Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Friday, July 24, 2015

July 20, 2015

Zone Sports! I love this zone!!!!
Dear Mom,

We did Sharing time in Primary this week! And then afterwards, the singing time leader asked us to stay and do "two part" songs with the primary children. (Child's Prayer, Love is Spoken Here, I Pray in Faith, etc.) and then the primary kids sang I am a Child of God and we did the descant and it was all very sweet and fun. I would love a primary calling. (Unless it's with the sunbeams.... Haha... Jk....
Kind of....)

I have really lost my touch with kids. You don't really work much with little children as a missionary.


More Animals!

We had another lesson with **** and we read 3 Nephi 12 with him. I really like the chapters where Christ is visiting the Nephites! I am reading in the Book of Mormon right now, and it is really, really sad.

You guys should just move to New York with me so that we can be close together. Because, It's not even Oregon that makes me want to live in Oregon, it's YOU GUYS that would make me want to love in Oregon. So, you should just live with me in New York or California do that we can still live close together :)

Yes please keep me updated on visits to family. Also I think it would be fun to visit Aunts and Uncles too! I wish I had done more of that when I was a kid.

Animals again!

Up close!!

Yeah, I saw the email for Idaho! Please tell them I am not going to go there..... [Why????]

You and Dad are so amazing for always having family scripture and prayers EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! [We didn't always . . . but we tried.] Seriously! That is not easy stuff! I know so many member families who struggle to do that, and you can feel a difference about them compared to those families who do have it every day! I mean, they are still good people, but there is a difference in their spirits and family unity.

So thank you for keeping that up! And for stressing the importance of FHE every week too!!

Hahaha, how is the Sister Missionary even like me? [There is a new Sister Missionary in our ward – from Utah I think that looks and acts like Erica!] Where is she from? Does she really look like me?

Good job serving Grandma!!! I want to follow your example when I am older and I will serve you and my mother-in-law when you guys need help :) and I will serve my friends by driving them to the airport.

 I was making a note for my companion
(to tell her how much I 
love her).
 It was supposed to be a secret note,
but the marker I used

left a red mark on my hand.... 

I was caught Red-Handed.... Get it...
Blake is Macbeth? What is the rest of the cast? Will you send that to me? I LOVE TREK!! Did Seth Wilson and his new wife go on it? Haha...

Oh my goodness Charlotte!! That story makes me so sad! [Charlotte hurt her arm – but she is OK now!] I hope she will be okay quickly!!

I love the restaurants in Downtown Gresham :)

Wow! When did the Stake change happen!!! That is so crazy! Are they going to start doing stake dances again... Hahahaha.....

Why did the stake dissolve? [Portland East stake dissolved – that is the Stake John and I were in back in the day.} Is there not many members or something?

I love to exercise every day. Exercise is my favorite. I want to exercise with you guys when I am home. We played Zone Sports this morning and I LOVE TO PLAY SPORTS!!! Maybe I will take a sports class at BYU Hawaii :)

I am learning to like fish (I don't really get the opportunity here because not many people feed it to us), but I want to learn to like it because I don't want to be a picky eater. I really just want to love all things and especially fish because it is so healthy!!

Is Bishop Wilson not going to be the seminary teacher anymore? [John and I will be teaching Emily Seminary because Emily is in the choir that rehearses in the early morning during seminary time – I assume Brother Wilson will still be teaching . . . but I don't know . . . ]

How is Sister Tuttle doing since her husband passed away? Tell her I love her and I miss her! She is really so sweet and she makes me laugh. Especially when she and dad get talking at choir practice

I like the FHE quote!! Go FHE!! I think my future family will have our FHE on Tuesday night... Hahaha.....

Okay I love you Mom!!

Sister Brady

My feet tan lines!!

Another angle . . . !

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

July 13, 2015

Temple Trip!

Sister R*** (the Sister behind me)
really likes this picture of herself.....

Dear Mum!!

I don't like using my iPad either actually [for letter typing]... I just do it cause it's convenient...

I love Mo's!! I would rather have the chili in the bread bowl from The Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland, but I will take the clam chowder if I'm at Mo's :)

Tell Emmy to email me!!!!!!

How did Chance's talk go!!!?!? Crazy!! What did he talk about?!

