Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Friday, December 19, 2014

December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014
Letter from Erica #1

Mom do you know what the results are for Mary Poppins [At BYU-Hawaii]?! Or have they even been decided?! Bahhh please let me know when you find out!!

Our Zone!

December 8, 2014
Letter from Erica #2

Dear Mom,

I love you so much!! And I love reading your letters!!

I had the most wonderful surprise this week!! I was pulling out the presents in the box to put them under the tree, and I found at the bottom of the box an unwrapped bag. :) Inside was a picture of grandpa, us on splash mountain, Emily's play program, and a folder FULL of uplifting quotes!!! Oh how i needed that mom!! You are the best for putting those in there. I look at the quotes every day. 

My only question is: what is the solution to that puzzle from Emma's play [Emily's play Bonechillers was all about solving a Rebus Puzzle]?

My letters are getting  shorter because I really don't  have much to  say..... I will try to be better about writing  my letters. :)

Thank-you SSOOOOO much for putting that money in the bank! I really appreciate it!!!

Okay, so this Sunday is the Motab singing in their Christmas fireside thing.... and guess who is singing with them........ SESAME STREET AND SANTINO FANTANO!!!! (He is prince  Hans on Frozen  :)) I know you don't  have byutv [we do] but make sure you get somewhere to watch it, cause it's gonna be awesome!!

I changed my mind about the arranged marriage. I wouldn't like any of the boys you and dad choose for me.

I am not sure yet what time we will do the skype call... it also depends on my companion. If she is calling her parents the day before (on their Christmas day in New Zealand) then that will give us more options. :) I assume we will be following  the same morning schedule on Christmas, so probably sometime after  10am my time (9am your time) but  I will give you an official time  next week :D

HOLLY MOOLY BENADRYL.... it has given me some vivid dreams. I wrote about most of them in Dad's  email.

FACEBOOK IS THE BEST!! I have unfollowed every friend I have except for missionaries. It  has helped me to keep things spiritual if I fall into the trap of scrolling. My end goal is for me to break  the habit of scrolling completely. Someone bore their testimony on online proselyting. #HeWasntAFullTimeMissionary It was the best. I was grinning from ear to ear.

But yeah, education is where its at :) 

hahahaha No one wants to hear my weird dreams!! Unless they're in it! Fine, you can post the dreams if you want.

Oh yeah, Dad is  the best at following the manual. Remember when I read the whole thing [church handbook] and then started whipping it out at the multistake youth activities committee meetings. hahahahahaha

bahaha remember the time I forgot the words to the national anthem...... it is forever burned into my memory...

Merry Christmas from me!!! Hahaha I'm sooo glad you like the cut out. I Sent it thinking it would be funny cause we joked about having a cut out of Michelle at Kat's wedding. But then a week after i sent it i had nightmares of dad being like "this is so tacky!!! We will not bring it to the wedding!!" Hahaha so I am glad you guys are happy!!

I love Elder Holland and especially this quote that you shared with me:

 "Imperfect people are all God has to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him but He works with it."

I must be the MOST frustrating person he has to work with. I am ridiculous and dramatic. Its nice to keep that in perspective, it makes me want to be better!

Thank you for taking and completing the PMG challenge!! I love that book!!


Sister Brady

P.s. Is this letter long enough? 

We set up our Christmas Tree!

December 8, 2014
Letter from Erica #3

Dear daddy,

I have been having more weird dreams!!! You were in one of them.

I keep having dreams that Kevin is my little brother (like about 7 years old). In the first dream (a few nights ago), Kevin was locked in a room that had a spell cast over it by Maleficent. He was freaking out, and I tried to calm him down by knocking on the window of his room, but it freaked him out even more.

Then last night, I dreamed that I took Kevin (still in little brother form) to a science museum with my investigators. And later dad met up with us there (but he looked like the dad from the middle). And then we all got McDonalds. The one across the street from Safeway.

And two nights ago, I had a dream that I was a ballerina, and I really wanted to go see "Into the Woods" but we could only go if we had someone come with us... But NO ONE would go with me!! I think I tried to sneak in by myself at the 3pm show, but they kicked me out. It was sad. I just wanted to watch Meryl Streep as the witch. Also, I was SO tired (cause being a ballerina is hard work) and people kept talking to me, and I just wanted to sleep, and then my alarm went off...

