Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 17, 2014

Not a missionary picture . . . just a throwback!
A couple of weeks before Erica left to go on her mission!

Dear mom,

On Tuesday, Sister T******** and I taught ******** over facetime!!! We taught the message of the restoration and we are going to hopefully teach again this week. It was super crazy to see their face! And to know they were in Oregon! [Facebook missionaries can teach worldwide!]

I got the insurance card and letters!! Hahaha I loved the old Halloween letter story.
N****** told me that "I'm friends with your mom on Facebook!" She was super excited haha! The wedding is on Saturday!! Yayyy! I. So excited for them!

Yeah, I've been pretty cold here lately....

YOU LOVE DISNEYLAND?!!? Oh we are SO going to go there when i go back! (Haha, probably not immediately, because I would rather take you and dad (and Emma) back here with me to see Christmas lights..... Maybe think about it? For next Christmas? (We could do it the week after Christmas)

And I love what you picked out for Hank, Chuck, and Nick! [I did a little Christmas shopping for Erica].

Sister T******** really appreciates that you still send her emails, thank you for doing that, it means a lot to her (and me). We will be life long friends. We are kindred spirits. So are sister T******* and I. I love her so much!!

Maybe an Oregon t-shirt for my companion? But I've no idea what size to get. But she might not be my companion for Christmas. Ugh, I don't know. Maybe some hot chocolate mixes? You choose. I don't need anything but maybe socks. And gloves. But I will probably have to buy gloves and a hat and scarf and black leggings next week cause I'm dying already. Oh, will my tacky Christmas sweater fit in the box? If no, that's okay.

I glad things are going well back home!! I wish that it would snow here. I mean, I hate the cold, but if I have to deal with it, Iwish there could be some snow to go a long with it!

I AM SO EXCITED FOR TESSA!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!! And she gets paid for it! That's cool! [Tessa auditioned for a play in Wisconsin and was offered a role].

I helped to direct the musical number for zone conference this transfer.

I liked those thoughts on goals. I need to do a better job of following up on goals... Also, i have decided that I want to be a more accountable person, so that is my goal for the week and I will be using the list in chapter 8 of PMG [Preach My Gospel].

I am really feeling in the Christmas spirit these days!! I wear my Rudolph sweater when I work out, and refuse to take it off the entire 30 minutes.

Also, sister T******* likes to quote jingle all the way... Bahahahahaha.... 

I love you mom!!

Sister Brady 

Letter #2
Not a missionary picture . . . just a throwback!
Dole Pineapple Plantation 2 years ago! 

Dear family,

I've watched Joseph smith: Prophet of a Restoration, sooooo many times this week. I think I can quote the whole movie. Its great.

I have such a strong testimony that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of god, and that it was through him that the gospel was restored.

I love being in a mission with so many temples and a visitors center! The dedication was so great to be a part of. Thomas s. Monson is so funny!!! Before the cornerstone ceremony, the wind was blowing president Monson's tie everywhere, so he suddenly shouted out "George! George (referring to his tie)!! Down George! Stay put!" And then he tucked in his tie, buttoned up his suit coat, and smiled at the camera. Bahahaha it was great!!

We had a great night yesterday. We stopped by one investigator's house and watched a general conference talk. We watched "the temple standard" and talked about how important it is to keep the temple in our sights. We talked about how they were both taking the steps they needed to get there. They are fantastic!!!

Then we went to our YSA investigators home and watched David a Bednars "come and see". And a miracle happened!! Our investigators brother and friend both decided to watch it with us!!!! Then we were able to share our testimony with them! Yayy!! We have been trying to connect with that brother for so many weeks!

I love being a missionary!! I am so happy!

Its easy to take things for granted when they are right in front of you. I feel that way now that I am away from my trainer. She is a fantastic missionary and friend, and sometimes I didn't let her know that. In fact sometimes I was a little bit rude to her... Fortunately she is still in my zone and I make sure to give her a hug and tell her how much I love her every time I see her. Remember to be grateful in the moment.

Sister Brady

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