Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 26, 2015

Trying food from Sister M******'s parents!

Happy Brady
Dear Mom and Dad

My stressful week is over!! Yay!!!

Here is my play by play. Haha is that even the right way to say it, Dad? Hahaha!

Monday: We went to the temple with B*****! She said she is going to go to the temple on Halloween late afternoon to do baptisms.... And we get to go with her because it's on Halloween!!! Yaaaayyy!!!

We took B*** to the temple and we talked about how Baptism
isn't the end. It is just the gate. Then we talked about the
importance of remaining worthy to enter the temple and how the real
goal is returning home to our Heavenly Father. We talked about how
making and keeping temple covenants can help us on our journey home.
It was a great lesson.

Tuesday: We had a full day of meetings/physical therapy/lessons/service/music practices/etc. but over all it was a good day.

Wednesday: 6:30am music practice. District meeting. We met with M*** (our recent convert) and talked about following the prophet. I started MYPLAN!! It is actually really wonderful. The first phase of myplan is to remember the spiritual lessons God has taught me and the Christlike attributes He has helped me to develop. I did some exchange evaluations with my sisters. And the most wonderful thing about today was that a less active/recent convert that we are working with was able to come with two of his active friends to the Joseph Sitati fireside!!! He is 12 or 13 and his whole family is less-active, but D***** even came to church last Sunday!!! We have been meeting with him every week for the last two transfers, so it is really wonderful to see the progress in him! Also Joseph Sitati is amazing! I learned a lot and I took lots of notes.

Thursday: The official big mission meeting with Elder Sitati. It was a hard day for me, but I'm much better now. I'm still feeling really sad though. I think especially because I know I am coming home soon and haven't seen home without Grandpa. :/ but Joseph Sitati was wonderful. And I took more notes. Then we sang our song. Sister Udall told me she wrote you guys! That was so sweet of her! I am glad the singing is done with. So stressful. We had a lesson with A***** and a lesson with C****. Both went great.

Friday: We went running. I ran a mile in about 9 minutes and 30 seconds. I haven't ran that fast since my 8th grade year.... Haha I actually just haven't run since my 8th grade year hahahaha. Jk. But seriously, I felt like I was going to throw up after running!! I felt sick!

And so as soon as my comps finished their lap I said "we gotta go! Now please!" And as we were walking to the car I.... Threw up... No joke. And the Elders saw. It was awkward.

Volunteering at the Triathlon!
Guys, I have only thrown up twice on the mission. The first time was after doing the Vennezia's Pizza challenge. Sick. The 2nd time was after running a mile. Something super unhealthy and something super healthy. Go figure.


The rest of Friday, we had Mission Leadership Council with Joseph Sitati. Another great meeting. oh and the Elders who saw me throw up were at MLC. Haha....

And on Friday C**** had his Baptism Interview!!! Baptism on Saturday!!

We had Service (I got to see a lot of members from my last area!!!! And I saw N**** my recent convert!! B**** got baptized and we went to a BBQ.

B*******'s Baptism!!
After the Baptism!
Our car wouldn't start... But have no fear!! Many members helped to drive us to our appointments and then F***** our investigator jumped our car in the evening and we drove it on the freeway for 20 minutes to charge the battery. And then we took it to the dealership this morning. So we are all good.

Dad, your email was not lame. I enjoy every email you send me no matter what the size is. I won't be nearly as busy next week (unless I'm getting transferred :/).

It's okay that I can't get a massage from a professional [no insurance for massages]! Will you give me a massage? Hahahahaha!!! ...... But really.. Hahaha jk! Kind of! Actually, if you want, I would be happy to give you guys both a massage because you probably need it more than me!! Let me serve you! I love you!

 We bought this shake from these boys who were selling it because I
thought it would be nice for them to earn a dollar for their
work/effort. And then they tried to give me my dollar back.
Wait, Emma isn't in PPS? What is she in? I thought CHS was a PPS school!!!??? What are the PPS schools then??!

Oh my goodness on Sunday we had dinner with a family whose daughter is getting married and she and her fiance (He is from El Salvador) were there. And her fiance told us the story of how he prayed for his future wife one night and just prayed that he would find the right person and then a few months later she got off her mission, and 3 weeks after that, they met in a BYUI class and he was so cute when he talked about the first time he saw her and the whole thing gave me feelings of excitement and anxiety. All at the same time. It was very conflicting. Good thing I don't have to worry about it for a few more months. But then one of my comps made the comment that at this very moment, there could be someone out there praying for me... Right now....
My new boyfriend.
My true love.
So when is the musical at BYUH happening?!??!?? Will I get to see it?!??? Is it going to be in February?!?

I love you Mom and Dad!!

Sister Brady

PS - - -

Even though I won't be there for any of the rehearsals... Will Grandpa please cast me as Havilah in Fiddler on the Roof?!??! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO BE HER!!!! Haha but if not that's fine...

But he should send me the script in December in case they need an understudy or something....

Oh haha but when is the show even going to be??! Because I won't be there until February :/  
Zone Conference

Zone Conference

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