Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 25, 2015

Saying goodbye to Sister T***

Bye Sister T***!!!
 Dear Dad,

Don't take that picture to work. Please. [John has a favorite picture of Erica when she was a little girl that he wants to frame and take to work . . . she does not feel the same away about that picture.]

Haha! I wondered why I hadn't seen an email from you yet! [John – thrown off by the holiday, emailed Erica late.]

I can't wait to walk in the morning with you and mom when I get home!! I loooovveee exercising now!!!

So, if you are giving a blessing to someone in the Spanish ward, do you need to give it in Spanish? Or will it later be translated into Spanish?

I really look forward to going through the Portland Temple again too!

I love the plan of salvation. :). I was reading in Alma about the Anti-Nephi-Lehi's and I was very inspired by their faith in the plan of salvation.

I love you dad :)

Sister Brady
 Exchange with the Hermanas!
My one night as a Spanish sister!
Dear Mom,

I love you too!!

Last week I said goodbye to Sister T***** and it was sad :( but she said she would save me a room for when I get to Provo! :)

This was on the envelope of the card that
Sister T***** gave me.....

Hahahahaha so funny/sad!!

I have a cold too.... I have had a cold all weekend. Yay :/ coughing and a runny nose mostly
Yes, I will feed you the best ice cream of course :\! [Erica says she will take care of John and I when we grow old and feed us the best ice cream!]

Our tripanionship is so great!!!! Haha we love to make each other laugh. Seriously, I love my companions and I think trios are the best!! I wish I could always be in a trio!!

I asked Michelle about her time at BYU - Provo and she had some AWESOME stories!!! She is the greatest!! I should ask her more of my mission questions!

I didn't know you had gone to Provo! (Actually I think I did, but I forgot)

Elder M****** gives Pokemon cards to everyone in his zones. He
gives you the pokemon that he thinks you are most like.
He was leaving 
this transfer so he gave me a Pokemon card.....
PIKACHU!!! Yayyy!!

Pikachu was the best.

I had a dream that Grandma Ferre sent me a Christmas package but I didn't get it until June and I cried because it was the most beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gift. It was a children's book about Santa's elves. And butterfingers. Hahahaha, I even bore my testimony about it in sacrament meeting (in my dream).

Just keep encouraging Emily to go on a mission. Always encourage her. But make it clear that it is ultimately between her and the Lord. But still encourage her. I know I probably wouldn't be serving if it hadn't been for your frequent encouragements.

Wow, do the new floors look good?

This has been a wonderful week! I fasted on Sunday so that I could receive an answer to a question I had. I got the answer and it was a really cool experience! And it helped to build my testimony of fasting and that my Heavenly Father loves me :)

I also was studying some of the general conference talks this week. One of them was Boyd K. Packer's talk, which was AMAZING! I love what he said about the Atonement and how we have to choose to accept it. If we don't accept it, we can't enjoy it.

My companions are really funny. And they are GOOD MISSIONARIES! I have learned a lot from Sister S*****, and I am already learning so much from Sister P*****. They are awesome!!
I love you mom!! Have a great week :)

Sister Brady

Saying hello to Sister P*****.

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