Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

Sister Batman
I love how they still wear their name tags!

Dear mom and dad!!!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am so happy!!!!! Life is beautiful!!!!

Okay we've been working on a lot of family history recently with a recent convert, and I looked at my family tree and noticed that half of it is missing! All of moms side (except her own name, and Grandma Ferre and her step-dad number 2) is completely not there! What's up with that?

Also, dad, did you know that my great grandpa (your grandpa) on your dad's side had been in trouble with the law? When grandpa was about 9. I read the excerpt and it explained that he and his three brothers had stolen food so that their families could eat :( it made me cry a little cause they were all starving in the Great Depression. I guess it's not something grandpa would probably talk about typically, and maybe this isn't a good time to bring it up, but I wonder if he remembers that at all...

And just to clarify, it said Great Grandpa Brady had two wives [not at the same time]. Did he get a divorce? I feel like I vaguely remember Grandma saying something about that a few years ago...

Okay. What is happening to the theater department at BYUH??????!!! Someone posted on Facebook that there will be no more theater minor in 2015!!? That means I can't continue in my musical theater major! They also said that the plays might be done through the English department starting fall 2015? What?? Have you heard anything or talked to Grandpa Ferre about this??

I keep getting friend requests from missionaries serving in your area... Haha... What was the Elders name who was serving in your ward while I was there in April? The one from Mesa Arizona?

Our ward mission leader is going to plan and throw a block party so that he can get to know his neighbors better (and possibly lead to missionary work)!! What things can you do to get to know your neighbors better?

Every area and general authority (and elder Nelson) who has come to this area has cracked down on us missionaries and told us we are to be ward builders!! They've said that the ward council should not be saying "what can we do for you?" But we should be asking the ward council "what can we do for you?" They've also told us to make sure our members understand that the success comes when they "invite" not whether or not the friend accepts the invitation.

And so I invite you, my family, to invite someone to watch the Woman's general broadcast, general conference (at least one session), or priesthood session! Watching general conference in your home is a perfect place so that they can feel more comfort. But try to watch the Woman's broadcast at the church building with the stake. (And I don't think priesthood session can be viewed online live... I think? If it can, go watch it with the stake!) Keep in mind that the success comes when you try! So I beg of you to pray to know who The Lord wants you to invite!

Could you please send my rain jacket maybe? (Along with my candy cane nightgown and my Rudolph sweater) The black one I wore on tour. the one that I saw Emily wearing on FB a few weeks ago...... :)

My mind keeps thinking it's Christmas almost....  I think it's because it's been so rainy lately...

We haven't gotten any cards yet, but sister Taylor's birthday went pretty well I think! I wrote her a note, and I bought her m&ms. But the mail hasn't come today, so it will probably be here today :) when did you send the card?

I AM SO EXCITED TO HEAR HOW EMILY DID ON AUDITIONS!!! I better hear EVERY detail!! I want more info about this than I got about your EFY cows!! I'm emailing earlier today, so I will probably not get the email about the cast list. But I am SO PROUD of my kid sister auditioning for high school plays!!! Remember Emma, just like missionary work, the success does not come if you get the part, it comes when you audition :) and keep in mind that the more you audition, the better chance you will have of getting in and getting the part you want :) 

What plays are Susan doing?
Sister Vanhossmer the 3rd!!! I loved Millie. And sound of music!! But the best thing I've ever done is what I'm doing now. Serving a mission :)

I love to hear about grandpa. Ugh I would be mad too if I were in a care center :( Do they have an idea of when he might get to go home? I sure loved that picture on Facebook of him and grandma.  I loved your spiritual thought!! The sons of Mosiah are the greatest missionaries ever!!!


Russel M. Nelson was amazing!!! And it was soooo cool to get to sing for him!! Because I'm so short it looked awkward so they put me on a stool..... The one that the primary kids use to bare their testimonies.... Yeah....

He talked a lot about marriage...

He said to the sisters "when Prince Charming gets down on one knee with the perfect smile and perfect hair and perfect ring and says 'marry me' you tell him... NO!!" *cue laughter with elder Nelson laughing at himself and then suddenly becoming very serious which immediately stopped the laughter* "Unless! You KNOW that he loves The Lord more than he loves you." It was very powerful. And it's what you've been teaching me my whole life! Marry someone who "loves The Lord, loves you, and loves to work" in that order! :) you're awesome parents :)

Elder Nelson also said that a mission president is not successful until his missionaries GRANDCHILDREN have been sealed in the temple! Not only do we have to be sealed in the temple. Not only do we have to raise our kids to make it to the temple, but we have to raise our kids well enough so that they know how to raise THEIR kids to make it to the temple!! That's a lot of pressure for a mission president!

He also said that the Mesa (and Scottsdale) mission is THE BEST place to serve a mission. We think so too :)

And then I saw Elder Linn and Sister Tippery!! So fun!! 

Okay I love you mom and dad!!!!!

Sister Brady 

Letter #2 (to her dad)

I haven't gotten any letters in the mail yet... But I read the email today :) haha I had wondered why you hadn't sent anything! [John accidentally sent his email to the wrong email address.] But that's okay cause I only had a short time to email last week.

I love hearing updates about Grandpa :) ever since I got to meet Uncle Keith, I've felt more at terms with Grandpa being near the end of his life. I mean, I would be very happy if he lived another ten years, but I am more at peace with him passing away before I return home.

I'm glad work is going well!!

And I love that you went to a CHS game with Emma! And they won yay!!!! How is Trevor's knee doing?? A few weeks ago I had a dream that he had lost both legs just above his knees, and then a week after that he got a knee injury!!! It was weird!!

AND THEN! I had a dream that brother Williams in my ward here was crying because he lost his job. But when I woke up and told Sister T******* that, we both laughed cause he's a dentist who owns his own clinic.... But then that Sunday he got released from his calling in the bishopric!!!!!


Haha, we thought it was pretty funny.... Except it scared me a little cause I had that dream about Chris becoming a serial killer......

Okay I love you daddy!!

Sister Brady

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