Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Friday, July 24, 2015

July 20, 2015

Zone Sports! I love this zone!!!!
Dear Mom,

We did Sharing time in Primary this week! And then afterwards, the singing time leader asked us to stay and do "two part" songs with the primary children. (Child's Prayer, Love is Spoken Here, I Pray in Faith, etc.) and then the primary kids sang I am a Child of God and we did the descant and it was all very sweet and fun. I would love a primary calling. (Unless it's with the sunbeams.... Haha... Jk....
Kind of....)

I have really lost my touch with kids. You don't really work much with little children as a missionary.


More Animals!

We had another lesson with **** and we read 3 Nephi 12 with him. I really like the chapters where Christ is visiting the Nephites! I am reading in the Book of Mormon right now, and it is really, really sad.

You guys should just move to New York with me so that we can be close together. Because, It's not even Oregon that makes me want to live in Oregon, it's YOU GUYS that would make me want to love in Oregon. So, you should just live with me in New York or California do that we can still live close together :)

Yes please keep me updated on visits to family. Also I think it would be fun to visit Aunts and Uncles too! I wish I had done more of that when I was a kid.

Animals again!

Up close!!

Yeah, I saw the email for Idaho! Please tell them I am not going to go there..... [Why????]

You and Dad are so amazing for always having family scripture and prayers EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! [We didn't always . . . but we tried.] Seriously! That is not easy stuff! I know so many member families who struggle to do that, and you can feel a difference about them compared to those families who do have it every day! I mean, they are still good people, but there is a difference in their spirits and family unity.

So thank you for keeping that up! And for stressing the importance of FHE every week too!!

Hahaha, how is the Sister Missionary even like me? [There is a new Sister Missionary in our ward – from Utah I think that looks and acts like Erica!] Where is she from? Does she really look like me?

Good job serving Grandma!!! I want to follow your example when I am older and I will serve you and my mother-in-law when you guys need help :) and I will serve my friends by driving them to the airport.

 I was making a note for my companion
(to tell her how much I 
love her).
 It was supposed to be a secret note,
but the marker I used

left a red mark on my hand.... 

I was caught Red-Handed.... Get it...
Blake is Macbeth? What is the rest of the cast? Will you send that to me? I LOVE TREK!! Did Seth Wilson and his new wife go on it? Haha...

Oh my goodness Charlotte!! That story makes me so sad! [Charlotte hurt her arm – but she is OK now!] I hope she will be okay quickly!!

I love the restaurants in Downtown Gresham :)

Wow! When did the Stake change happen!!! That is so crazy! Are they going to start doing stake dances again... Hahahaha.....

Why did the stake dissolve? [Portland East stake dissolved – that is the Stake John and I were in back in the day.} Is there not many members or something?

I love to exercise every day. Exercise is my favorite. I want to exercise with you guys when I am home. We played Zone Sports this morning and I LOVE TO PLAY SPORTS!!! Maybe I will take a sports class at BYU Hawaii :)

I am learning to like fish (I don't really get the opportunity here because not many people feed it to us), but I want to learn to like it because I don't want to be a picky eater. I really just want to love all things and especially fish because it is so healthy!!

Is Bishop Wilson not going to be the seminary teacher anymore? [John and I will be teaching Emily Seminary because Emily is in the choir that rehearses in the early morning during seminary time – I assume Brother Wilson will still be teaching . . . but I don't know . . . ]

How is Sister Tuttle doing since her husband passed away? Tell her I love her and I miss her! She is really so sweet and she makes me laugh. Especially when she and dad get talking at choir practice

I like the FHE quote!! Go FHE!! I think my future family will have our FHE on Tuesday night... Hahaha.....

Okay I love you Mom!!

Sister Brady

My feet tan lines!!

Another angle . . . !

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