Mom, you are so amazing. You are always serving and you always keep yourself busy. I don't think you've ever given yourself downtime. (Except when we would watch the occasional family movie or show :)). But I love reading about all of the work you do. When I am home, please help me to keep a busy schedule. Help me to always be moving. I want to live a life full of service and learning. Just like you and Dad do. I love my parents so much.

Thank you for the spiritual thought. I loved that article!!!!! I love the church magazines too!!!! And I have recently fallen in love with the General Conference section in the gospel library. I am just plowing through the talks!!! I love the gospel!! I hope to find someone who will lead my family just like dad lead ours!! :) I have a good dad!! And a good mom!!!!

I love you mom :)

Sister Brady

A Cute Little Critter!

Dear Dad,

Oh that is so sad!!! Haha!! That makes me want to cry a little inside that the boy guessed the wrong thing!! [John gave a little boy in primary a “hint” to guess the right song . . . and John was wrong, so the boy ended up being wrong . . . !] Have I told you that I think ANY calling in the church would be wonderful?!? I would love to do anything!! Seriously!! Although, I think I would be very stressed and a little overwhelmed if I were ever in a presidency or anything, so maybe not that calling.

Good luck on the talk at trek. I know that if you take the time to study and then to prayerfully ponder what to speak on, you will know exactly what the Lord needs you to say to those youth. 

Man, being a youth was a very scary time for me. I do not have a ton of fond memories of when I was a youth. And I went through some hard things. My family and the time we spent together is one of those few fond memories. I guess that is why I love you all so much today, and why I hate how far everyone is becoming (geographically)

I love you Dad,

Sister Brady

Okay, I just have 3 more minutes but I just wanted to say that I really love you guys :) 

I was just really excited about this.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 6, 2015


Dear Mom,

I want to go to the beach!!!! Let's go next summer!!

Okay cool story! Remember last week how I told you about the talks we gave and how we got to see some of the effects it had on a person? Well, it touched another person! There was an 18 year old girl who heard our talks and she decided that she now wants to serve a mission!!!! Miracle!! How great to have effected someone in that way :)

We also had a great lesson with F****. HE KEPT HIS COMMITMENT TO READ 3 NEPHI 11!!! Success!!! He asked about 3 Nephi 11 verse 34. He wanted to know why we would be damned if we weren't baptized. We explained that the word "damned" means "stopped", and at if we aren't baptized, we literally stop our own progression which therefore means we choose to be "damned". He didn't think it was right that someone would automatically be saved if they were baptized and that was all they had to do. So we explained that being baptized wasn't the only thing we have to do to gain exaltation. We talked about a few of the things we have to continue doing and then we invited him to continue reading in 3 Nephi. He is progressing!! This is success!! I am so happy!! 

How do we attend 3 wards? We pre-planned all of our Sundays out so that in case anyone wants us to come into one of their lessons we already know if we are going to be in that ward or not on that Sunday :) and we just keep doing the work as normal! 

Have you fed the new sister missionaries yet??!?

I bought cheese today!!

Bishop's glass story:

So I was new in the area and Sister R**** wanted me to meet Bishop R***, so we stopped by his house and only his kids were home. One of the twins (she is about 11) said "oh!! Look at this cool trick I can do with a glass!!" So we stepped inside (there was a 16 year old female home :)) and the twin pulled out a beautiful glass cup with a stem and a gold colored line on the rim. And she put some water in it and tried doing that trick from Miss. Congeniality (where you rub the rim with your finger and it makes a beautiful sound). 

But it wasn't working so I was like "oh here I know how to do it"......... And I did it! And it was fine and beautiful :) 

......and then my companion wanted to try.....

So she started rubbing her finger on the rim and I said, "you're close! Put a tiny bit more pressure on it!"

And she definitely put more pressure on it

Cause the stem broke.

It just shattered. (The stem, not the cup itself. Just so you can get the right visual)

I was so embarrassed and I take full responsibility.

And then Bishop and his wife came home and I apologized profusely may have cried a little.... But they were very gracious and told me not to worry. Ugh, but I was so worried that Bishop would never trust me.... I think he does though :)

Have fun at EFY Emmy!! I am so excited about that!! Hearing about EFY kind of makes me want to be an EFY councilor!! 

I have read both of those general conference talks!!! The Music of the Gospel is one of my favorite talks from this conference!! I can't wait for the next conference because I love it!!

