Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2, 2015

My new companion!!
Me and sister R****!!! We love each other!!!

Dear Sister Brady ;) [Emily]

Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you that you are driving!!! [Emily got her permit.] That is going to be soooo nice when you can drive yourself to voice lessons and play rehearsals, etc. I used to listen to Jack Wayland books in the red car (cause we had a few of them on cassette tape) those were the best stories. Yeah you should hit up the thrift shop and buy some $1 cassette tapes...... Oh, wait, you might be driving dads car [dad's car is over 15 years old and none of the other children ever got to drive it and we all joked that Emily would probably get to], so whatever ... you might not even need cassette tapes :p lucky bum!! :D

I never actually did district solo competition (is that the classical one?) [Emily just competed in the Classical Music High School Competition - yes it was the classical one. She did very nicely for a freshman.]

Sorry you missed out on the pajama party. The best school event I ever went to in high school was the drama lock-in. So much fun!!

I love you Emma and I am so proud of you!! Keep praying and reading the scriptures. It will build your faith every day and help you to fight the tough battles of life.

Sister Brady

One man's trash ...
We found this in the closet of my new apartment... 

I was seriously going to stop sending pictures of the beard
but i was really excited 
about my arm muscle...
I wanted to show all of you :)

Dear Dad,

Wow, thanks. I didn't know he was going to send out a letter. Was it hand written? [Erica's mission President sent us an email letter letting us know that Erica had a new calling as a Sister Training Leader!]

I am serving two sisters and my companion as a sister training leader. I will go on exchanges with the other two sisters and we will learn from each other. And I get to attend the mission leadership councils. Its a little overwhelming. Keep me in your prayers (even though i know you already are :))

I'm glad the blessing went well!! I look forward to having kids and getting to hear their patriarchal blessings. And don't you get to bless them?

I love you dad!!

Sister Brady :)

We received the Buddah . . .
And so we had to pass it on...
(See the rules) also, that is my game face.. :)

Dear Mom,
Okay, we are getting new iPads this week, so I had to spend most of my time clearing off my old iPad which means I only have 10 minutes!!!!

Yeah, please put "Sister Training Leader" on my college application.

MY NEW COMPANION IS SO AWESOME I LOVE HER TO PIECES!!! We have bonded soooo much and so quickly. We tell funny stories and we laugh and are always happy and she is so amazing. She was adopted when she was 16 years old (she and her little sister where adopted together) and she joined the church about a year before that. And so she loves that I want to do foster care and adopt because she knows first hand that children and teenagers NEED good places to go. Even though they can be a struggle and it can be REALLY REALLY hard to house foster kids (especially teens), she would be SO lost right now if it hadn't been for her foster (now adoptive) parents. Also she is just amazing. I love her. We will be best friends for life. And we are already planning on coming to see each other after the mission.

The new ward is great! One of our investigators was ON BROADWAY!!! 

I feel sooooo overwhelmed and a little lost with the whole sister training leader thing.

I mean, I'm not stressed out, I just feel a lot inadequate... I guess I'm still learning, but I know there are a lot of other missionaries who are better for the job. And I'm happy to just be the music coordinator. And I think we can all remember what happened the previous times I've been on council's before (*me pulling out the handbook 2... oh wait, I didn't even need to, I had it memorized* *also me fighting for the right to wear jeans to dances*) Haha! I am just so not the right person for being on a missionary/church council. [Yes, she is :)]

Okay, I'm going to email you the rest on my iPad, cause I have to move places. so I will write more in a second.
Sister Brady

Dear Mom and Dad,

9 Months. Wut. 

Yeah, I had to mention that juuussst once. I cant believe how far I've come and how fast its gone. I'm both proud of myself and soooo sad that the first half went so quick. Life needs to slow down a little. I will allow one email each from both you and dad about this topic next week, but that is all please.

BYU-Hawaii should just do Millie again. Actually, Chris told me all the musical they are thinking about and none of them are Millie :(.

Did I fall down and cry in Costco? Wat? I mean, I wouldn't put it past me...
Hey, get better soon. Seriously.
Life is so amazing!! I love being a missionary!! I love my new companion and area. And I love that the priesthood is restored. I AM SO HAPPY!!! And I am sooooooooo sorry that my emails are so short today :(
I love you mom and dad!!
Sister Brady

P.S. I was thinking about HOW MUCH I love you and dad. I mean, I remember just sitting in the car while one of you would be driving, and I would look over and think "wow, I love them so much." That's how much I love you both.

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