Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 19, 2015

Moving in!!
I got a new roommate!!
Its Sister S*** from the MTC!!

Dear Mom,

Yeah, I'm sick. and I'm really cranky. Mostly because I have been forced inside since Friday night, and I really wanted to go out tonight but because I had a low (a suppperr low) fever last night, the mission nurse won't let me go out tonight till its been 24 hours. So. I'm cranky.

But yesterday we gave talks in the C********** Ward (it was an 8:30 am sacrament meeting). A few of the members suggested that I stay home from church all day, but I fought that like a fiery dragon. (Well, as fiery of a dragon as I could be while also fighting nausea and a headache). I had written that talk, and I was going to give it. I also thought I had done pretty well, but afterwards a few people made comments like "I sat there the whole time thinking 'She looks so white! i hope she doesn't pass out!!'" or "I thought she was going to throw up all over the podium".  I'm so glad they felt the spirit of my talk....

One member who was present for both talks (I gave one in the M******* ward last week) said "it seemed a little bit shorter...." Which makes sense, because I did shorten it when about 6 minutes into my talk the room started spinning.

Being sick is stupid. And if I was supposed to learn humility and patience because of it, I failed. Man, I need prayers for my heart to not be so upset.

Alright, so we had a good meeting with our mission president this week. We talked about how we can fast from other things than just food (i.e. tv (haha already doing that), mean thoughts, habits, facebook, etc.) I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I am going to try that this week!

I really like this quote, but I can't remember where I read it....

"More than 100 years ago, 18-year-old Robert Orson Gibson, who would become my grandfather, wrote the following for a college class: 'Some people want to become noble, others want to become wealthy, still others wise, and there are those who wish to become good. It would be very well to be any of these, but I would prefer, most of all, being known as good.'"

I want to be known as "good"!!! That is my new goal in life!!!

Okay, and I also like the article "Blessed by the Sabbath day" in the February Ensign. Read it!! 

Family History: I need to link up Grandma Ferre's parents, and I need to link up my other grandparents too. So those are the names I need. But I didn't know I could look up Grandpa Browns side of the family! That is exciting and I will do that next time!! Gonna find my cousins!!! (Cousins, cousins...!)
BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I am so proud of my 6 year old Nephew!! Hahahahahahahaha that is so hilarious!!!

Is Angela Hjertstedt the one who did "grease"when Kevin was in middle school? and is she the one who helped with into the woods? And was she the one who was working at the High school before Mrs. Voorhies got the job?

I would love to have your calling! Haha, yeah when I get really nervous, my armpits start sweating, but I can do 45 minutes of Cross Fit and not break a sweat!

I loved all of your good creative ideas for the primary calling! man, I miss working with kids. and I LOVE those triplets!! I didn't know one of the triplets had autism. They are so cute!!! How old are the triplets now?

Send me a picture of Grandmas painting please!

Okay, so what is the story on Nick's kidney. I was just headed off to school when he was born, so I never got the full story.

Wow, okay right at this very moment, I am holding a beautiful little snake. I will send pictures.

I love primary songs!! They just teach such simple truths!

Okay, I love you mom!

Sister Brady

PS What is the movie that you said was really good?

Two Puppies!!
I thought the first one was a wind up toy when I first saw it walking
about. And the other dog was a rescue dog that thought I was very
suspicious, but LOVED Sister T****** haha :)

Dear Dad,

I told a ton of your (our?) family history stories this week!! It was so fun! I love family history!! I have definitely felt my heart turn to my fathers. Which is interesting because there is a section in my patriarchal blessing that talks about family history, and i never before saw how it applied to me until my mission! But I am feeling the spirit of Elijah!!!

Sister Brady

A Bird and A Snake!
These were at our new ward mission leaders house.
The bird (smokey) is 
there's, and the snake was a friend's.
I want a snake and a 
bird when I go home!

Dear Family,
This was a week of Animals!! I got to hold so many amazingly cool pets this week!

I also got sick this weekend. Not fun. But I received a great blessing which talked about how my wards here are an extension of my family. I totally feel that. I love the wards here.
C******* is an awesome new ward! This ward has not had a baptism is soooo long! And we already have 3 new investigators (and we've only been here 5 days!)!! The members are so great!

Sister T******i and I also got new roommates. Sister S***** (She was in the MTC with me and she is also from Oregon) and Sister C**** (I helped day train her! She is also super sassy in a good way!! Like me! haha! It's great fun!)

Okay, so being a missionary is the best! I was in a grumpy mood, but I spent the morning with our new ward mission leader's family and their boys are crack ups!! Hahaha! It was great!

Here are some great words from James E. Talmage in regards to the story of Christ raising Lazarus from the dead.

"The procedure throughout was characterized by deep solemnity and by the entire absence of every element of unnecessary display. Jesus, who when miles away and without any ordinary means of receiving the information knew that Lazarus was dead, doubtless could have found the tomb; yet He inquired: “Where have ye laid him?” He who could still the waves of the sea by a word could have miraculously effected the removal of the stone that sealed the mouth of the sepulchre; yet He said: “Take ye away the stone.” He who could reunite spirit and body could have loosened without hands the cerements by which the reanimated Lazarus was bound; yet He said: “Loose him, and let him go.” All that human agency could do was left to man. In no instance do we find that Christ used unnecessarily the superhuman powers of His Godship; the divine energy was never wasted."

Cool right? Christ left everyone (including Lazarus) their own agency. Of course Christ could make all those miraculous things happen, but he let the people act on their faith! Just like how God lets us act on our faith! It helps us to grow! Faith!!!

I am happy :)

Sister Brady

More Snake and Bird
It's okay that I can't hold babies for 18 months. I will just hold the
coolest animals ever.

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