Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Monday, April 6, 2015

March 30th, 2015

Me and Sister R

With Baby Turtles!

Dear mom and dad,

So last Monday we had the scariest thing happen to us. We were eating dinner with some of our members on Monday night. It was Brother and Sister M***** and also brother M*****'s parents (grandma and poppa M*****). While Brother and Sister M***** were cleaning up/washing dishes (they refused to let us help) suddenly poppa started to talk to us... But he wasn't making any sense and his speech was very mumbled and slow, and his mouth was pulling to his left side... And I wanted soooo much for it not to be a stroke, but Sister R****** looked at me and said "I think something's wrong with poppa" and I responded with "yeah, it looks like he's having a stroke...." So we both immediately got up and pulled brother M***** aside (we didn't want to frighten grandma) and said, "you need to call 911, we think poppa's having a stroke." (Good thing we were still in the room, right!? And good thing I recognized the signs of stroke!) So Brother and Sister M***** went into the dinning room and tried to get poppa to talk to him but it was hard for him to respond (and grandma was very, very upset with all of this because poppa is a very healthy person and he has always taking food care of grandma who is not so healthy)... So they called 911 and the firemen came and confirmed that he was having a stroke and the ambulance came and got him.

The whole thing was spiritually and emotionally exhausting. So many small miracles took place that night!!

I was tired . . . 

But poppa is doing MUCH better and he is expected to come home either today or tomorrow!! Yayy!!!

Okay, now to tell you about the rest if my week...

Last Monday we also played basketball with some Elders! Can you believe that!? Me playing Basketball?! I even made a few three-pointers!! Yay!!

Oh! And on Wednesday morning I woke up and my right eye started to hurt immensely!!! So I ask Sister R***** "is there anything in my eye?" And she goes "nope I don't see anything, but your eye is suuppeerr red".

And so we just continue on our merry way (I had her drive since my eye was bugging out)... And then we're at our zone training meeting a few hours later and I say "Sister R... Are you SURE you can't see anything in it? So I show her my eye and she goes "oh hold up! There's some nasty clear gunk in your eye, lets go to the bathroom and I'll get it out!"

So we go into the bathroom and she uses her freshly washed hand to attempt to get my clear eye gunk out..... But then she says "Sister, it's stuck to your eye... I think it might be a contact lens..." And I'm
like "no I definitely took those out last night..." And then I start having a panic attack because I think there's some weird growth on my eye so we call the mission nurse and guess what it was...?!

ALLERGIES!!! What?!? I have a clear BUBBLE on my EYEBALL. SICK RIGHT?! And it hurt for a few more days. It doesn't hurt anymore, but its still kind of there. Its gross.

Trying on lipstick with
Sister S****** and Sister R*****
(She is 
from Pakistan!!)

Can we please go to Disneyland?

Will you buy me some goodwill shoes? Light pink ones? Also a superhero coloring book? Haha jk. Don't ship me shoes or coloring books please. I don't want anymore packages.

I want to go shopping.... SO BAD!!!!

One time dad raised his voice at me when he taught me to drive that first time. Consequently, I avoided driving for the rest of the summer and for the first half of the school year. I hated driving with a permit. Also, I think dad was the one who had me drive on the freeway for the first time. He said "okay you are going to drive me to such and such place." And I said "okay" not realizing that it required me to drive on the freeway... And then suddenly he said "turn right" so I turned right and.... IT WAS THE ENTRANCE TO THE FREEWAY!! And I started saying "I'm not ready!! I'M NOT READY!!!!" But then I made it on to the freeway! Yay!! Good teaching dad!! I did the same thing when he had me drive on highland.

I want to watch Jesus of Nazareth! Do you think I could get permission :)

We took B*** to Easter pageant and she loved it!! And we got front row seats!! Front and center!!! AND we were saving seats for some elders and their investigators, but their investigators bailed last
minute (so the elders couldn't come either) so we had about 11 extra seats in the front row...... And then guess who bumped into me?!? You already know... Garrett Thornton and his wife, Nicole!! And so we're like, wanna sit up front?! So they got to sit with us and it was awesome!!

Brother S***** is our ward mission leader
and he plays James in the pageant!!!

Easter Pageant

More Easter Pagaent

On Sunday, we were supposed to have a gospel principles lesson in service, but one of our investigators wanted to know why they don't postpone general conference when it falls on an Easter Sunday? But then we got into a wonderful discussion about the atonement of Jesus Christ and that's what our whole lesson ended up being about! It was great! Teach people, not lessons, right? And near the end we asked if we could share the new video that church came out with (Because He Lives... You should watch it!!) and after we shared it, our investigator shared the most beautiful testimony about Jesus Christ and how He is our Savior and how we can receive peace from him!! He talked about how he knew this was Christ's church because the people in it have always been so good and kind to him, and that they have always served him just as Christ served people when he was on the earth!! (he has been meeting with missionaries and going to church for about 12 years). His testimony made me cry!!

Okay my challenge for you all as we prepare for conference is to:

1. Go to conference!! Not all the way to Utah (unless you were already planning in that), but spiritually and mentally (and physically! Get good sleep so that you don't fall asleep!) prepare yourself to attend

2. Come with a question!!! I had quite a few questions for this general conference, and most of them were answered in the general women's broadcast!! How awesome, right?!

I love everything!!! I am so happy always!! I love you guys soooooooo much and I love my family and I love my mission and I love the Lord and the gospel!! I love the Book of Mormon!!! Everything is beautiful and wonderful!!!

Have a great week parents!!

Sister Brady

Remember that picture you sent me of me and Emily?

Remember that funny picture of my zone?
And that one Elder?

Do you see any resemblance?
It is a fair question . . .

To Emily:


I love you, ya know?

I seriously think you are the greatest!!

Do you love me too?? Did I ever tell you HOW MUCH i loved those poems you wrote for me?! I look at them often.

How fun for Hank, Chuck and Nick to get to spend time with you [during spring break Katrina's children were here]!! I just love those guys!!

Congrats on getting to go to state!!! Yay!! I never did get to experience state... :/ make sure you take notes and give me lots of details so that I can live vicariously through you!! Good luck!!

I have still never been in a Shakespeare play... What? Yeah, i will find one to audition for sometime in my near future... Or maybe I can just be in one of Susan's plays again :)

I love you Emma!!!

Sister Brady

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