Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

June 22, 2015

Me and Sister P!
 Dear Mom,

This has been another great week!! We had an FHE last week with a part-member family!! M*** really liked the video we showed (The Will of God. It's a Mormon message! It's really good, you should watch it!!) They are an AWESOME family!!

We did service for P** on Wednesday and she only let us do one tiny section of her house because she didn't want us to overwork ourselves :) and then we shared a short message with her. She is so sweet!!

We had a GREAT zone training meeting on Thursday. Our Stake President gave a training at it and he told us that the most important thing members can be doing is to INVITE people into their HOMES!! Awesome, right?

Yeah I think I would like just a quiet mother's day to myself. And I'm not even a mom...

But I hope Dad had fun at Katrina's!!! Last Father's Day I sang at the MTC :) that was fun! This Father's day our appointment with F*** fell through, so we stopped by the M****'s and had a great evening with them (they just lost a dear relative, so Brother S***** suggested we go and visit them).

I love all the pictures!!! Really!! Thank you for sending even more this week!!

Yeah, I was recently thinking that it might be kind of fun to conduct a choir! Who knows, maybe I will be called as a ward chorister!!

Oh yeah, I do vaguely remember that trip to Kauai!! Is that where we swam in the Queen's Bath?

Those books sound great!! Sister P**** and I were just discussing the type of libraries we would like in our homes some day :) she wants to have one with a ladder (have I told you she is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast? And she hasn't even seen that movie!!!!!!)

Just go on Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate!! They probably even have a Facebook page for middle school librarians!! I wish I could help! Haha, but I will be a little busy ;)

Yeah, you need to stop mixing your tenses, you're a librarian now!!

Hahahahahahha, yeah, why did your font change??! Haha, why did my font color change??

I want to go to King's Island!! And I want to watch the Brady Bunch again!! Haha whenever people say "oh, like the Brady Bunch?!" After I tell them my name, I like to say: "Yes! And there are 6 of us!" Haha I am turning into you!!

Okay, put WayWard Pines on my list of shows to watch!

Good job with the service!!! That is super awesome!!

What are you going to do with Tessa and Estela? Fun fun fun!!

I am reading in the final chapters of the Book of Alma! It makes me sad to see the contention amongst the Nephites! It nearly destroys them! (And I guess it eventually does!) There were some truly wicked
people in the Book of Mormon, but there were also some very valiant men and women. I am grateful we get to learn from their experiences and their testimonies of Christ. I too love the Book of Mormon! And the Gospel!!


Sister Brady

Me and Grandma Great
at the Relief Society Garden Party :)

Dear Dad,


Do you remember last year how I got to call you guys and talk to you? (On the Tuesday after father's Day, when I was at the airport) That was fun :)

I did get your response!! Thank you! That helped explain things for me!!

How fun that you got to be with Katrina for Father's Day! And that you watched 3 movies in one day!! Haha, that would give me a headache!!

I need to be better about keeping a study journal! I had one going for a while, but I haven't written in it for a few months :/

I sure look up to you Dad.

I am so grateful that I have parents that I can talk with and trust.

I am also so grateful that you are a worthy priesthood holder and that you have always fulfilled your priesthood duties.

Thank you for always inviting me in to have interviews with me.

Thank you for teaching me about my Heavenly Father and for showing me the love that he has for me :) Thank you for always pointing and directing me back to my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ.

You are a great example to me of how I want to raise my kids and of what kind of Father I want for my kids :) (which, by the way, I don't think I told you, but I have really become very excited to get married and to have kids!!! And it's been like that for the past two weeks! Every day I feel excited to have a family :) Haha, someone must be praying really consistently!!)

This should be a link to one of my favorite Mormon messages about Fathers. You may have already seen it, but I always think of you when I watch it :)

I love you Dad :)


Sister Brady

Me and Sister P**** again :) at the Garden Party!!

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