Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November 23, 2015

Dear Mom,

So... Do you want me to send you the sheet music of Mary's Lullaby? Like in a package? I might need to send a small package home anyway of clothes and books.... Will you pay for it? Haha... But really.

Actually, no. I have decided on what I really want for Christmas. What I REALLY want for Christmas.... Is dance lessons in the month of January. I know it's just one month but I really want to take tap, jazz, and ballet classes for one month. So.... that is what I really want for Christmas.  But if it doesn't work out for Christmas, that is okay. Seriously. I just wanted to throw the idea out there. I have no idea how much something like that would even cost. Can you look into it for me? It would be really cool if it was four or five times a week and if it was private lessons so that I could get more attention. But I would be so grateful for anything. What do you even think of my crazy idea?

Tuesday – I went on the greatest exchange of my life. It was with Sister R** and Sister R** and oh my goodness they are so funny. And of course it was so fun to be with Sister R** again! (She was one of my past companions). Also, they are serving in Uncle Keith's ward. We weren't able to stop because they had back to back appointments all day. But we are going to go on a short miniature exchange again sometime this transfer so that we can all go see Uncle Keith!! I want them to meet him, since they are the sisters who are working in his ward! It's so exciting :) oh also, I went to cross fit and on Tuesday morning and I loved it. LOVED IT!!

Wednesday – Crazy busy day. I had interviews with President and Sister Jenkins. I love them. I talked with President about what things I want to say on my last day of the mission (mind you, this was not my exit interview, President asked ALL of the missionaries this same question for interviews this transfer). I told him that I want to continue become a disciple of Jesus Christ. He told me that was something I can put on my "to be" list. Unlike a "to do" list, you don't check things off of your "to be" list. He said I should always strive to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. Also we had a Christmas Lights training today!!

CHRISTMAS!! And we practiced our song for the Christmas Member Missionary Fireside. So excited. Three of us our singing "Mary's Lullaby". You, me, and Emma could do that if you want, instead of Me singing a solo! I forgot that I had an arrangement of it (the SSA version)! So if you guys wanna do that! Yeah! But I also know that it will be a crazy week and there might not be enough time for you guys to learn it. So don't feel like you have to do it, but if you want to I'd be totally down for it!

Thursday – I did the "Dating and Temple Marriage" section of MyPlan. It asked me to write down my goals for dating when I am home. I sat there with nothing coming to my mind, and eventually one of the senior couples said "Sister Brady... you look a little concerned...." So then I asked for advice from the senior couples in the mission office and they all gave me some pretty good advice! They pretty much saved my day :)

Friday – One of the Bishops wives tried to set me up with her younger brother.

Saturday – We gave out a lot of invitations for people to come see the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights! We should go this year...... ;)

Sunday – I love these wards that I am serving in. :) <3
Oh my goodness mom!!!! Stahp!! It will be a long time before I even have a spouse to give me a blessing!!

You got new United airline credit cards? What did you have before? I remember when you had Alaska. But what was that one airline that you had that isn't very good?

I love Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat!! How did Alec Anderson do!!?

I love you Mom :) enjoy being at Tessa's!!

Sister Brady

Dear Dad,

What is the United Club!? I've never even heard of that... All I can picture in my mind is Clifford waiting on the couch in the airport playing his recorder waiting for his Uncle to pick him up and take him to Dinosaur World... [From the Movie Clifford – NO, not Clifford the Big Red Dog.]

I don't miss snow. Half of me hopes it does snow, and the other half hopes it doesn't snow. It's beautiful, but oh so inconvenient.

Singing and speaking!! Wow!! That's a lot of Sister Brady!

Hey do you think it would be appropriate to invite people to that talk via a Facebook event?

Okay, April is coming way to soon. I'm extending to June.

I love you Dad! See you in June!

Sister Brady

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