Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

August 25, 2014

Dear mom and dad,

Which wall did you hit? (Ba dum tish) [I told her I had “hit the wall” because I was so tired!]

This week was a ton cooler than it's been before. It was crazy! And really windy.

Oh my goodness, my ward is sooooo sweet. Since I am possibly lactose intolerant, we make the members who are feeding us aware of it. And now everyone in the ward knows about my issue... But they are all super sweet and they are all taking care of me and suggesting different things I can try to eat instead and someone gave me these "lactose intolerant" pills so that I could eat some ice cream every once in a while if I really needed to :) haha.

I got the package and the letters!!! Thank you sooo much!! I love the pictures haha!!!! And the Swedish Fish lasted a whole hour!!!! (I inhaled them).

I am studying the Old Testament right now, and holy cow, it is a soap opera. Have you ever read it? Cause seriously, it is filled with family drama. 

A sister in the ward dyed my hair :) and yes I love it :) I'm sending more pictures of my hair his week.

I LOVE KEVIN AND KARA!!!! They could have a baby by the time I get back. Oh my goodness and then I could spoil it all the time while we are all in Hawaii :)

I promise you I have not been praying for you to move closer to Disneyland (honestly, I didn't even think about praying for that :)). But I might cry tears of joy/excitement if that is the job dad ends up taking. I would die. No, my prayers have been sincere and open minded to anything and anywhere. I just want dad to get a job again :) but seriously, Disneyland/LA would be the coolest place. (aside from the housing prices. That kind of stinks). I. Would. Die.

Utah would be cool if I ever decided I wanted to go to BYU. Or if Emma wants to go there :) but seriously, Disneyland. 

I want to hear more about Montana!!!! I can't wait for the letter!! I want to go see Grandpa and Nana Brown!! Tell them I love them soooo much!!!!!

Also, tell Grandma and Grandpa happy anniversary!! :D [It was the anniversary of their first date 67 years ago!]

Whoa I cannot believe Emily is going to be a freshman!!! I remember freshman orientation! I'm pretty sure Brianna Larsen was one of my group leaders who gave us the tour :) I am so excited for Emily! Her classes sound so fun! (Well, drama and choir do) :)

We met with a lot of members in our ward this week. While visiting with one family, somehow the topic of Kevin Bacon came up, and someone mentioned the "seven steps from Kevin Bacon" theory. And I told them "well, now you're one step from him, cause I've met him!" And they responded, "oh no, we're already one step from him cause we know someone else who knows him...... We know Emma stone!" My jaw dropped!! They said that she had been in plays with their daughter!! But then they asked where I had met Kevin Bacon and I started to explain how they made a movie about Bill Porter, etc. and while I was explaining the story, they said, "wait, we've totally seen this movie!!! The one with William H. Macy??!"  Isn’t that just so crazy!!!!

Also, they have a nightmare before Christmas village and they are going to invite us over to help them set it up for Halloween. :D
 I found bacon flavored ritz!!!! And they are my favorite thing!! I brought them to a district meeting (cause we have a 5 minute break) and I fed my district the whole roll. It was a hit. I was popular!
Okay I love you both sooo much!!!

Love sister Brady!

Dear mom,
I was wondering if I could request a few pictures for next week (thank you again so much for sending them!! We don't have a lot of time for online, so I am slowly writing my blog post).

- a picture of the entire family (one with me still young, and maybe a more recent one?)

-remember when we painted the house on Franklin street inside? Like the doors and the walls? Do you have any pictures from that? It doesn't even have to have me in it. If not, it's okay.

- a picture of me taking swim lessons when I was young (yes, I might be telling he story of how I attempted to walk home on my own at age 4....)

Okay, also, can you somehow get for me the email addresses of all the parents do the vontrapp kids? I want to email all of them a hello!! 

