Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

November 9, 2015

Saying goodbye to B*****!

The beautiful Arizona sky!
 Dear Momma,

Well. This week has started out great. We found 4 new investigators and we taught so many lessons! Sister B***** is an AMAZING missionary!! She follows the spirit (she's the reason we found so many investigators) and she loves everyone! And A***** (from my last area) passed her baptism interview and is going to be baptized on the 14th!

But this has been the hardest week of my mission!!! I called a bishop from my last area and asked him to give me a blessing. So he is giving me a blessing tonight. It's been a hard weekend :/

But I appreciate yours and Dad's testimonies. They always come at just the right time.

And I just want to add that I have a testimony!! Sister C made a post on Facebook that I really loved! She said:

"Though it was not instantaneous for me, I have come to peace with this announcement and change.  Along with Nephi when asked by an angel if he understood the condescension of God, I reply, 'I know that He loveth his children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.'"

I have faith in God and I know that He has called his prophet and apostles. I know that this change was from God. And I don't see everything that God sees! But I know that He is God and knows everything!! No matter how smart we think we are, we have to trust God. He is so much smarter than us. So I loved what Sister C wrote.

Here's what my week looked like:

I said lots of goodbyes to members, recent converts, and investigators on Monday and Tuesday.

Saying goodbye to the M******s!
Goodbye to M****!
Transfer meeting!! Sister B*** is awesome!! She has so much Christlike love and she is a Preach My Gospel Missionary!!

I had Mission Leadership Council. Sister B**** was with another sister during the meeting and she found a new investigator. She is incredible. At MLC Sister J**** showed us a great video that I need to find because I want Emma to see it!

I sang with a quartet of missionaries at a homeless shelter for Veterans day coming up.  It was fun! We also met this guy who has a lot of concerns with the church. We wrote down his concerns and bore testimony when we could. He wasn't going to let us come back, but we (the Spirit) convinced him to let us bring him "what is the blueprint of Christ's church" by Tad R. Callister. Awesome!

We did service for an elderly man in our ward. We hung up vintage Disney albums that he had just framed. I was in heaven. And then he bought us sonic. #5ktraining 

We had the must amazing regional broadcast. It was incredible!! Lynn G. Robbins talked all about simplifying our life and he talked about not hoarding but decluttering instead and it reminded me of you!!

Oh and I've started coming down with a cold..... :p

Wait... What?!? You asked dad out on 9 dates?!??!? I didn't know that!! But I thought you didn't like it when the girls asked the guys out on dates!!!!

I love Sister L*** :) I am glad she found her earring!!

I know, the AZ sun is intense!!

Bahahahahah mom you make me laugh!! "Half of the students at my middleschool are named Israel. The other half go by Shawnquella."

I am sorry that K***** was being a handful :/ There are a few kids here who have a hard time listening too :( I love libraries and Librarians. You are a great person, mom.

Dec. 4th is my 18 MONTH MARK!!!! What!!!! Have fun getting your hair cut!!

Hahahahahhaha I love how you guys dance! I like to dance when we are in the mall to embarrass my companions.

I love nobakes. Those sound so good right now. For the longest time I thought "nobakes" were called "Novaks". So I had thought that the Novaks in the stake had invented those cookies!! And to this day, Even though I know they are called Nobakes and that the Novaks did not invent them, The Novaks always pop into my head whenever someone talks about Nobakes.

I am glad that dad got to give a blessing to Steve's mom. I will keep her in my prayers.

Wow! I can't believe TOFW is here already!! I have only been to TOFG one time, and I've never been to TOFW :/

I love Sister E****!! That is a great talk! Being grateful does strengthen our faith! Because when we choose to be grateful, we are actually humbling ourselves, which opens our heart and our mind to accept the spirit, who's mission is to testify of truth and who can help us strengthen our faith!!

I love you Mom :)

Have a great week! Enjoy Veteran's day!!

Sister Brady

 Another lake picture!!
Mission Leadership Council!
 (I am sitting next to President).
Dear Dad,

BYU has 7 wins?? And 2 losses? That's pretty good, right? And is it BYU who is playing in the bowl, or do we not know yet? ... I'm still trying to figure out how all that works :)

That's cool that OSU has an LDS coach! I hope they do better next year. And it's a bummer that the ducks didn't do so well this year :/ i am still a duck fan though. I liked them before they were good and I will like them when they aren't so good... :/ but I should really just prepare myself to be a cougars fan, right?? Hahaha :)

Oh yeah I did send a recording! I forgot! That was the song that me and a group of young women sang at B*****'s baptism.

Yes!!! Let's go on a road trip to Washington!! And we can visit Uncle Steve!! I've never spent much time in Washington...

We should take a district of Missionaries to OMSI. Maybe in a few years if we ever get the season passes again. I think OMSI is in the Vancouver Washington mission... Maybe. But that would be really fun.

C**** was the GOLDEN guy!!! So yes we did go back to see him :)

I should sing Mary's Lullaby from the Mesa Temple Easter Pageant for Christmas time!!

That's great that Brother M****'s got his blessing! Have I met him? I remember T****.

I love MB's mom! What was she doing there? Is Merry still in C-notes? Hahaha just kidding!! How is Merry? Did you guys talk about her at all?

Bahahahahahah with the Salmon Dip!!! Hahah did you tell her eventually??

I haven't been to Costco in 17 months...

Thank you for your testimony. That really was what I needed to hear most of all.

I love you.

Sister Brady 

 Breaking down the M*******s wall
 (we did this about 2 months ago).

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