That is so sad to hear about the father who passed away! I will keep them in my prayers. Thank goodness for the blessings of temple ordinances. I really can't even imagine how hard that would be.

Oh that is so sad about Sister Tuttle's husband too!! I love Sister Tuttle. I love my home ward sooooooo much!!!!! I look forward to seeing everyone again!!

We are focusing on the Book of Mormon these next two transfers. We are going to finish it as a mission together on September 22nd, which is a transfer day, and it is also the day that Joseph Smith retrieved the plates from Hill Cumorah.

Here is a quote that talks about the blessings of reading the Book of Mormon:

"I offer a challenge to members of the Church throughout the world and to our friends everywhere to read or reread the Book of Mormon. Without reservation I promise you that if each of you will observe this simple program, regardless of how many times you previously may have read the Book of Mormon, there will come into your lives and your homes an added measure of the Spirit of the Lord, a strengthened resolution to walk in obedience to His commandments, and a stronger testimony of the living reality of the Son of God." (President Gordon B. Hinckley, "A Testimony Vibrant and True", Ensign, August 2005)

I love you mom!

Sister Brady

I really love my zone!!

Dear Dad,

I love Moe's!!! I am glad your birthday was good!! The game of life was always my favorite but I really want to play TICKET to RIDE!! Let's play that when I get home okay?

Did Gordon even cry at the movie?? Definitely put that movie on my list, cause I really want to watch it!!!

You're 57???!!?!?!!?!? What!!?!? When did that happen!!!??

The Music of the Gospel is one of my favorite talks!!!! It really is true!!! And I have really experienced that from both ends! I LOVED that talk, and I love how he related it to music, because I could really understand his analogy!!

I just love you so much Dad!!!

Sister Brady

Double Rainbows!!

Our morning here in Mesa :) ❤️


I love you all so much!!!!!

June 29, 2014

Me and Sister M

 Dearest Mom,

Hey your letter is not lame! It's perfect and I am going to send a short one back because I am spending most of my P-Day [Preparation Day] today trying to finish the Book of Mormon this week!!

Oh and we got our transfer news last night!!!

Sister P**** and I are both staying!! So I'm stoked that I get to send another missionary home! (It's a little hard emotionally on the goodbye night, but overall I really like being with a missionary on their last transfer!!)

And we are getting a new ward!! That's right! Three wards! Sunday's are going to be really fun! :)
Yesterday we spoke and sang in the MP ward. Bishop asked me to share why I came on a mission and the blessings I have seen for others when others accept the gospel in their lives. I used a quote from "The Hope of God's Light" (Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk. It's great you should read it!!!) and then I focused my talk on how the gospel brings light.

And after the sacrament meeting, a young man named A*** came up to me and told me that what I said in my talk was exactly what he needed to hear. He said he felt like he was in darkness and that he felt like my talk was written just for him. And!! He's not a member!! He was visiting the ward because his friend (who just got home from his mission) was giving his return talk. It was amazing to me to get to see how I was an instrument in the Lord's hand that day

Haha, that is so sad that Emma asked all day if I had written back!! I am glad you guys discovered what happened :) I loved getting Emma's letter this week!! [We accidentally sent Emily's letter to Erica's gmail address and of course Erica did not get the letter, thus she did not write back.]

I love my siblings and my family. I really look forward to having family reunions and I hope that my kids have good relationships with their siblings.

Yum I want cheese right now.

I did a lot of service his week too!!!

Wow all of your books sound really good! I am glad you are going to be a librarian because now I can just ask you what all of the good youth books are!!

hahahah I love Jenna's story about being confused!! Haha she is so cute!

I have this really cool tool that I use when my lower back hurts (cause I have had a few incidents when it has been in killer pain, and so a kind lady in my first stake gave it to me :)). I would love for you to try it, but it's probably to big to try to take home :/

I am sorry that Emma broke Michelle's plate. Was Michelle upset? [No she was not – she was very gracious.] Did I ever tell you about the time that I broke our Bishop's (here in Mesa) beautiful glass cup.....?

I love Elder Holland too!!!! I am reading all of his general conference talks!! They are incredible!!!!!!

