Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

September 21, 2015

So I thought I would post this blast from the past!!!
Dear Mom,

We got transfer news!

I'M STAYING!!!!! For another 6 weeks! And probably for another 12 weeks!

Crazy! Sister B*** is getting transferred to Apache Junction, but Sister M**** and I will stay together!! And the extra crazy thing is that we are going to stay in a trio!! It's just going to be a different sister than Sister B**** :(

We had an awesome lesson with B**** at the Visitor's Center before it closes for the next 2 months! Anyway, B**** told us that she wants to serve a mission! So cool right!!? She is awesome :)

We had a great zone training meeting this week! I love this zone so much! I am so grateful that I am staying!!!

AND we went to the temple this week!! I love to see the temple!! But get this. We are going again at the beginning of this next transfer (on Sept. 30th) which means the next time we go won't be until DECEMBER!! Because that's when the next temple trip is planned for. So I will be waiting 2 months to go to the temple again :( but you know what, as hard as that seems, I am just really grateful to be serving in a mission where we get to go once a transfer! That definitely doesn't happen in every mission. #attitudeofgratitude

You will meet my mission president and his wife!! Someday! He loves to meet missionary's parents. Yeah, my mission president and his wife are THE BEST!!

How did Charlotte and Hank do in Soccer? I can't believe Chuck is bug enough to be playing Soccer!!

I am so glad you are loving work!! It looks fun!

Yes please let me know how Emma's auditions went!! What show are they even doing?

Can I go to Tessa's for Thanksgiving? Hahahahaa.....

I love that scripture. I shared that at a zone conference one time and I talked a little bit about how you guys have done that for me and for all of your children.

Okay I had this awesome thought! You should have a display in your library devoted to me. No wait, hear me out. You can tell all of your library kids about your awesome daughter who is living in Mesa, Arizona. And then you can put a picture of me in a frame on top of a book shelf and then you can put all of my favorite books (like Harry Potter, The Giver, Percy Jackson, The Book of Mormon haha jk probs not that one, etc.) on that book shelf. And then you can invite them to write me notes about the books they've read and how they like them and then you can send them to me and then and I will totally write back. AND THEN I will show up in your library one day and they will be like "IT'S SISTER BRADY!!" You can even use my face for your window display next month. Consider this my written permission. You can have the display say something clever like "Make it your mission to read" hahahahahahahaha......

Boom. Now you have your December display all planned.

Congrats on loosing weight you guys!!!!! You are AMAZING!! Will you sign me up for nutrisystem when I get home hahaha! But really...

I hated the stake dances. I told my companions last night about the stake dances and how I didn't talk to ********* for like a whole year and how I refused to dance with him multiple times. (Haha maybe don't forward this part in your emails/the blog...) [but it is funny . . . so I deleted the name and kept it in . . . ].

You are always in my prayers mom!! But yes I will say extra prayers :)

Okay I love you Mom!

Sister Brady

Dear Dad,

Thank you for your thoughts on the oil! I have another question for you.

Why doesn't the Elder's Quorum President get sustained by the ward in sacrament meeting when they announce that calling? Does he get sustained by the Elder's Quorum in their Sunday meeting?

I am so sorry that you were starving this week! I was starving last night when I went to bed and then again this morning when I woke up. But then I ate breakfast after zone sports and I felt much better.

I am so sad about the BYU game!!! Keep me updated! And let me know about the Oregon games too!

Okay I love you dad!!

Sister Brady

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