Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

January 5, 2015

Sports Night!
Me and Sister T*****

And the whole group! Fun!!

Letter #1 for DAD

Dear Daddy,

So we had our New Year's Day party with the mission this week. We had to do a skit with our zone and as we were brainstorming and practicing, people started shouting out random ideas. Like they were bouncing off the walls. Left and right everyone was shouting "Lets do this!" "yeah!! And this!" "and then we have to do this!" and finally I yell out "and if there's time: We'll snuggle!!" Half my zone laughed. The other half thought I was a super weird missionary... bahahaha. All in all I probably shouldn't have even been quoting from a Babylonian movie :)

I had the opportunity to teach the gospel principles class this Sunday. It was the first time I have EVER taught a church class (other than a 7 year old primary class).... AND I taught it all by myself because my companion and I were on splits due to the clashing church meeting times because of the new year. But I thiiinnkkk it went okay. I shared mom's conversion story, so that was good! And I showed them pictures of the family! The class was super good at participating which was wonderful.

Okay, but as soon as Sister T***** and I were together again, she exclaims "President called for you, he wants you to call back immediately." And one thing went through my mind: "my parents are traveling from Idaho to Oregon today. There is snow and ice. My parents are dead." Yeah, scariest moment of my life. Except that I also knew the idea was ridiculous, but we couldn't for the life of us figure out why else president could be calling (Sister T****** did think I might be receiving the calling of becoming the First Sister AP because this is transfer news week... bahahaha). Anyway, so we called president but he didn't answer. So the longer he didn't call back, the more I knew it was not an emergency. And then I saw mom's email come through later that night so I knew that you were all safe: THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT RULE!!!! [The rule that missionaries can now read emails daily – but still only respond once a week.] Cause president didn't call back till today. He asked me to be the new music coordinator for the mission! Yay! I'm using my talents on the mission!

I'm so glad Kevin's wedding went well!! And I'm glad I got to be there! Hahahah! [Cutout Erica was there! Real Erica was still in Mesa!]

I will try to use the word "rip-snorter" in my vocabulary at least twice this week :)

I love you dad!!!!

Sister Brady!!!!!!! <3

Me opening Sister T****'s gift to me. The first one is a body spray ...

And the next one is popcorn in a Frozen tin!!! :D
Letter #2 (for mommy)

Dear Mommy,

I am so glad you all made it home safe and sound! See dad's letter to understand why I thought maybe you hadn't made it home safely hahaha.... :/

Yay! Kevin is married!!! hahaa that is so crazy awesome!! I love Kara!!! And I love that she is my sister in law!!!
I LOVED the picture of the cupcakes!!! That is hilarious!! Bahahahaha!! So did Kara make everything? The cupcakes too?

Tad R. Callistar's nephew or something is in my ward here. He was our bishop but we just got a new one called. 

No worries mom!! I felt super comforted during the wedding. Seriously. I had no problems. I was even fine during Christmas. Haha I'm like a rock! But yeah, that was a ton of pictures.

BAHAHAHAH Thank you mom and Tessa for saving me from the Ninja Star throwing teenagers!!!!! [Some boys at the Spaghetti Factory wanted us to give cut-out Erica to them so they could throw Ninja Stars at her . . . ummmm! NO!]

Okay, so I love you so much mom!! I hope you have had a great week with Kevin getting married, and I hope you enjoy this week as Emily gets back to school (right)?

I love you !!!!!!

Sister Brady

P.S. Read The Lectures on Faith if you haven't already. IT IS MIND BLOWING!!!!! Seriously, I cant stop reading it!!!

Mesa Sister Missionaries! Love them!!

Letter #3 to the family

Dear Family,

Whew it has been a great week!!! There were a few crazy things happening today (stories for after the mission) so I don't have much time left, but I will type quickly.

We had a game night with some wonderful investigators. It was kind of a review of all of the lessons, and they did fantastic!!!! They really enjoyed the game too. T asked for a copy of the game so that he could play it with other people that he knew :) They are awesome!!!!!
I have a goal wall now!! It has inspiring quotes and goals that I have for myself!! It is kind of working! I have made my bed every day this year so far :)

My favorite talk right now is Jeffery R. Holland's talk "The First Great Commandment". It is amazing!! I want to throw away all of my nets and show my love for the Savior by feeding his sheep! Every time I listen to the talk I feel like its a great kick that motivates me like no other!!!

One of our YSA members is Brazilian, and so they gave us Brazilian food for dinner (and lots of leftovers) it has been amazing!!! I love Brazilian food!!!! yayy!!

Okay, got to go! I love you all!!!!!!!!


Sister Brady

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