Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas!! Shout out from
Erica and her former companion!
Letter from Erica to Dad

Merry Christmas Dad!!!

I can't wait to talk to you too!!! I told a story about you to some Potential Investigators... and now they are "New Investigators" :) I will tell you more about it on Christmas!!

I love you Dad!

Sister Brady

Letter to Mom
December 21, 2014

Dear Mom,

Okay, just a shortish letter today!! I will talk to you on THURSDAY!!!

I have a few options for skype: I could start the skype any time from 9-9:30 or I could start the skype any time from 12:30-2:30. I would prefer the 12:30 time, but let me know what works better for you and everyone else. I can skype for 40 min. MAX!!

I would love to have everyone there if they can skype in... but only if it works for them :) President said this time should mostly be devoted to our parents and siblings at home :)

No, don't tag me in things please. [Mission rule - no tagging of Erica while she is on her mission - Facebook Tags.]  I take off the tags when I catch them.

Hmmm... probably no on the videos (definitely no to the Winter Wonderland song :( sorry!)}  But I Think that's just a personal thing. I am excited to Skype you, but I think it would be weird to keep seeing videos from you guys... :).
No, haven't seen the Charlie cast list yet :)

Does Mrs. Voorhies even remember me? She used to love me!

The person I will marry will remain fully unnamed. For story tellings sake though, I will call him "Tom H". No- no. "T Hiddleston." :)) Bahahahahaha.. I'm so funny!! [Don't worry - Erica's heart is locked . . . we are doing some friendly bantering. And she will NOT be marrying Tom Hiddleston - (AKA Loki).]

[I wrote to Erica about how her dad and I met – singing in a Young Single Adult choir that sang at a missionary Christmas party. One of the songs we sang was “I'll be Home for Christmas”] BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! "I'll be home for Christmas!!!!" I am going to ask President for permission to listen/sing that song the night before I come home 23 years from now :).

Please tell Uncle Gary and Aunt Diane that I got there Christmas Card and thank you sooooooo much for the money!! That was so sweet! I also, loved reading up on the family :) Christmas Cards are the best!

Being a missionary is THE BEST!!! Seriously though. You get assigned a Best Friend to spend 24/7 with, and then you are assigned a small family (your district) and cousins as well! (the rest of the zone). and you get a mom and a dad (President and Sister Jenkins) and another mom (your trainer).


Sister Brady

p.s. When we skype, don't forget to ask me about the H*********** CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!

Singing with the Garners! The first voice is me :).
I was the Bass (an 
octave higher hahaha)!!

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