Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 6, 2015

Me and Sister R********. She is holding me in the picture, but the
photographer only photographed the top half of us....
Haha - that's why 
my arms look so awkward....

Dad!!!! Thank you for your testimony about Christ!!! I love you so much and I am grateful for the things you have taught me!

The most beautiful picture.

Are you so excited about the Bangkok Thailand temple!?!!!?! :D can we all plan a family reunion there in 20 years when they finish it? Lets start planning now!!

Also, do you know why Thomas S. Monson didn't open or close the conference? Or why Richard g. Scott didn't speak?

I love you dad!!

Sister Brady

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Easter Pageant. That kid let me wear his hat.
I really hope he 
doesn't have lice...

A picture of the apostles and of the two Men who play Christ.
shook the hand of the one on the left!!!
Does he look familiar to any 
of you?? :) ;))

Mom and Dad I love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My eye is beautiful again!!!

Wow tell Grandma Brady that she is amazing and such an incredible lady!!!! I love her and I am soooo grateful for that money. $20 is a lot of money!!!

I got grandma Ferre's letter in the mail today!!!!!! Tell her thank you and that she is a sweetheart!!! She bought my groceries today!!!!! Yay Happy Easter!!!!! I sure love my grandma!!!!

Grandpa [Ferre} won teacher of the year award?! Wow, what does that entail? That is awesome!!! I think he is the best teacher of every year!!! I am so sorry for his loss :( tell him and grandma that I love them!!

I want to go on a European cruise...

Thank you for not sending a package for Easter!! I also do not want one for my birthday please!!!  I do not need or want anything.

Can we talk about the opposing vote at general conference?!? I cried. But I also have to remember that God's church is all about having free agency and we always let people voice their opinion. It's why we ask if there are any who oppose! But I still cried a tiny bit. (I loved seeing the apostles faces after it happened. Half the apostles had sad smiles on their faces and the other half had poker faces... But Holland just had this face that said "are you kidding me?")

Anyway, all of General conference was amazing!!!!!!! The Saturday morning session was a powerful start to conference. I loved all of them but my favorites were D. Todd Christopherson's, and some the people in the Seventy. It was a great conference!!

Last Monday, Sister R**** and I did the Venezia's Pizza challenge. You have one hour to eat a two foot diameter pizza between two people. We did it. I was in so much pain. But on the plus side, we got T-shirts and our picture on the wall!!! The first Sister missionaries ever!!!!!! I will take you there when you come visit with me. Its actually pretty good pizza...........................

Two people. (Me and Sister R*******)
One hour.
One Massive Pizza. (2 feet in diameter. Sick.)

We took down the big one.
This was me being a #winning with beautiful ballerina style.

Yesterday night we got transfer news and I am staying and getting sister S***** (she lives in Hawaii!!!! I get another Poly companion!!!! But she is not Hawaiian. I can't remember what she is...) anyway, so Sister R***** and I are both devastated since we've only been together SIX WEEKS, and we were going around last night saying goodbye to investigators and members and we knock on one of the doors of a part-member family and the sis H. (The member) just burst into tears and said "you two are angels and an answer to my prayers!" She is going through a really rough time and so we said a prayer together (the Spirit was so powerful and it was witnessing to us that the atonement is real!!) and then we asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. She said yes so we took her to the ward mission leader who gave her a beautiful blessing and the night was incredible.

I know that this gospel is true. I know that God lives and that He knows us. He is our Father. I know that Jesus Christ is His son and our Savior and Redeemer. I know that the atonement is real and that it works. I love this gospel. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. It's the best.

I love you mom and dad!!!!

Sister Brady

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