Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Friday, May 22, 2015

May 18, 2015

Birthday dinner!! Steak, swordfish, and shrimp!! It was amazing!!!!

 Dear Mom,

Please stop falling down!!!! You're making me so sad and nervous!! I've decided that if you and Dad ever get to the point where you can't take care of yourselves anymore, me and my husband are going to move in with you and help you. The only way I wouldn't be able to keep that promise is if my husband couldn't make arrangements to move. :( then I would stay with him. But I will certainly try! And I will make sure that whoever I marry will know that I want to do that for you guys (and he will have to be okay with that before I agree to marry him).

 Laser tag last monday!! For my birthday!

Hahahahaha Sister S** that that was really funny!!! (When you said that she gets her beauty and sense of humor from you!!)

I GOT YOUR PACKAGE!!!!! Thank you mom!!!! I think I broke my record of how fast I can eat a box of Swedish Fish!!! And thank you for the money!!!!

I also got Grandmas card and money!!!! She is such a SWEETHEART!!! Thank you Grandma!!!!

The mail goes to the mission office first (about 2-3 days after you send it. Sometimes the next day!) so if I'm at the office when the mail get's there (which is usually the case because the mission office is right next to my area), then I get my mail! If I am not there, they send out the mail to our home/apartment address the next day and it gets there about two days after it got to the mission office. So over all, we get our mail REALLY quick!! The only week that they don't send out mail is transfer week because everyone is moving addresses, so they hold all of the mail at the mission office until Monday, and if you are at transfer meeting you can get your mail there.

Birthday morning picture! Right after cross fit!

Speaking of transfer week..... It's on Wednesday!!! And Sister S****** and I are getting a new companion!! Her name is Sister P***** (her first name is Katrina) and I have heard that she is a VERY GOOD MISSIONARY!!! Yayyyyy!!! I'm excited :) and she can play the piano! And it should be fun being in a trio companionship!! They are doing that because Sister S***** is leaving mid-transfer (on June 3rd!!)!!!!!!! Crazy right!!!!!?

The M****** family is doing better. They are in Vernal, Utah right now for Poppa's burial. The funeral was on Saturday. They are such a wonderful family.

I loved the cast photos!!!! Sister S***** said they looked like Harry Potter

I didn't know J***** T****** was in a care facility! What is dementia exactly? Is it like Alzheimers?

I love Nick and Char too!!! And all of my nieces and nephews!!! And my two nephews on the way!!!! And my best friends baby who will be here SO SOON!!!

Has Gordon gotten assigned a place yet?

Yes - I got all of the birthday emails!!!! Tell everyone on Facebook that I say thank you and I love them!! And that missions are the best and that they should all serve one! And that if they aren't members they should meet with the missionaries!!!!! 

Emily is the same height as me....

I haven't been to Costco in almost a year...

I LOVE the talk “Mountains to Climb”!!! Wow - that is up there in my top 20!!!!! Probably even my top 10!!!! The video makes me cry soooo much!!!!

Send me pictures of the new flooring!!! And the new walls!!!

I love you Mom!!!!!

Thank you for everything :)

Sister Brady

 Baseball from two weeks ago!

Dear Dad,

Haha! Thank you for all of the new ways to say I love you!!!

Did I tell you that there is a sister coming to our mission from Bangkok? I am so excited!!!! I hope I will get to be her companion at least once before I go home!!

Aunt Annie's sounds really good!!! Your week sounded so fun!!

Thank you for sending that message from my ward mission leader!! He is great!

Will we go on daddy daughter dates when I get home?

What movie did Emma need to watch for history?

Did you know that there is a new Jurassic park movie coming out?!??

I love you dad!!!

Sister Brady

I got a surprise on Thursday morning!!
 I walked out of my apartment

and saw this on my car!!!!!

Elder R**** and Elder H***** are the best!!!!

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