less active member and they have a son. They are really amazing and have set a wedding goal for the end of November and have the baptism planned for the next day. They are very receptive. We taught the law of tithing and I got to share the story about dad's family and the choice grandma and grandpa made to pay tithing. It was incredible the feeling that overcame me as I shared that story.

     The HG Ward is fun! And exhausting. I have been working so hard at going outside my comfort zone, and I've really been fine the last four months in the family ward, but whoa... Put me in the YSA Ward for 3 hours and I was drained.

 Erica at the YSA ward in Arizona . . . 
ran into a familiar face :)!
Seirra Lindhorst from Gresham!

     Dad's incident at Costco is realllyyyyy funny hahahaha how awkward!! I am seriously cracking up here!!

     I love reading the book Preach My Gospel!!!! Those quotes are so awesome!! I love the chapter about effective studying!!! I am going to now keep a study journal and I am going to incorporate some of the study ideas more into my personal study. I LOVE Preach My Gospel!!

     I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!! 

Sister Brady 

     P.s. Read "Consider the Blessings" Thomas S. Monson. It's really good!!

Letter from Erica (to her dad)
After she heard that Grandpa 
(John's dad) passed away
October 27, 2014

Dear dad,

I love you so much!! I wish I could give you a hug right now. I am
praying so much for you and grandma and your siblings every day. I am
really doing okay. I am happy for the plan of salvation. D&C 138 is a
great section that I have been reading and pondering these past few
days. Grandpa and I are doing missionary work together now. I want you
to know that I have felt his presence as I've taught this week. I have
never felt nearer to him. And I have never nearer to my Savior.

I love you dad,

Sister Brady