Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 10, 2014

Sooooooo Happy!
Dear Mom,

[After feeling a little stressed] So things are definitely better and I'm grateful for the prayers :) I am feeling peace and joy and comfort! I feel strength and I am sooo happy!!

Oh, i need you to send the new insurance card. Because i might be going to the doctors this week. So if you can send that as soon as possible, that would be great!

I will be sure to sing twinkle twinkle little stars to nick over skype :) hahahhaa hes a cute kid!! [Nick – Katrina's little boy love's that song but only wants Thomas the Train to sing it . . . he cries really hard if any of us try and sing it to him – which we find amusing].

What is a rebus puzzle? [Emily was in the CHS mystery play that involved a rebus puzzle – I answered her question!].

I love my combat boots. I wear them every day :) [This “thrills” her father!]

I am so glad you enjoy reading Preach my Gospel (PMG)! I really want to make sure I read it at least once every year when I am home from my mission!

Time Out For Women sounds like it was fun!!
I LOVE ONLINE MISSIONARY WORK!! It is the best!! I am so glad they spoke about it in stake conference!!!

I know that dad is going to do well in his new calling. I have no doubt that it is a calling from God.

I am excited for Maddy!! And i had no idea Jenna was even applying!!!!! Yayyy!! That is so crazy exciting! Mongolia! Wow!!!

I love you mom!!

Sister Brady

Sisters powered from on high!

Letter #2 from Erica

Dear family,

I love you all!!! 

I was reading in PMG this week, and I LOVED this quote from Boyd K. Packer: "Pray for a vision of how the Book of Mormon can be used more effectively in your mission." And then he promises that we will receive understanding! That is incredible to me! My challenge to you family is to pray for a vision of how the Book of Mormon can be used to help those you know come closer to Christ. I promise that if you do so, you will receive an understanding of "the direction you should take". Let me know what impressions you received and what happened when you acted on it!
Let's agree to never again talk about how fast the mission is going... Or how long I've been out :) it makes me feel sick.

We had a really good lesson with one of our YSA investigators! He came to see "Joseph Smith: Prophet of a Restoration" movie with us this week, and then we taught him about the restoration a few days later. The Spirit was strong and at the end of the lesson.... He prayed!!!! He also wants to be baptized :)) yayyyy!!!

I love being a missionary.

We are working on talking with everyone! And guess what?! I am getting better at that!! I have found that I actually enjoy talking with random strangers every where I go! Today at Walmart I met someone who was visiting Mesa for 4 days... And he's from Portland! And then we started talking to a group of old men and they really thought we missionaries were "something". But they were really touched by our message and one of them pulled me into a hug.... Bahahahaha!! It was both sweet and awkward all at the same time!!

I love you family! Don't forget to invite people to ward activities and to not be afraid to declare the gospel to everyone you know! There are amazing blessings that come from doing so! Also, if you are not reading PMG with us yet, you are welcome to join in at any time!! 

The gospel is the only way to be with our family forever and the only way back to our Heavenly Father! Never forget that!

I love you all!!!

Sister Brady

Letter #3 from Erica to Dad 

Dear Dad,

I have felt a great improvement this week! I am so grateful to you and mom, and the rest of the family for praying for me! It really helped!

One thing i am excited about seeing you in a year is all the time we will have to just talk about the Gospel and how incredible it is. I really do look forward to it. But that is the last time i want to talk about post mission life. Please no more mentioning how long i have been out or when i will be home. I realize i just did that... Haha. But seriously, it makes me feel anxious and nervous. I wish sisters had the option to serve for two years.

I am SO glad you are reading PMG! Thank you for accepting and acting on my invitation :) I appreciate that dad. :)

Dad, as you continue to trust in the Lord, and are exactly obedient, you will be strengthened by the Lord and you will grow to become exactly who God wants you to be.

I don't know when i will go to uncle Keith's again... My worst fear is that it will be a distraction and i will break down again... But I will keep praying to know when or if I should go. What do you think I should do?

I love you so much dad!

Sister Brady

P.s. I had a great dream about you!! Haha you showed up at my door again to pick me up and take me somewhere (not sure this time, but definitely not Disneyland). You were kind of annoyed and so was Sister Harris (she was in my dream and apparently coming with us?) because i wasn't packed or ready yet. At one point you said "grab the mattress, lets go" ...... So i picked up the mattress that i sleep on and we shoved it into the car.... Bahahahah!!! It was great :)

And then my dad said "grab the mattress, let's go!"

Christmas lights!

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