Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 8, 2015

Saying good-bye to Sister S*******!!!! :( :( :( waaaaaahhhh!!!
Dearest Mom,

Haha yeah, 90 degrees is a breeze here in Arizona! :) it was really cool this week!! (At the end of it at least!) and we even got rain :)!

The carpet really looks great!!! I like it! And my dad is handsome!! [I sent her a picture of standing John on our new carpet.]

Oh yeah, I forgot to respond last week about the fact that I just hit my year mark. Crazy, right?

There was a rainbow on my head [in one of the pictures she sent last week] because of the lighting in the room. Also, I think because my forehead was so shiny :). The M*****'s have a tee-pee in their home because someone made it for them :). Hahaha - the priests ate my hamburger because they are rude. I saw the two boys again on Sunday and I said "Did you enjoy my hamburger....?" Hahaha - they both accused the other.....

Hahahahahaha you are funny about Emily's sombrero story! I am glad she got into C-notes!! Do they know who the new choir conductor will be?

We are allotted a certain amount of miles and we are not allowed to go over. [That is why they walked everywhere last week and got blisters!!]

You “hope” Dad and you go on a mission someday? Don't you mean you will? You guys should start planning for that along with retirement! But I hear the church recommends that couples wait at least a year after retirement before serving a mission together...

Are you guys ever going to put new hardwood in? Or you guys should stain it a darker color in a few years! I helped a member family do that here! So I could help you too!! :) or maybe that's what it already looks like - haha, I can't fully tell from the pictures :)

Sorry about the ruined lawn! Glad you got a new one!!


I am so excited about that and I am so glad that it will be every other year!!! (I would love if it was every year, but that can be kind of hard since we all live far away!) but I am glad that it will be every other year!!

Haha no, in 2025 I will be 30 and married with one, maybe two, kids. [I told her she would be married with 5 kids.]

Have fun in Ohio!!! I want to go visit Michelle next summer and all of my sisters and brother really!! But I haven't gotten a chance to spend time with just Michelle and her family, so that would be fun!

When is Girl's Camp and what is the theme this year? What is Emily's unit called?

I'm sorry about your friends dad passing away :(

So what is the story of Geoffry painting the baptismal fonts? He did that right? Or did that I create that in my mind? Haha - I have been known to do that.  [My step-dad painted the baptismal font in the Kapaa, Kauai chapel back in the 70s.] 

Haha - I was actually wondering what would happen when I was home and you were still at work! This is the first time my mom has been working! (Other than when she was writing that book and wouldn't play with me:)) yeah I would love to help you at the library!!!! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING THE JOB!!!!! :D [I – Shelly – got a job as a middle school library assistant – starting in September.]

Oh you are going to be a wonderful librarian!!! What kinds of things will you do with the kids? Read to them? Are you going to decorate the library!!!? I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!

Here were some of my favorite middle school books:

Harry Potter
The Giver (and it's sequels)
Ender's Game (maybe a little for an older person though...)
Cirque Du Freak :)

Have Katrina and I ever been in the temple together?

Yeah for Bill being baptized!! Who did the proxy for him and his parents in the sealing? And for Bill's baptism?

You can never write too much mom.

This week we did service for a lady in our ward. Sadly, her house had ticks...I found three of them on my pants after we finished.

After cleaning a home in our area I found three of these on my jeans...

Two of them I found and flicked off right after we got out of the house...

One made it all the way to the church bathroom with me...

Attack of the Ticks...

None were inside me fortunately, but those little things do not die. I flicked two of them off, but one rode with me to the church building were we completely inspected our entire bodies (in separate bathroom stalls) and I found it crawling on my jeans... (See the picture I sent... It's still alive).
But we were happy to serve and we were protected!! Yay!!

We also were able to have another wonderful lesson with F****. We read Alma 7 which I think helped him to understand just how much the book of Mormon really is about Christ, and we committed him to read 3 Nephi 11 and to meet with us again next week :)

Life is great!! I love being a missionary and I love you!!!

Sister Brady

Man Vs.Wild

I finally tried one of those scorpion lollies......

Dear Dad,

Thank you for the work info!!! I want to learn more about what you do! Do they ever have a bring your kid to work day for adult kids?

I still think you should work at Disneyland someday. Maybe after you retire, you and mom can spend your winters working at Disneyland :)

What do you think of mom's new job?! I am so excited for her!! I'm glad she will only be at work while Emily is still at school. That is so important for a parent to be home with their child for the majority of
the time.

I actually had a morning the other day where I felt excited to get married :) haha, it made me wonder if there is a boy out there somewhere who is praying for his future spouse.... (Me :))

I love you dad!!

Sister Brady

Erica (Airwrecka)'s friend sent this to her!
Apparently we have all been spelling it wrong!!

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