Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015

Me and Sister S****

On a tandem bike!!

Dear Dad,

Hi! How are you?! Hahahaha remember when I always used to say that on the phone?!

Dad you are just the best!! I did eat most of that Pizza!! Hahaaaaaaa....

Wow!!! I love amazing stories like that!!! Good job for Brother Gaziano acting on a missionary moment!!!

What did you tell the Spanish youth about patriarchal blessings? One of my recent converts is going to get his patriarchal blessing in a month or two!! Yay!!

I love you dad!! So much!!! Be happy!

Sister Brady

Me and Sister R*** (from Pakistan!!) 

Celebrating Sister
S*****'s birthday!

Dear Mom,

Bahahaha Tali cracks me up! What does her hair look like?

What did Ellie sing at state?!? Congratulations Ellie!!! I love her! Also, I can't wait to hear about state from Emily!

Okay, will you please look up the side effects if using Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten your teeth?

I am so glad you are safe while painting!! [John and I painted our high entryway this past weekend. Scary – but we survived!] That made me nervous for you while reading that paragraph!

Tell me about the Alamo. The only thing I know about it is that it doesn't have a basement.

I look forward to hearing Emma's voice!!!!!!! I look forward to belting again!! But I would sing hymns for the rest of my life if it meant getting to be a full time missionary for the rest of my life.

Jana Lee has a baby boy?! Cute!!

Why does Charlotte put up with her brothers' abuse [not really “abuse!” Nick – age 2 likes to wrestle or “fight” as he calls it] ? Haha why is she so perfect and sweet? But seriously, she needs to stand up for herself....

Wow!!!!! I am so excited about the new living room carpet!!! That will look amazing!!! Take before and after pictures.

Someone here tried to tell me that I was from Beaverton. I don't even know where Beaverton is.

Me and Sister S**** (my old roommate,
also she was in my MTC zone) 
on exchanges.

EMILY HINTON AND JORDAN GOT MARRIED?!???!!???!!??! What!!! I am so excited!! I love Emily Hinton! And Jordan is great! Tell Emily that I love her and tell them both congratulations from me!!

Sorry that my emails have been coming late :( we end up just writing them in the apartment (where there is no WiFi) and so they don't get sent until we get somewhere where it has WiFi. And I'm currently writing this in my apartment, so I apologize ahead of time that you won't get this till later.

Here's what happened this week:

- our relief society did "journey through the life of Christ" where they blindfold you and out things in your hand for you to feel. It was pretty cool. The young women at home should do that for girls camp next year (2016 so i can be home to help) :)

- people keep calling Sister S***** "the Tongan sister." She is Samoan. Haha! Good thing she has an amazing sense of humor. We laugh every day.

- I gave a talk in district meeting about how through Christ we can be cleansed from sin. I focused on David A. Bednar's talk "be ye born again" from the April 2007 general conference talk. It is the talk that goes through the process of a cucumber becoming a pickle. I call it the pickle parable!!! It is so good!! It is one of my new favorite talks! I then used that same talk to give a last minute talk in sacrament meeting. The congregation thought it was really funny that I was talking about pickles. I pointed out several times that it was David A. Bednar's comparison and not mine. I love that talk though. It's so perfect.

-seriously, Sister S**** is sooooo funny. I feel like I am constantly laughing!! She told me I'm really funny too. I think she is just saying that. She is kind.

-I have another new favorite talk. Jeffrey R. Holland. general conference. October 2011. "We are all Enlisted". IT'S AMAZING!!! Jeffrey R. Holland is such a passionate speaker. And he is so eloquent with his words. Every talk he gives is like a kick in the stomach. It makes me want to be better.

Okay I love you mom!!! You are so amazing and incredible!! Thank you for your emails every week!! They are so important to me!

Sister Brady

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