Here is something President Jenkins shared with us in his email that I want to share with you:

"When I entered the Language Training Mission (the precursor to the MTC) in May of 1977, I was nervous and excited to begin my mission. I had more adrenaline flowing through me than before a big game or a big race! I remember laying on the bottom bunk and staring at the bunk above me, not able to sleep because I was so pumped! One of the first things that came to my mind that night was a horrifying question: "Do I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet? Can I testify to others about him?" My testimony of him was not what it could have or should have been. I remember foolishly praying a panicked, urgent, and anxious prayer that I would somehow be granted an instant testimony of Joseph Smith. The testimony came--not that night, but over time on my mission as I fell in love with the Book of Mormon and the message of the Restoration and as I studied and came to appreciate the life and work of Joseph Smith. 

"Many years later, Sister Jenkins and I took our oldest son to Palmyra, NY so he could experience those Church historic sites before he left on his mission. I was serving as a ward mission leader at the time. As I was alone in the Sacred Grove, I wondered what I might pray about at that stage of my life that would be on the same level as Joseph Smith's first prayer. I pondered how much my testimony of Joseph Smith had changed and grown over the years since that first night in the MTC. I didn't need to pray to know if the Church was true or if it had been restored through Joseph Smith. I didn't need to pray to know if the Book of Mormon was the word of God. I knew all of that was true. The horrifying question of that day in the Sacred Grove was no longer, "Is Joseph Smith true?" It was "Have I been true to Joseph Smith?" Had I shared the message enough with others for which Joseph gave his life? Had I appreciated and studied the Book of Mormon enough? Had I been as dedicated to the gospel as Joseph was? It was a special moment in my life to spend some private, thoughtful moments in the grove that Joseph made famous and sacred."

I love the question he asked: "Have I been true to Joseph Smith?" That makes me want to devote greater diligence and faith to the work of salvation!! I love being a missionary!! I think I will serve another one in a few years :)

I love you Mom :) :) :)

Sister Brady

Me and Sister T

Dear Dad . . . 

Me and Sister H
Okay here was something like what I meant to send, but it got deleted :(

Dear Dad,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!! Another year has come! And the 4th of July
is my 13 month mark! Crazy, right??

I really love you Dad :)

I am glad you got to drink Root Beer. I just drank some Dr. Pepper. Yum.

I like that the kids would bust up laughing whenever you laughed a little bit!! I will do that to when we watch a movie together when I am home!!

I am glad you liked the video, and I don't want you to regret anything!!! You and mom really are the best earthly parents ever!!

I can't believe Seth is married now!! CRAZY!!

Tell the Hinton's I say hello!!

Did anyone else report about their missionaries? Did Sister or President Linn report on Chance? Can you believe he comes home this month??!? And Jeff too!!

I am SO EXCITED that we have sister missionaries in the ward!! I can't remember ever having sisters in the PB ward! I want to go out with them all of the time when I am home!!

Let me know how the lesson goes (if they tell you how it goes :))

What are your plans for your birthday!!?

I love you Dad!!

Sister Brady

June 22, 2015

Me and Sister P!
 Dear Mom,

This has been another great week!! We had an FHE last week with a part-member family!! M*** really liked the video we showed (The Will of God. It's a Mormon message! It's really good, you should watch it!!) They are an AWESOME family!!

We did service for P** on Wednesday and she only let us do one tiny section of her house because she didn't want us to overwork ourselves :) and then we shared a short message with her. She is so sweet!!

We had a GREAT zone training meeting on Thursday. Our Stake President gave a training at it and he told us that the most important thing members can be doing is to INVITE people into their HOMES!! Awesome, right?

Yeah I think I would like just a quiet mother's day to myself. And I'm not even a mom...

But I hope Dad had fun at Katrina's!!! Last Father's Day I sang at the MTC :) that was fun! This Father's day our appointment with F*** fell through, so we stopped by the M****'s and had a great evening with them (they just lost a dear relative, so Brother S***** suggested we go and visit them).

I love all the pictures!!! Really!! Thank you for sending even more this week!!

Yeah, I was recently thinking that it might be kind of fun to conduct a choir! Who knows, maybe I will be called as a ward chorister!!

Oh yeah, I do vaguely remember that trip to Kauai!! Is that where we swam in the Queen's Bath?

