Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
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Monday, May 11, 2015

May 4, 2015

Me and Sister P*** on exchanges!!
 Dear Mom,

On Tuesday we had exchanges (I went with Sister P***) and so I got to go back to my first area!!! Vista Peaks ward!!! But then we had to another exchange during our exchange (exchangeception) and so I went with Sister M***** to....... COOLEY PARK AND MIRAMAR WARD!!! My second area!!! 

While we were there, we first stopped by brother B*****'s home and we read from the Book of Mormon with him. He had some really good insights about what was going on historically around 600 BC in Jerusalem.

Then we went to get FroYo with a 16 year old investigator, T*** and Sister M***** was happy that I could be there since Tazz knew me already!! It was so fun!!

Then when the F***** fanukt came to pick T**** up, I got to see Brother and Sister F******!!! (Brother F**** is the ward mission leader and they are AWESOME!!) also their 11 year old son S***** was really excited to see me because we have the SAME BIRTHDAY!!! Which by the way is coming up in TWO WEEKS!!! I'm gonna be 20 years old!!! No longer a teenager!! WHAT!!

And then Sister P*****'s dinner canceled on us, so we went and had dinner with Sister M****** and B****** at....... N**** AND T*****'s HOUSE!!!!!! :) <3 it was so wonderful :) I miss them a lot. They are going to be in Gresham this summer. I think in June? It would be so wonderful if you could meet in person!!

 Me and Sister C*** at the batting cages.
PS - When Erica's Nephew Nick saw this picture
he said, "that''s mine" referring to the Batman t-shirt!

Then after dinner, I went back with Sister P***** to the vista peaks ward and we taught a lesson to an investigator named L****. I had taught her once when I was there. It is a part member family. We taught her about the atonement and I read the scripture Luke 22:41-44 and the Spirit testified very strongly to me the reality of the atonement of Jesus Christ. How incredible that sacrifice was. Ever since then, I have been focusing on coming closer to Christ and trying to gain a personal relationship with Him. I have a testimony that He is real and that He really lives. I know that the atonement is real and that it is for each and every one of us. What I want to gain is a knowledge that Christ is my literal brother. I want to be able to recognize Him the moment that I see Him. I certainly believe these things, but I want to be converted in them.

We also had a very insightful and inspiring zone conference on Wednesday. The church has come out with a new program called "myplan" that returning missionaries have to fill out. Since Sister S*** goes home next month she has been filling it out. When I first heard about it, I was rather grumpy and "Laman and Lemuel"-like about it because I found out that not only does your mission president have access to it, but you will be required to share it with your home stake president, your relief society (or elders quorum) president, and a high councilor will be assigned to you so that all of them can make sure you are keeping up with your "myplan". I was grumpy about it because I hated the idea of so many people being aware of my goals and plans. I mean, what if I don't reach all my goals? Or what if I change my plan? What if they laugh at my plan, tell me it's bad, or just flat out reject it?! On top of all that, missionaries who are returning home are encouraged more than ever to stay focused on their mission. How can you stay focused if you are to spend 20 minutes every day focusing on your home life? Haha I know, these all seem kind of like shallow and prideful excuses. But President addressed "myplan" at zone conference, and while he was standing there talking about it, the thought came to me that our Heavenly Father is a PLANNER!!! For goodness sakes, one of the lessons we teach is all about Heavenly Father's PLAN OF SALVATION!!! And what did He do with that plan? He shared it with US!!! And yes, 1/3 of his children rejected it!! And quite a few of the 2/3's that made it to earth struggle to follow His PLAN for us. So, even though I started out kind of grumpy about "myplan" I am now happy to do it because I know that planning is of God!! Also, I support and sustain our church leaders, and I know that they know that "myplan" is inspired of God.

I love following the prophet!! Oh, and I was able to share the story about how you and dad paid off the house because you were following the council of the prophet and then how dad lost his job and it was okay because we knew we had followed the prophet!! I shared the story with the young women in one of our wards. I almost cried. Can you believe it has been a year since that happened?

We had lots of miracles - where we knocked on people's door this week and they responded with "I was just thinking about you!" Or "the Mormons have been on my mind all week!"

It's been a great week :)

Let's plan on 3pm to Skype on Sunday. :) I'll Skype you. Because I still don't know where I am Skyping yet.

Emily and Jordan should totally open a theater in Gresham. I would audition!

Yeah they [BYU-Hawaii] should do “Annie Get Your Gun!” Or Into the Woods.

Hahaha – I love the story about dad wearing his teeth!! [John put on his funny teeth in Primary and stood behind me when I was trying to lead the children in a song – really helped with reverence . . .] Hahahaha!!

Congrats to Kara getting that job!! How long does Kevin have in Hawaii?

I love that talk!!! It is so true and it goes along with what I said before!! God even has a PERSONAL PLAN for US!!!!

Okay mom I love you!!! Can't wait to see you next week :) :) :)

Sister Brady

Here are some of the quotes/stories that stood out to me this week:

"If you want to know that you know that you know, a price must be paid. And you alone must pay that price. There are proxies for ordinances, but none for the acquisition of a testimony."
-Douglas L Callistar. Knowing that we know.

And this one:

"Sister Hinckley’s roots sink deeply into rich pioneer soil, leaving an indelible imprint on her life and character. She wrote this about her great-grandfather:

      “On a beautiful Sunday morning in the fall of 1841, my great-grandfather, William Minshall Evans, then sixteen years of age, was walking down the streets of Liverpool, England, on his way to church. Suddenly he heard singing that thrilled him beyond anything he had ever heard before. He followed the sound down an alley and up some rickety stairs into a room where a few people were holding a meeting. John Taylor, who later became president of the Church and who had a beautiful tenor voice, was the singer. The song he sang was so beautiful that William remained to hear the sermon.

      “Upon returning home, William was reprimanded by his elder brother, David, for being absent from his accustomed place in the choir. Asked to give an account of himself, William replied, ‘I have been where you should have been, and I shall not be satisfied until you all hear the wonderful truth I have heard this morning.’

      “… William and David were converted to the gospel, and then helped convert other members of their family” (Ensign, July 1981, p. 48).

      Sister Hinckley commented, “I never sing the hymns of the Church without remembering that it was the singing of a hymn that opened the door to the gospel for my family and made it possible for me to enjoy all the blessings that have followed” (p. 48)."

I love you all!!!

Sister Brady!!!!! :) :) <3

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