Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 8, 2014

Letter(s) from Erica:

Dear mom and dad,

I am feeling much better this week :) I love you both so much. I could feel the immediate prayers, and I am grateful for the miracles that fasting brings. I am still tired, but I am happy.


Dear mom and dad, 

I have some crazy news!!!! I am companions with the district leader!!!!!!!! 

.......Because we are making mission history, and sister T****** (who is remaining my companion), along with six other sisters in the mission, are now going to be district leaders over six all female districts!! This is a big deal! For those who will be reading this email who have not served missions, the only other mission that has female district leaders is the temple square mission (at least as far as I know). And that's because there are no elders in that mission at all!! Just watch, my companion is well on her way to being the first female assistant to the president. :) hashtag coolest companion ever...

I am feeling much better this week. I got a blessing from President Jenkins last Monday but proceeded to have a tough Tuesday, and an emotional breakdown on Wednesday, but then the craziest thing happened on Thursday:

Sister H****** (a sister who has completed her mission and is going home tomorrow morning), got up and gave a talk in district meeting. I honestly can't remember every word she said, but the Spirit was so overwhelming for me and I was reminded of what president Linn said in my interview the Sunday before I was set apart. He told me I needed to
be exactly obedient, and even though I may want to question every thing that I am asked to do, it will not be until I am doing those things that I will understand why I must do them.

I have been called by a Prophet of God to the Arizona Mesa mission. I have been called, and I accepted the call, to preach the gospel. I knew in that moment, that I needed to throw myself completely back into the work. To work even harder than I was before! And when I do that, I will understand more fully why I have been sent here to this place, at this time. I have not felt any overwhelming stress since that moment. 

I have also felt more urgency and sincerity in my own prayers, and I am feeling more in tune with the Spirit. I love the gospel, and I am so grateful for the atonement. It truly does bring comfort. 

I got the letter that you sent about Montana!! How fun!! But I haven't gotten any other letter. Sister T****** loved the letter you sent, and refuses to tell me what you wrote about me...... Also she thinks you're hilarious for sending a "not Easter" card...

And I got Katrina's letter. Thank you for the picture! Hahaha, it kills me. Also, I am super flattered that you used my email in your lesson!

My visit with Uncle Keith and Aunt Shirley was great!!! [Erica got special permission from her mission President to visit John's Uncle and Aunt.] I loved getting to talk with him! He showed me a picture of him, Bernice, grandpa, and their three sisters. He also told me some stories. A few of them were about Uncle Rob. He told me about how he met his wife, and then he showed me a picture of aunt Shirley when she was 18, and holy moly she is gorgeous! He asked how grandpa was doing, and then he said he predicts grandpa lives till he is 100. :) he also told me he was about to turn 40. Oh and sister T*******just had them laughing sooo hard!! It was a hoot! After lunch, (we had lunch at thier house on Friday), we shared with them the Mormon message, "till we meet again". I bore my testimony to them, and sister T******* shared a scripture that kind of called them to repentance...

But it was okay because the Spirit was really strong, and Uncle Keith opened up to us about some of the doubts he had, some of the reasons he had left the church in the first place. We prayed with them, and Aunt Shirley had tears in her eyes. They invited us over again (we
don't know when yet), and said they would really like me to meet my second cousin (their only grandson)! Haha I'm really glad I got to go over there!!!

So okay, has dad been offered a job for LA? And now they're thinking about NYC? What? Also, if he has been offered a job, how long does he have to accept it? And what is the job anyway? And what are the jobs in the other places? Details?

Wait. Kevin and Kara kiss??!!!! They have the cutest engagement pictures ever...

Also!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nieces Charlotte and Jenna! And to my nephew Nick!!!! Let's see, Char is 4 now?? And Nick is 2?? And Jenna is 5?! Just stop growing everyone!!

Sister Brady

P.s. I hope you liked the pictures. I want the mole one to be on the
family Christmas card.

#3 to Emily


Read "To Young women" by Jefferey R. Holland. It was either given in 2007 or 2005 at general conference. I can't remember which month.

You are awesome!! Everything is awesome!!!

I love you emma!

Love, Erica

[Shelly here - Erica sent a bunch of pictures and I will post more later . . . but the one below and the note she wrote with it . . . REALLY MAKES ME LAUGH!! - I miss this funny girl!!]

I forced Sister T******** to take a selfie with me, and after we took it,
I glanced down to see my face in the picture, saw a MOLE on my upper
lip, took a double take at the picture, then looked at my face and
took another double take when I realized there was no mole on my real
face. Sister T******* discovered there was a speck of dirt on the mirror
that had aligned itself perfectly with my upper lip when we took the
picture. It caused much laughter.

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