Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 18, 2014

Dear mom and dad,

The weather prediction for this entire week is low 90s!!!! I'm gonna

I bring my pea coat to church each Sunday, and it's nice for the cool
mornings (which are usually around 90 degrees). I don't know what I'm
gonna do this week, or especially what I'm gonna do in the winter!
Did I tell you hat sister T****s family sent her a "happy nine
months!!" Email.... When she had only just made it to 8 months...
Hahaha, she's convinced her family is going to forget to pick her up
at the airport when she goes home...

She really is amazing and I can't tell you how
grateful I am that she is my trainer. She puts up with/helps me work
on my stubbornness (which I am reeeeaaaallllyyyy sorry to say that I
am still stubborn. I am working super hard on that... And I'm getting
better! Every small goal I set for each week I am able to accomplish),
and she is really patient when I make mistakes or forget anything. It
would have been really tough to have a trainer who would get angry
when I make mistakes. I am sooo grateful sister t******* is my trainer!!
She is also convinced that I am lactose intolerant, so she is putting
me on a lactose absent diet....

My zone is the best. They have all helped me to shoot hoops, and I
have now successfully shot 5 "three pointers" in my life!!

I had a dream (a few weeks ago) that Chris [Erica's friend from BYUH – he played her counterpart in “Blythe Spirit' and in “Thoroughly Modern Millie”] was a serial killer and I
witnessed him kill someone, and when he realized that I had seen, he
came after me!!!!!! It was scary!! At one point he tried to kill me
with a thumb tack!!!

An investigator who had previously set a baptismal date asked us to
stop coming by. But then a week later, someone who lived in that same
apartment complex stopped us and asked us some questions. He had been
hearing all of this hate on the Mormons and wanted to know what we had
done/what we believed in to make people hate us so much. We talked
with him for a while and by the end of our conversation he took a Book
of Mormon and we have a return appointment :)

I sang in church on Sunday with Sister. ****** We sang a lovely
arrangement of Beautiful Savior. After church, the lady we had dinner
with told us that she had gone through her old sheet music of choral
arrangements and gave me a whole stack of music!! Yay!!! So you don't
need to mail me any music (unless you already have :)). Ooh, unless
you can find music for "women at the well" cause I really would love

I did dye my hair!! Sorry the picture wasn't so good :( it's faded a
little but since last week, but I will send another picture :) and yes
it is red :)

I really liked the big mansion at Philmont. One time while touring it,
a girl in my group threw up!! I think she had gotten dehydrated or
something... I also liked riding the horses. Last time we went, my
horse almost bucked me off. It got spooked by something.
It's so weird cause I used to get super homesick while away from home
(like when I was at girls camp and Philmont) but all of those times,
you were there with me! Haha I can't even remember if there was a year
at girls camp that you weren't there! I think I used to just miss my
own bed and familiar surroundings. Haha but don't worry, I've been
away from home for so long now, it's no big thing anymore :) yay for
graduating early!!

I remember playing hide and go seek at Nancy drive. I was the king of
that game!! Although, I think I've lost my touch, cause I remember
being really bad last year in Hawaii when we played it for an fhe

I'm glad you liked my picture of Katrina's family. I am planning on
doing one for each of my siblings... Eventually :) haha... (Have Kevin
and Kara taken pictures yet?)

I'm so glad dad is getting more job possibilities!! Yay!!! Yeah Oregon
is good. China would be cooler ;) haha, honestly, I just want dad to
have a job again :)

Cherisse told me that Pono sent you the Millie recording :) I love
Millie. I want to do it again. And sound of music :))

I love you mom and dad (and family:))

Sister Brady

P.s. Thank you for sending the picture of Kevin sleeping and me eating
crackers!!! That one is my favorite!!!

P.p.s. No package yet but it will probably be here this week! Thanks
sooo much mom! And thanks for burning the CDs dad!!

You may already know all of this, but if grandpa passes away at any
time while I'm on my mission, please call the Mesa mission office.
Because we are now on Facebook it would be really heartbreaking to
hear the news through Facebook. Even if it were to happen near a
Monday, I would rather hear if from someone as opposed to reading it
in an email. If you call the mission office, President Jenkins would
be the one to call me and let me know, (he called sister t****** last
week when her great-grandmother passed away).

A few transfers ago, an elder in my zone had his mother pass away. I
think it was near Mother's Day too :( I cried when sister t***** told
me that.

Anyway, I love you so much mom and dad!!

Sister Brady

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