Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 7, 2015

Celebrating our 18 month mark with Lunch at Barros!

Such Pretty Missionaries!!
 Dear Mom,

I'm really emotional, so when you said that you cry randomly about Katrina and Gordon leaving, I burst into tears. Or when you cry because all of your children have moved so far away, I burst into tears again. When you cry, I cry. I just love you so much.

We had MLC this week and Sister Jenkins got up at the end to say something and she stood next to President and then she started getting choked up and then President started getting choked up and he said "I've learned in my marriage that when she cries, I cry. If she is happy or sad or upset, I just cry with her." And now I have a new level of sensitivity that I want in my future husband. I want him to
make me laugh and the moment that I start crying about something, I want him to cry with me.

Where are Kevin and Kara going to live? What about Emma? Where does she want to live? Will anyone live by you and Dad?

Wow, I am such a good aunt to have gotten Estela and Sebastian iPads. ;) [She got them talking books – Estela calls them Ipads . . . NOT really Ipads!!] hahaha. Thank you mom!!! And I am glad Tessa likes the book!

I will put the music in the mail today!!! Sorry!! I forgot!

Congrats to Emma getting the lead!!! What is the one act called? Finally, after 4 other siblings, a Brady gets a lead again... Way to go Emma! Wow!! I never kissed a boy until I had to kiss Erik [in a play!]!

I am just going to share a bedroom with Emily when I get home. I don't need the spare bedroom (I don't know if that's why you were cleaning out the spare bedroom, I just wanted to let you know :))

I love the movie Elf!!!!! I hope dad is okay with watching it again!! Also, will he buy me a giant bag of peanut butter m&m's?

I loved that article on the first sister missionaries :)

I will totally help you with your Aunt Martha lines! I don't even know what this play is about!! I've never seen it!!! [Arsenic and Old Lace – BYU-Hawaii 2016].

Alright, here are some highlights from my week:

We had the temple excursion!! It was wonderful! We had a chapel session with President and Sister Jenkins and it was wonderful. At the end of President's devotional, he paused and got all choked up and said "There are a few missionaries here.... Who... In a few weeks... Will be finishing up their mission..." And then he talked about how grateful he is for us and how we should always remember this day as the last time we attend a session in the temple as a full time missionary. He had me crying pretty good. There was a river coming from my eyeballs. And consequently I was weepy during the whole temple session and in the celestial room. And then we all had lunch together and we practiced singing (for the Christmas Night Christmas Lights at the Mesa Temple). After that, President spoke to us again and then he had me and two elders share our testimonies. It was a good day. 

Last Hike!
Pointing to our Heavenly Home!
Mesa Arizona Missionaries!
We had a ward breakfast Christmas party, and 4 of our investigators came! And one of them came to church the next morning after being invited by a member!! Miracles! Member missionary work!!

I saw quite a few members from my last area at Christmas Lights this week, so that was a tender mercy to be able to say goodbye to some of them!

Also, we were finally invited into the home of a potential investigator after weeks of only talking to them on her front porch. We were fed dinner by an investigator after she found out that our dinner canceled. Another non member called us and said she had a Christmas treat for us and asked us to stop by. Another investigator called us and asked us to come over and pray with her. We have had so
many little miracles this week, and I know that there are going to be many more this week :)

I love you Mom!

Sister Brady

Mesa Community College
Mesa Community College
I love Mesa!! Hearts!!

Dear Dad,

Yeah, it was really cold at the beginning of last week. It's gotten a bit warmer now :)

Yes, just remind me if I'm talking too much and with too much detail. I don't want to be a chatty cathy :)

Uncle Keith and Aunt Shirley always ask about Uncle Steve and Uncle Rick. And Grandma :) We are supposed to see him tomorrow :)

Wow! So many family gatherings! At first I thought they were for me, then I realized that they are for Christmas...

Football!!! We are going to have some real fun... in August!! [Not August . . .

Are you going to watch Elf with me again? It is my favorite Christmas movie... But if you don't want to watch it again, we can watch another one! It's okay!!

I love you too Dad!

Sister Brady :)

Christmas Lights
I love it here!
Arizona Beauties! (Sister Tippery's former MTC Companion!)!

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