Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

June 15th, 2015

No pictures this week . . .
Just a pass along meme that a friend sent to Erica!!

Dear Mom,

It's been a great week full of miracles!!

First of all: I am really glad that dad did not break his foot!! That would have been really sad!!!

Second of all: so... umm.... Is Dad just chilling by himself for Father's Day? (By the way, Happy Father's Day, Daddy :)

Okay here was one of the miracles we had:

Sister P** and I were both feeling very prompted to go and visit a a less active family in our ward...... But we were at the complete opposite end of our area (remember our miles issue?) [Erica and her companion can only drive the car so many miles per month]... But of course we were not about to oppose the promptings of the spirit, so we drove on over, knocked on their door, and.......... No one answered...

So we were feeling a little dejected, but we pressed forward both feeling that there must have been some reason why we were prompted to come to this area of our vineyard.

There was. We turned the corner and saw a lady in our ward helping her three kids out of her car. This lady happens to be someone who the ward council wants us to meet with because she is facing some very hard trials in her life. And she had just been talking about us to her kids. :) it was a very sweet tender mercy for both of us. I don't know exactly why the Lord needed us to talk to her right at that very moment, but we did and we set up a time to visit her this week :) always follow the promptings of the spirit!

Here is another miracle:
Sister P*** likes listening to Christmas music year round too!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!! We are currently listening to my Jordan Blueth Christmas CD :)

Tank you, Tank you, (Do you remember that SNL sketch?) for all of the pictures!! I love getting (and sending) pictures!!!

Mom, I just really, really love you.

Go roll around in the velvet grass! Go! Live your dream!! [We got a new yard put in and I want to roll around on the grass – kind of – not really - but must stay off of it so it can grow proper.]

Oh that is exciting that Mr. C**** will be the new choir director! Does that mean there will be a new middle school choir teacher?

Hahahaha that is exactly why the church encourages couples to wait a year after retirement! Spot on, Mom!! Yeah, you and dad will be fine! [I asked if it was to be sure couples would get along :)]

Tell Emma to tell me more about her girls camp group! Haha that is an awesome unit name!! [Psych Squad]

So Geoffrey [my step-dad] painted the baptismal font on Kauai? I really want to go visit the island of Kauai because I want to see the place you lived! And I want to visit all the places you know about on Kauai! Let's go there!!

Some other middle school aged books that I loved:

Bridge to Terabethia
Percy Jackson series

But what are the books you are having to read for the Oregon Battle of the Books?

Why does decorating a library scare you? [I am scared to cook or decorate!!!]

Did I tell you that Elder M** is home from his mission? One of the sisters in the mission ran over to me and told me that M*** had asked if she knew Erica Brady! Crazy, right??

I can't believe Emma is not a freshman anymore!!!

Hey so I had this thought. And It's kind of far out there but there is a song that is from the Easter Pageant here that is really beautiful and it is a CHRISTMAS SONG. It's called Mary's Lullaby (no, it's not the primary song).... But I was thinking that since I will be home the Sunday before Christmas, I should sing that song on that Sunday in sacrament meeting! It would be my first Sunday home and I know that they sometimes like the missionary to speak in church, but I really want to sing that song and I don't want to sing in the same Sunday that I speak, but it is also a Christmas song so I wouldn't be able to sing it the Sunday afterwards, so Maybe I could sing that first Sunday and then speak the Sunday after Christmas? But I know it's not up to you I just wanted to see what you thought. AND I WILL BE OKAY AND ABSOLUTELY FINE TO SPEAK ON THAT CHRISTMAS SUNDAY IF THAT IS WHAT OUR BISHOP IS INSPIRED TO DO!!!!! 

Oh! And maybe I will record myself singing the song and then you guys can all hear it! I'll try to send it today :) And even if I don't sing it in Sacrament meeting there could be other places that I could sing it at in the 10 days before Christmas? Haha also, I could totally sing it in a ward here before I come home :) So I'm fine with whatever :)

I want to run and dance and laugh and jump and leap, I am just so happy!!!!! Haha I was just playing sports with some missionaries so I think I am high on endorphins... But I really do love being a missionary :)

Oh man. Jurassic World. It's everywhere.

Emily has quite the busy summer! I hope she has fun!!! I hope you do too!!!

Also, does this mean I won't see Kat and her family until summer 2017???

I hope you guys have fun in Ohio and tell Michelle, Drew, Jenna, and Gus that I love them all VERY MUCH!!!

Please pray for:

**** **** **** ****
[Erica's investigators!]

I love you mom!!!

Sister Brady

(To Dad)


Yaaaaaayyyy!! What are you going to do for Father's Day?

Today we played ultimate Frisbee and K-Ball. It was lots of fun!!! I really do love playing sports!!!! Is there any place we go to play indoor sports this winter? No, no more Pizza. Ever again. Okay, maybe one more time.

How is your foot? Will it be okay? Do you need to wear a boot or use crutches?

I am really, really feeling a great love for this area. It is my third transfer here and the typical pattern is that once I feel this kind of love for my area (which has always happened in my third transfer in an
area) I leave it. We don't find out for another two weeks, but I think I would be okay with staying in this area for the rest of my mission, so hopefully the Lord feels the same way too :)

I am also starting to develop a deep love for my mission. One that almost makes me want to cry because I love it so much.

I can't wait to have full conversations with you about your mission, and I want to have those conversations with Michelle as well. I will just have to go visit her in Ohio too :)

I am so happy for that family that got sealed! And how exciting that the boys got to watch too!

I look forward to hearing Emily sing!!!!! I can't believe how old she is getting!!

Yeah, Jurassic World. Remember when you guys let Emma watch Jurassic Park 3 at age three...? Hahaha.... She loved it!! Hey, remind me to tell you a funny story about Jurassic World when I get home from my mission! (It's actually not that funny).

I think I would like to work at Disneyland for a year so that I can be a princess, and then I want to work at it when I am old and retired :)

Good!! I really want to come to work with you and mom when I get home!!!!!

I love you Dad!!!

Love, Sister Brady

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