I think I am having all of these dreams due to the fact that I have been taking benedryl this last week. It has a crazy effect on my dreams. Does it help me sleep? It did the first few nights, but now I'm used to it so it doesn't affect me anymore.

The Joseph Smith papers are on the gospel library app under videos. You have to watch it!! My favorite episode so far is episode 5: the setting of the first vision. You could watch them on Sundays!!

I think its so amazing that you are the stake patriarch! And that Sam was the first person you gave a blessing to!! When our new bishop got called two weeks ago he told us that one of his sons thought it meant that "we're gonna be rich!!" Haha. When you were first called to be stake president, I was about five and I thought it meant that you had been called to be the prophet.... Bahahahaha!!

Hmmmm... Interstellar? Who is in it? This may be the first movie someone has mentioned of which i had not heard about pre-mission!

Remember that time our home teacher knocked on the door but I didn't know who he was and you weren't home so I didn't answer (I was 10)... But then he proceeded to hang around outside our house and I tried calling but you guys wouldn't answer, and he stayed there for like 15 minutes, so I finally called Dawn Hinton (cause it was super sketch for this random guy to be hanging outside our house and it was freaking me out) and she said she would be right there, but it took about 15 minutes for her to get there and before she showed up you guys arrived home and came in, and then Dawn knocked on the door with the home teacher and the whole thing was cleared up and I was soooooo embarrassed. I didn't want to sit in for the lesson, but you guys made me. I still don't know who that guy was.

Hey that's cool that Uncle Steve lived here [in Mesa]!! I did not know that!

Dad, I love you. I love how much you stick to the rules!

I love this quote from an article I read today by Orson F. Whitney: "to know [God and Jesus Christ], and to act consistently with that knowledge, is to lay hold upon eternal life"

If we are keeping his commandments, and working to better ourselves everyday, we will gain eternal life!! It is so simple! Its not always easy, but it's simple.

I love the gospel and I love you!!

Sister Brady

P.s. DAD!! Someone had a copy of "The Garden" CD and they gave it to us!! Its the one that you sang in that fireside that one time! "I am the landlord here, I've owned this place for years, I want you out of here, I'm not in need of your assistance..." Hahahaha some of the songs are weird and we've decided they don't fulfill our purpose, but we like the last song!

With the Spanish Elders!

December 8, 2014
Letter from Erica #4

Dear Family,

This week president called us to repentance in a lengthy email. He told us of the new goal for the Arizona Mesa mission this upcoming year. The vision is that members and missionaries will work together to increase our efforts in missionary work. And the goal is to have 100 baptisms in the month of March! And then he told us that the first step we have to take is to strengthen our testimony and conversion in the Lord Jesus Christ, and become more committed to Him. He told us we needed to use this month to fully repent and change. I am ready to take this step!!

Funny story: we tried to stop by a potential investigator's home, but their YSA son answered the door........ In his pajama pants and bathrobe!!!!! AND THEN his cat got out, so all three of us tried to chase it down and catch it, but we were unsuccessful because it hopped a fence... it was incredibly awkward.... 

We met the sweetest old man at Christmas lights. His name was Ron and he's not a member.  He decided to move down to Arizona for the winter after his mom passed away last year. I bore my testimony about the plan of salvation and He said he loves the Mormon church, but he belongs to another church. And he said he has met with missionaries before. I just wanted so much for him to understand the plan of salvation and I wanted him to know that he really could be with his family forever!! He said he really thought we were great and that he would be back to the lights a couple times this season and he promised to go into the visitors center :)

We are going to the temple on Thursday!! We are going with president and a few other zones in the mission. I'm so excited!!! And then after the temple we will have our Christmas activity!!! Yaaayyyy!!!!

I wish I could wear my Christmas sweater :)

I love being a missionary! It is THE BEST!! 

I love you all!!!

Sister Brady

With our Investigator!

December 8, 2014
Letter from Erica #5

Dear Emmy,

The mission life is great. I highly recommend it! 

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really excited to see you at Christmas [on Skype]:) be prepared to do some kind of monologue or something!!

Also, feel free to email me. I have plenty of time, and even if I don't get to reply to you, I can read your email all week (just like a handwritten letter).

I love you Emma! I hope school is going well for you!! Good luck in all the shows you're doing! 


Sister Brady

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