Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

August 31, 2015

How we act on a hot afternoon!

How we reallllyyy feel on a hot afternoon!
 Dear Mom,

So this week we had dinner with Bishop R**** family and I realized that the reason I love their family sooooo much is because they are almost the exact same family as us!!! They have 1 boy and 4 girls and their boy is in the middle. They all love theater and the dad and the son really love sports.

AND.................... While we were at dinner one of their daughters (the 16 year old) said something to which the whole family laughed out loud and said "Sue!!" Which of course made me pause and I said "did you just call her.... Sue??" And Sister R***** said "Yes! It is from this show we watch.... It's called 'The Middle'" THE MIDDLE, MOM!!! And they went on to tell me that Sister R**** is "Frankie" and that their oldest daughter is "Axel", etc. MOM!!! THEY ARE MY FAMILY AWAY FROM HOME!!! Anyway, so they are kind of the best. I love them!!! [Side note from Shelly – We watch “The Middle” as a family and we all agree ERICA IS SUE HECK! And I might be Frankie . . . ]

A member made me a skirt with these Pineapples.

 I love it.
So when does Kat and Gordo and family go to Washington DC? I thought they were already supposed to be there... Will you explain to me again how that all goes down? When do they find out their country? When will they actually go to their country? I am so excited for them!!

Action shot!!

Thanks for the Itinerary. It's kind of blowing my mind. Good thing I don't have to worry about it until April!! [Erica has requested that we pretend she is coming home in April – she does not want to leave her mission! But REALLY IT IS DECEMBER!!!]

Where is the girls camp??? I think I remember you telling me it was at a different place, but I forgot!! Do they still have a swimming area?

M**** is still progressing towards baptism!! It is happening on September 5th!!! Please keep her in your prayers!!!!!

Which McGill was it??! I love the McGills!! Heidi McGill was pretty much the only person I hung out with outside of Choir and Plays my first semester at BYU-H. I love her!!! WHO IS SHE ENGAGED TO???!???!? Man, I'm bummed I'm going to miss the wedding/reception!!

I will pray for you to sleep better and I will keep Kevin and Kara in my prayers. I think the Lord really does have great plans for them. I love the J Holland quote (he is my favorite). Yes, they will be in my prayers.

I wish I could help with your Library set up!! But you will do so amazing! You are so good at doing new things and doing them well!!

I WANT TO GO TO THE STREET OF DREAMS!!!! THAT IS MY FAVORITE PLACE!!!! You are such a good mom to still take Emma there even though you were tired!!

We had a rain storm here this week too!! Oh and I forgot to tell you that we have been on BIKES all week!!! We ran out of miles again in our car so we've been biking it up!! The days were pretty hot this week, but I am just so grateful we were able to get bikes from other sisters rather than have to walk everywhere all week :/ we also had some kind members who were able to give us rides to some lessons! And then the APs saw us walk into the mission office after biking there and they said "Sisters, did you bike here??" (We were all drenched in sweat and our hair was all disheveled from our helmets) and we're like "How could you tell?" Haha anyway they took pity on us and gave us more miles for our area!! Blessings!! 

But we kept biking just so that we made sure we would be good on miles and then on Saturday night we had a HUGE storm!! Tons of power went out on main streets! As Sister M****** and I were biking back to our car (we were on exchanges so Sister B***** was with another sister) we got completely soaked from the rain (not gonna lie though, I would rather be drenched in rain than in my own sweat) and there was lightening happening everywhere all around us!! And the thunder was just one continuous rumble because there was so much lightening and it was happening so close! Apparently the lights in the temple even went out for a minute! It was insane! As we were driving home we turned a corner where there was flooded streets, lights out all down the road, police and firetrucks with sirens and lights coming towards us, and poor, confused, Arizona drivers driving super slowly because no one here knows how to drive in rain. It's like snow to Portlandians.

I love you Mom!! Thank you always for your emails!! I love the two part emails and you can tell dad that it is the response that I deserve! ;)

Sister Brady

This is me and the group of missionaries helping out
at the opening of the light rail in downtown mesa!!! So fun!!!!

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