Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

August 17, 2015

My District . . . My family!

 Dear Mom,

Wow, we need to stop talking about my return date... For the sake of me staying consecrated on the work let's pretend I don't get home until April 15th. (I'm pretty sure the mission office ladies will notify you when I get my flight itinerary, but I will be sure to pass on any information I receive). [Shelly here - They did notify us this week! It is official!! December 15th!]

Okay so my two new companions:

Sister B is from Washington and she has a twin. They are the oldest of nine kids. She does competitive ballroom dancing! She went to a year of school at UVU. Sister M is from Hawaii (Honolulu) and she is the oldest of six kids (all her siblings are boys!!!) She does Tahitian dancing! And I will be in Hawaii when Sister M gets home so I will get to see her!! :D B*** and M*** were actually companions last transfer! Haha - they just moved them up to my area for their "Full-Field" transfer! And they are both SUPER funny!! We laugh so much!! I love to laugh!! And they both came out at the same time!

I really like the pasta at the cheesecake factory. And the cheesecake.

I read my patriarchal blessing and the paragraph about marriage is shorter than the paragraph about missionary work ;)

I love Mesa!! I am excited to take you guys back here some day! I don't know when it will happen but I am excited!! (Maybe Christmas time 2016?)

Yum, I really want waffles. I haven't had waffles since my first area. And I haven't had Red Robin or Costco in over a year. #FirstMealsBackInOregon? :)

Yeah, I don't know what happened to the rest of the email :/ it disappeared from mine to :( but I definitely sent a longer one!! Did you get my selfies with the dead Black Widow?

I love your new job!! I am so excited for you!!!! You are so awesome! You will be a great librarian and I your library will look beautiful!!

I love girls camp. I wonder what kinds of calling I will get when I am settled in a ward. :) hopefully nursery!! :D that would be my favorite!

"TERRIFIED!" Haha was that reference to Fairy May? :) haha!!

Okay so I am re-starting the Book of Mormon and I just finished 1 Nephi and oh my goodness I love him! Like, I'm not in love with him, but I love him! Nephi just speaks my language! And his life was so rough! He had abusive brothers, he had to leave home when he was young, and he was called to be a leader of a whole group of people at a really young age! (I am not saying my life is rough like Nephi. I def don't have abusive siblings and I've never been ask to roam the wilderness for more than a couple days at a time ;) His tough life is just an additional thing that I admire about him). 

Anyway, I Love Nephi. And his dad Lehi. I want to marry a man like Nephi who has a father like Lehi. But I would also be okay if he doesn't have brothers who want to kill us...

So just find me a Nephi and then I will get married before going on another mission! :) [Shelly here – I believe Erica just gave me permission to find her a husband/Nephi – If you know of any Nephi types out there, please have them send applications to my email address.]

Boom. Marriage.

I got the package!!!! Thank you Mom!!! Thank you for sending the jazz shoes and my favorite candies!! And the body spray (I really needed that) and the tissues (a luxury I cannot afford!!) Thank you!!!!

I love you Mom!! Have a great week :)

Sister Brady

My family!

Dear Dad,

Wow that is cool that you can look back and see some of the things that helped prepare you for your calling now as a Patriarch!

Dad I just love you so much! I think I have the best parents in the whole world.

We didn't get to see M this week because she was camping with her family. But we are going to see her this week!! :) Hopefully we will get to take her to the Visitor Center!

I love you Dad!! Have a good week! Oh and I love reading your emails even though my emails aren't very long sometimes.

Sister Brady

Heritage Zone

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