Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Monday, August 4, 2014

July 21, 2014

Dear mom and dad,

Dad, Why aren't you in Times Square with mom and Emma?? Haha i still
remember what you said about NYC the last time we were there...
I don't know why I suddenly started to like exercise!!! But I loovvee
it! And yeah I remember telling Michelle about how I didn't like
exercise. I really never exercised at the MTC. But here I look forward
to it. Haha I don't know what changed!
There are around 250 missionaries in this mission. I don't know how
many sisters in the mission. But in our zone we have the same amount
of sisters as we have elders.
I got Emma's letter! It made me cry!!! And all the letters from girls
camp!! Tell Susan and everyone thank you so much!!! I cried while I
was reading them because they were sooo sweet! I remember writing
missionaries at youth activities and I always thought it was weird
cause I rarely knew he missionaries. But let me tell you, it means
sooooo much to the missionary who is receiving he notes!
I also got grandma Brady's letter about grandpa!!!!!!! That was the
coolest story I've ever heard!!! Sister T*********'s dad is in the air
force and she said that it was super unique for someone to enlist in
the military before world war 2 officially started in the USA. Tell
grandma and grandpa I love them! (I haven't been able to write them a
letter yet. Just ask Michelle and Kevin, you get very little extra
time on a mission) :))

hat books are on Emily's list?? Twilight?!
Are you going to take Emma to American girl store? Haha I loved that
when we went there!! I was just thinking about Central Park the other
day! It's so beautiful and green!
I don't remember if they put the umbrellas down at the Hill Cumorah
pageant because I'm pretty sure I fell asleep....
Paint the house pink.
I'm glad Michelle found her phone!! I saw the picture on FB. (Weird right?)
They are showing the third movie at the Gilbert temple!!!!! But who
knows how long it will be till the Mesa temple gets it!
I also got your conversion story (well the part you sent me). It's so
crazy hearing about these things and hearing about your testimony now
that I'm a missionary! I have a whole new perspective on the church!
I led my first lesson last night! We taught 9 year old ******* about the
restoration. I have been sooooo nervous to lead a discussion and so I
have been praying for courage and comfort and finally i was able to do
it last night! Heavenly Father hears our pleas and he will answer our
prayers in his time!
Will you scan some pictures of me when I was 3 and 4? I am starting a
blog and I wanted it to focus on gospel principles I learned in my
youth. I thought it would be a cute idea. I also wanted to share
stories about my family and gospel principles you have all learned in
your youth. So when you can (I know you won't be home for a while),
but if you could scan a few pictures every week? And only if you have
time. Seriously. Because if I don't do this on my mission, I will just
do the same thing when I get home a million light years from now ;) oh
and you can't just mail me pictures cause then I won't have any way of
connecting it to my blog....
There is a cute boy with Down syndrome who was sitting with his family
on The pew in front of us one Sunday. He kept turning back to me and
waving, and finally one time he said "guess what..... You're cute"
hahaha he was so sweet!!!!!! He made me miss Jamie pokorny. :)
I sang in church yesterday! I sang “Come thou Fount” with another sister
in the ward. It went really well!!
Did Katrina get the picture I drew of her family? Haha..... Have you
seen it? Haaaa......
One of our investigators has three younger siblings who just got
baptized on Saturday. (Her siblings are in a different ward). We all
got to go see the baptism and she told us that the baptism made her
want to smile from ear to ear. :) she is reading the Book of Mormon
right now, and she says she wants to finish it before she decides to
get baptized.
Missionary work is the very best thing. If Emma decides she wants to
serve she would have my full support. I hope all my nephews and nieces
choose to serve!! I am so happy here all the time!!!! And I am
learning so much! MISSIONS!!!
One last cute story: one of our investigator has a little boy and when
we went to pick him up from nursery (he LOVED nursery and the nursery
leaders loved him! They said he was super polite!) then we all (my
companion and the investigator) started walking down he hall. We
walked 6 feet when suddenly the boy froze and went "AHHHH!" We all
stopped and were like – what's up bud? And then he just started running
down the hall. Hahahaha it made us laugh really hard. He's a cute kid!
Okay that's all for now! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic
week!! Have fun in New York/DC!
Love sister Brady

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Actually I supposed if you really wanted to you could mail me a bunch
of pictures and I could take pictures of the pictures. :)

Sister Brady

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