Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 13, 2015

Pizza Challenge Winners!

Our Picture on the Wall of Winners!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Could you send me a copy of my mission call please? I want to read it.

Our investigator showing us the rattlesnake skin
that she is making 
into a belt.

We had transfers this week!!! It was an awesome meeting. President talked about having a personal re-set and re-start this transfer. He asked us all what we learned from miracle March (By the way, did I tell you that we passed our goal of 100 baptisms for the month of march? We had 110 baptisms!!). He also asked what we learned in general conference. It was a great meeting. I feel like everything that he said was directly for me. I know it wasn't, but it sure felt like that.

Me and sister smith trying on vests at the thrift shop.
360 Thrift!

Oh!! And Sister S**** (my new companion) is related Ida Connell!!! She told me that on Christmas, but I had forgotten about that! What a cool connection! I think it's like Sister S*****'s Grandma's niece is Ida Connell. Something like that..... You should ask Ida Connell about that!!! Sister S***** is Samoan, and she was born and raised in Hawaii. Her parents moved to Utah when she was a kid, but she spent her summers in Hawaii (her dad works for SkyWest airlines!! So she gets free flights!) and she got to move back to Hawaii for high school, so she graduated from Kahuku High! It's pretty cool that we have the Hawaii connection!! We have so much to talk about!! So far we haven't found any mutual friends (we still don't have Facebook, so it's not as easy to find out).

Do you guys still watch Survivor? I had a dream that I sat down and watched it with a member here, and then I woke up and felt really guilty...

Me and a little boy who loves me!

I don't want any birthday packages because it isn't cost effective. And I don't need anything from home. I'd rather just get letters :) but I did buy some sheet music and some much needed face wash today! So I would love a little extra money for that if you still want to get me a birthday gift! But yeah, I really don't want any package.

Me in Mesa!
Hahaha! I am glad you shared my video on Facebook and that 220 people have seen it! Ha that's hilarious! Speaking of Facebook, I think we are going to get it back this month. But I don't know if I will get back on. I have really loved not being on it.

I hope Emma does well at state!!! I never did experience state... Maybe someday I'll be a judge at it!

I've started to use baking soda to whiten my teeth. Will you look up the side affects so that I don't ruin my teeth?

Speaking of baking soda, I had a dream that I was trying to convince dad that baking soda could be used as a substitute for sugar in any recipe. And he was like "No! Not baking soda! You're thinking of baking powder!" Bahahahaha.....

Okay I love you Mom and Dad!!


Sister Brady

Saying Good-bye to Sister R** :(.

I love her!!! And we got matching shoes :)!

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