Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

December 15, 2015

We are so cute! This was unplanned! 

And the elder in the back was mad
because we had photo bombed his picture moments earlier,
 so he was 
getting back at us.. ha!

Letter from Erica #1 (sent to Katrina)

WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING MONTHS FOR THIS NEWS!!!! [Erica just found out her sister is expecting!!]

I keep telling people here that my best friend is pregnant (oops, don't pass that on maybe.... I don't know if that's a thing yet.... she gave me permission to tell people in Mesa, but you two are from Oregon) but that none of my sisters are having babies yet!!!!!

BABY NUMBER 4!! And the baby will be a cute 4 months old by the time I meet it! That was so perfectly planned!

Okay, are Michelle and Tessa pregnant yet?? Today, I accidentally said to the missionaries "Now I just wish the rest of my sisters would get pregnant..." and then I paused because I realized one of them is most definitely not married and far to young to have babies.... bahahahahah!! Emily had better not be pregnant!!!

But it would be so great if you [Katrina], Michelle, and Tessa would all have a baby around the same time again!! How fun!!! And then also Kara too, once kev and she are married of course :) BABIES!!!!!

yayyyyyy!! i am so excited!!!!

Keep working at inviting people, and reaching out to your neighbors. Offer ways to serve. I know its sooo crazy when you are a mom of three (AND PREGNANT WITH A FOURTH!!), okay, I dont reallllyyy know cause im
not there yet. But remember that "When ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God!"

I LOVE YOU KATRINA!!! And I hope you have a great week!!!

Sister Brady

I have a big head . . . and little arms!
Seriously, I have no idea why my right hand looks so small in this

picture! Ha! But the Thai food was so good!!!

#2 to Mom (responding to cast list of Mary Poppins)

You are THE BEST for sending this!!! And because of the rule that we can open our emails at any time, I was able to look at this when you sent it!! :D Pass on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as soon as possible :) I am SO excited for Kaden!! I was just thinking about the Moss family this week :) I miss them!!

Sister Brady

Here is "cutout" Erica with her niece and nephews.
Nick was afraid at first and Charlotte just wanted to give her lots of  hugs!
Henry though cutout Aunty Erica was great!

#3 To Mom (responding to picture of Platt kids with cutout)

Bahahahahaha!! No I hadn't seen this yet!!! Nick hides under the piano and Charlotte keeps touching it!! Hahahaha!! And I am SO shocked that Hank didn't want to watch Toy Story Christmas!! :( He is getting old! But he is still too young to start throwing fits about Toy Story :((( Nooooo!!! Hes growing up!!! What is this!?!?

I sent this picture to Erica and her response is below:
#4 to Mom (responding to a picture of Emily I sent to her)

WHOA! Why is she looking so gorgeous!? My baby sister is growing up too fast too!! NOOOOO!!! Stop!! Is this for that concert thing?? That's so sad that she couldn't even be in the high school concert! What did Mrs. Voorhies say when Emma told her she couldn't be in it? And I always loved the mutual caroling activity! Although one year, we didn't do it, and I was really sad. I think that was my last year there too :( Anyway, I guess that's what happens when you start becoming so famous from being Portland Teen Idol. Keep at it Emma! But don't forget where your talent comes from. We were learning bout Talents in Gospel Principles this week, and the scripture "let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your god which is in heaven" (Matthew 5:16). When we use our talents, it should never be to bring glory to us, but so that we can bring glory to God.

#5 (second response regarding Katrina's pregnancy)

Seriously, I'm dying from excitement!!

#6 (Erica has a lot of short letters today)

I FORGOT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HENRY LAST WEEK!! I am the worst!!! Happy Birthday Henry!! I hope your birthday was swell! I can't believe you are 6 already!! Wow you are so old! I thought about you all day on the 9th (I think that is your birthday... right?) and I felt so sad that I had forgotten to say Happy Birthday!! I love you Hank!!

Aunt Erica

This will be what my house looks like someday :)It was glorious!!

#7 (to mom)

This is such a great Christmas Quote I read this morning:
"Finding the real joy of Christmas comes not in the hurrying and the scurrying to get more done, nor is it found in the purchasing of gifts. We find real joy when we make the Savior the focus of the season. We can keep Him in our thoughts and in our lives as we go about the work He would have us perform here on earth" Thomas S. Monson

I hope to use this every year for the rest of my life!!

I'm sorry Saturday was a bad day for you :( I love you and remember that things always get better.

Kevin is home and getting married!!! Emma is up next!!

Okay got to go!! I love you mom!! I hope you have a great week!!

Sister Brady

#8 (to dad)

Dear Dad,

I hope you are doing well and having a good week! :D

A few questions:
-Where do you work?
-What do you do?

People keep asking me about that and I'm just like... uh.... good question?

Anyway, I love you so much Dad!! Merry Christmas!!

Sister Brady

Got your package Katrina!!
[Erica might not appreciate me posting this picture . . .
But I love it when she makes this face!!!]

#9 (to everyone!)

Dear Family,

I love you all so much! Do I start most letters with this? Okay, well, its cause its true!!

This week we went to the temple with one third of our mission and our Mission President and his wife. While in the Chapel session, the temple president compared our mission to Oliver Cowdrey's words "These were days never to be forgotten" And its so true!! I will never forget these amazing and incredible days!!

We went to share a video with one of our investigators, and half way through the video she goes "I've already seen this one!" haha... apparently her past missionaries had the same idea as us... but they failed to put it in the area book! To quote from one of "The District"'s more blunt characters: "If you don't update the area book, you don't understand the atonement!" Seriously. They were probably Elders ;)

After the temple we had a big Christmas Activity with one third of the mission. I hope that they have this next year early in the month of December :) President gave us all a great gift!! He gave us all a copy of the book "Lectures on Faith"... I assume this also means we have his permission to read it... :)

On Sunday, night we sang at President's missionary fireside for investigators and members. It was so fantastic!! One recent convert told a story of how he had met a group of missionaries and they gave him their number. Of course he tossed it aside as soon as he got home. Months later he was sitting at his kitchen table with a bottle of pills in front of him. (He had depression and was contemplating ending his life). Feeling frustrated with those feelings, he threw the bottle and it broke at the top of the refrigerator. But again the feelings and thoughts returned and he began to gather the scattered pills from on top of the fridge. While doing so he accidentally knocked off a card from a top the fridge. It was the card with the missionaries number on it. He decided to all the number and quickly thereafter was visited by two elders. He described everything after that as a wonderful journey that he is excited to continue.... and then!! He invited EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the audience to write down their full time missionaries number in a copy of the Book of Mormon and to give it out to one person before Christmas! The Elders sitting by me pumped their fist and were like "yes!! He is the coolest!!" and then they looked at my tear soaked face and suddenly felt super awkward... But the guy was pretty cool!! What a great missionary!!!

I love you all so much family!!!

Sister Brady!

Our Tree Topper!
We are so creative!! And poor!
Actually, I think it turned out great :)

If you ever decide to make quiet books again . . .
This would be a life saver!!!!
I wish someone here would do this for

us! You can bet your bottom dollar
I will do it for the missionaries 
next year!!

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