I love you so much!
Love, sister Brady

Erica's letter to Emily
August 25, 2014 

Dearest sister Emma,

I got your letter!! Sorry you had such a rough time finding a cow! The first time I went to EFY, my roommate was dating who would have been my cow. And then they broke up at EFY. It was all really awkward. And the second time I went to EFY, up the boy I had a crush on kind of sort of had a crush on me, but had an even bigger crush on one of the girls in my group. But it's cool, our day will come ;) we are still young and beautiful, and you have at least 5 years ahead of you before you can even consider marriage, and I have at least 10 years ahead of me! Haha jk I have 13 years ahead of me. Just kidding again. I don't want to think about it so let's not.

High school is going to be so awesome for you!!!!! Words of advice:

1. Be friends with everyone. Everyone. Even the people you think are "too cool" to hang out with you, be there friend. If you think about it, they are probably a "cool" kid because they have  figured out that to be "popular" means that you are friends with everyone, and they too will love to be your friend. Also be friends with those who you think aren't cool enough to be in your group. Most likely any "cool" friend won't reject you because just like I said before, they already
understand that to be "popular" means that you know everyone. And remember, there shouldn't be any boy drama because you have (hopefully) set high standards and won't be dating anyone, which means you won't be a threat to any girl (and they will therefore love hanging out with you at all times), and you can be friends with all the guys.

2. Go to all the sporting events (school pride, eh?) And take dad with you. Even more important that being friends with everyone at school, is building important relationships with your family, Because it is your family that you will have for all eternity. It will show dad that you love him and want to be with him if you ask him to go with you to the football games.

3. Try at least one sport. (Might I recommend cross country so you don't have to miss a musical? Sister t***** recommends soccer. Also a fall sport) :) I would suggest doing it your freshman year cause ******* will be able to adjust to it (if you decide you love it and do
it all four years) or she will be able to forgive you (if you hate it and never do sports again). But at least give it a try. it will give you an opportunity to meet more people, and you will get in super good shape!! (Plus it looks good on college applications if you've done more things than just plays and choir)

4. Read, nay, study your scriptures. Every. Single. day. Have someone smack your head so you can stay awake in early morning seminary. Take notes. Pack a "to-go" breakfast so you can munch on it while in class (to help you stay awake). We have student manuals for a reason. Go on LDS tools and with the student seminary manual, study for your personal scripture study what you will study the next day in class. It will help prepare you for a possible mission, and most certainly for being a mother!

5. Stick to the high standards that have been set for you by our prophets. Stick it to the man if anyone, teachers included, try to crush your beliefs or standards. But stick it to the man kindly :)
never ever think you are better than anyone. Rather, invite others to know more. Keep a spare Book of Mormon in your locker. Carry pass along cards with you in your backpack pocket. Carry mini "for the strength of youth" pamphlets in your binder. Your unique countenance and high standards while cause others to be curious. When others ask you questions, answer their question if you can, but always make sure you invite them to do something (read the Book of Mormon, go to church with you, go to the visitors center with you, come to FHE [family home evening] with you, etc...)

6. Pray frequently. Yes, you should begin and end your day with a prayer. But might I suggest that you also say prayers throughout the school day? It doesn't have to be out loud, and you don't even have to make a show of it by bowing your head and folding your arms in the middle of your class. Simply, take a moment to show your Heavenly Father gratitude, and ask him for what help you might need in that class on that day. Maybe every time you go to the bathroom, you pause and say a prayer in the stall. No, I never did this in high school, but the world is growing crazier. Satan's army is growing stronger, and it is through prayer (and reading the scriptures), that we can find peace and strength.

Well, i have to go now! I will send you more advice as I think of it throughout the next few weeks :) I love you Emma.

Sister Brady

Erica's letter to Dad
August 25, 2014
Dear dad,
Oh I just love you so much! I did get your letter! And I really laughed hard!! Thank you so much for sending it! I think I can get the pictures electronically... Can you send them through email? I am so very happy serving The Lord!!
Sister Brady 

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