Those books sound great!! Sister P**** and I were just discussing the type of libraries we would like in our homes some day :) she wants to have one with a ladder (have I told you she is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast? And she hasn't even seen that movie!!!!!!)

Just go on Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate!! They probably even have a Facebook page for middle school librarians!! I wish I could help! Haha, but I will be a little busy ;)

Yeah, you need to stop mixing your tenses, you're a librarian now!!

Hahahahahahha, yeah, why did your font change??! Haha, why did my font color change??

I want to go to King's Island!! And I want to watch the Brady Bunch again!! Haha whenever people say "oh, like the Brady Bunch?!" After I tell them my name, I like to say: "Yes! And there are 6 of us!" Haha I am turning into you!!

Okay, put WayWard Pines on my list of shows to watch!

Good job with the service!!! That is super awesome!!

What are you going to do with Tessa and Estela? Fun fun fun!!

I am reading in the final chapters of the Book of Alma! It makes me sad to see the contention amongst the Nephites! It nearly destroys them! (And I guess it eventually does!) There were some truly wicked
people in the Book of Mormon, but there were also some very valiant men and women. I am grateful we get to learn from their experiences and their testimonies of Christ. I too love the Book of Mormon! And the Gospel!!


Sister Brady

Me and Grandma Great
at the Relief Society Garden Party :)

Dear Dad,


Do you remember last year how I got to call you guys and talk to you? (On the Tuesday after father's Day, when I was at the airport) That was fun :)

I did get your response!! Thank you! That helped explain things for me!!

How fun that you got to be with Katrina for Father's Day! And that you watched 3 movies in one day!! Haha, that would give me a headache!!

I need to be better about keeping a study journal! I had one going for a while, but I haven't written in it for a few months :/

I sure look up to you Dad.

I am so grateful that I have parents that I can talk with and trust.

I am also so grateful that you are a worthy priesthood holder and that you have always fulfilled your priesthood duties.

Thank you for always inviting me in to have interviews with me.

Thank you for teaching me about my Heavenly Father and for showing me the love that he has for me :) Thank you for always pointing and directing me back to my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

You are a great example to me of how I want to raise my kids and of what kind of Father I want for my kids :) (which, by the way, I don't think I told you, but I have really become very excited to get married and to have kids!!! And it's been like that for the past two weeks! Every day I feel excited to have a family :) Haha, someone must be praying really consistently!!)

This should be a link to one of my favorite Mormon messages about Fathers. You may have already seen it, but I always think of you when I watch it :)

I love you Dad :)


Sister Brady

Me and Sister P**** again :) at the Garden Party!!

June 15th, 2015

No pictures this week . . .
Just a pass along meme that a friend sent to Erica!!

Dear Mom,

It's been a great week full of miracles!!

First of all: I am really glad that dad did not break his foot!! That would have been really sad!!!

Second of all: so... umm.... Is Dad just chilling by himself for Father's Day? (By the way, Happy Father's Day, Daddy :)

Okay here was one of the miracles we had:

Sister P** and I were both feeling very prompted to go and visit a a less active family in our ward...... But we were at the complete opposite end of our area (remember our miles issue?) [Erica and her companion can only drive the car so many miles per month]... But of course we were not about to oppose the promptings of the spirit, so we drove on over, knocked on their door, and.......... No one answered...

So we were feeling a little dejected, but we pressed forward both feeling that there must have been some reason why we were prompted to come to this area of our vineyard.

There was. We turned the corner and saw a lady in our ward helping her three kids out of her car. This lady happens to be someone who the ward council wants us to meet with because she is facing some very hard trials in her life. And she had just been talking about us to her kids. :) it was a very sweet tender mercy for both of us. I don't know exactly why the Lord needed us to talk to her right at that very moment, but we did and we set up a time to visit her this week :) always follow the promptings of the spirit!

Here is another miracle:
Sister P*** likes listening to Christmas music year round too!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!! We are currently listening to my Jordan Blueth Christmas CD :)

Tank you, Tank you, (Do you remember that SNL sketch?) for all of the pictures!! I love getting (and sending) pictures!!!

Mom, I just really, really love you.

Go roll around in the velvet grass! Go! Live your dream!! [We got a new yard put in and I want to roll around on the grass – kind of – not really - but must stay off of it so it can grow proper.]

Oh that is exciting that Mr. C**** will be the new choir director! Does that mean there will be a new middle school choir teacher?

