Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov 3, 2014

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Happy Missionaries! 

Dear mom and dad,
We had an AMAZING WEEK!!! We got to go to the Phoenix temple open house two more times cause president Jenkins changed his mind and said we could go as many times as we could as long as we were with an investigator!!

We also got to go to through a session at the Mesa temple on Halloween night which was so nice! President and Sister Jenkins were in the session with us and the celestial room was FILLED with missionaries!! Also, some of the Scottsdale missionaries were there... But I didn't see sister Tippery or elder Linn :/

We have a new investigator! His name is O****, and he loves to come to all of the activities! He even came to the Saturday session of Stake Conference! (His dad had a doctors appointment on Sunday so he wasn't able to go with us then :/) but that's okay cause he is going to Family Home Evening tonight. His brother I***** isn't as excited about church or lessons or the activities... But that's okay, we are working on it :)

Working with the YSA [Young Single Adults] is... Interesting... Ahaha... It's fun. Really. Haaaaaaa...

Hey so I was going through old letters I had gotten at the beginning of my mission, and I noticed Dulsanna Eliason had sent me a post card!! And I don't think I ever said thank you for it!!! Will you pass on my thank you?! She is the best!!

How is Susan doing? Is she doing a play right now? I can't remember... She's doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, right?

The ward members in my new areas are awesome! (Yes, even in the YSA Ward haha :)) 

I'm glad the funeral went well. It sounds like they were beautiful services. I can kind of remember little John's funeral (was that his name?), but I don't think I really knew him.

I asked sister T**** if she has heard of your friend from NZ. But I don't think she has.... What radio station is she on?

ALSO!! I am the worst aunt evverrrrr!!  I didn't wish AJ a happy birthday!!! Is he 2 now?? Can he talk?? Oh my goodness this is just too crazy!!

I am so excited that Emily's group is doing "Whipped Into Shape"!! That will be so awesome!!!! I love that musical!!

Here is a tender mercy for today: I was with Sister Q***** when we went to Walmart today and one of her members saw us and offered to pay for our groceries. Of course we said no, but later when we bumped into her again she asked if she could see Sister Q********'s iPad and then she refused to give it back! And she said "I will give it back when after you let me pay for your groceries. I will see you up front" and then she walked away!! Haha!!! It was super sweet and funny of her!!

One of our former investigators went to the temple with us, and on the way she was talking about how much her husband loves Costco. Hahaha so of course I brought up the fact that both of you love Costco too!! And then she told me that when she and her husband were looking for a job, he refused to take one in a state (I can't remember which one) because there was no Costco there.... BAHAHAHA!!! So dad, what would you have done if you'd gotten a job offer in a state with no Costco :)) haaaaa....

I have a goal to listen to all of the Thomas. S Monson talks in the gospel library app. I can usually only listen to one a day but I am loving listening to the words of our living prophet!!!! 
How is Sister Linn doing? I had a dream that I was helping her and President Linn move somewhere and she was super distraught....

What is a Treble Choir Festival??

I can't believe Emma's play opens his week!!! How is school going for her?? She can get her permit in February!!! AHHHH!!! 

Why didn't someone sing "Oh Danny Boy" at grandpa's funeral? Wasn't that his favorite song? 

I'm glad Emma had fun on Halloween! We used that golden M&M my 4th year of girls camp for our Harry Potter skit! That was fun haha

I want to see the Christmas card and the wedding invitation! Don't forget to send me them!
Thank you soooooo much for the package!! It was so exciting to get it!! And I have worn the boots almost every day :) also the Rudolph sweater :) 

Brrrrrr!!! It has been freezing lately!!! My knuckles are starting to bleed. Ugh, that hasn't happened since before I went to Hawaii :p I should probably buy some lotion and gloves. The sweater and coat came just in time!

Do you only watch church movies on Sunday now or something? I think that is an awesome idea!

I love reading the Book of Mormon. I've noticed that the days that I read from the Book of Mormon during personal study are the days that go better for me. Isn't that funny? I'm a missionary and although I am in the world I am very much not of the world. Everything I do is centered on Christ and serving others... And yet, even a missionary MUST read the Book of Mormon every day! It is essential! Because a good personal study is what will lead to a good day of missionary work!

I love being a missionary!!

I love you mom and dad!!!


Sister Brady

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