Hahahaha that is exactly why the church encourages couples to wait a year after retirement! Spot on, Mom!! Yeah, you and dad will be fine! [I asked if it was to be sure couples would get along :)]

Tell Emma to tell me more about her girls camp group! Haha that is an awesome unit name!! [Psych Squad]

So Geoffrey [my step-dad] painted the baptismal font on Kauai? I really want to go visit the island of Kauai because I want to see the place you lived! And I want to visit all the places you know about on Kauai! Let's go there!!

Some other middle school aged books that I loved:

Bridge to Terabethia
Percy Jackson series

But what are the books you are having to read for the Oregon Battle of the Books?

Why does decorating a library scare you? [I am scared to cook or decorate!!!]

Did I tell you that Elder M** is home from his mission? One of the sisters in the mission ran over to me and told me that M*** had asked if she knew Erica Brady! Crazy, right??

I can't believe Emma is not a freshman anymore!!!

Hey so I had this thought. And It's kind of far out there but there is a song that is from the Easter Pageant here that is really beautiful and it is a CHRISTMAS SONG. It's called Mary's Lullaby (no, it's not the primary song).... But I was thinking that since I will be home the Sunday before Christmas, I should sing that song on that Sunday in sacrament meeting! It would be my first Sunday home and I know that they sometimes like the missionary to speak in church, but I really want to sing that song and I don't want to sing in the same Sunday that I speak, but it is also a Christmas song so I wouldn't be able to sing it the Sunday afterwards, so Maybe I could sing that first Sunday and then speak the Sunday after Christmas? But I know it's not up to you I just wanted to see what you thought. AND I WILL BE OKAY AND ABSOLUTELY FINE TO SPEAK ON THAT CHRISTMAS SUNDAY IF THAT IS WHAT OUR BISHOP IS INSPIRED TO DO!!!!! 

Oh! And maybe I will record myself singing the song and then you guys can all hear it! I'll try to send it today :) And even if I don't sing it in Sacrament meeting there could be other places that I could sing it at in the 10 days before Christmas? Haha also, I could totally sing it in a ward here before I come home :) So I'm fine with whatever :)

I want to run and dance and laugh and jump and leap, I am just so happy!!!!! Haha I was just playing sports with some missionaries so I think I am high on endorphins... But I really do love being a missionary :)

Oh man. Jurassic World. It's everywhere.

Emily has quite the busy summer! I hope she has fun!!! I hope you do too!!!

Also, does this mean I won't see Kat and her family until summer 2017???

I hope you guys have fun in Ohio and tell Michelle, Drew, Jenna, and Gus that I love them all VERY MUCH!!!

Please pray for:

**** **** **** ****
[Erica's investigators!]

I love you mom!!!

Sister Brady

(To Dad)


Yaaaaaayyyy!! What are you going to do for Father's Day?

Today we played ultimate Frisbee and K-Ball. It was lots of fun!!! I really do love playing sports!!!! Is there any place we go to play indoor sports this winter? No, no more Pizza. Ever again. Okay, maybe one more time.

How is your foot? Will it be okay? Do you need to wear a boot or use crutches?

I am really, really feeling a great love for this area. It is my third transfer here and the typical pattern is that once I feel this kind of love for my area (which has always happened in my third transfer in an
area) I leave it. We don't find out for another two weeks, but I think I would be okay with staying in this area for the rest of my mission, so hopefully the Lord feels the same way too :)

I am also starting to develop a deep love for my mission. One that almost makes me want to cry because I love it so much.

I can't wait to have full conversations with you about your mission, and I want to have those conversations with Michelle as well. I will just have to go visit her in Ohio too :)

I am so happy for that family that got sealed! And how exciting that the boys got to watch too!

I look forward to hearing Emily sing!!!!! I can't believe how old she is getting!!

Yeah, Jurassic World. Remember when you guys let Emma watch Jurassic Park 3 at age three...? Hahaha.... She loved it!! Hey, remind me to tell you a funny story about Jurassic World when I get home from my mission! (It's actually not that funny).

I think I would like to work at Disneyland for a year so that I can be a princess, and then I want to work at it when I am old and retired :)

Good!! I really want to come to work with you and mom when I get home!!!!!

I love you Dad!!!

Love, Sister Brady