Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Mom and Dad,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!! :D What are your plans for your birthday?

Chris wrote me this week!

Tell Katrina I met sister E********!!! :D she is a missionary serving
here in Mesa, but she is from N******* and in Katrina's ward! She also
told me Gordon was her mission prep teacher - hahahaha!!
Mesa isn't too bad temperature and humidity wise. One time it got up to
117. Now 102 feels like a nice cool breeze. Also, We're in monsoon
season, so some days are more humid than others. And you can feel a
significant difference when it's humid. I'm just grateful that we have
a car :).

Yeah let's go to New York and DC together!! Or Disneyworld. I'm fine
with either. Or maybe Prince Edward Island! We ate dinner with the
last night, and brother B******** told us he served in that
area!!! After his mission, he and his mom toured the Island and they
tried raspberry cordial! I told them about how you and Emily came home
with an empty bottle of raspberry cordial.... Close enough, eh?

Walking around a lot will be good practice for a mission Emma :)

We have gotten 2 new investigators this week:
P*** is from L******** and is really interested in the church. She came
to church yesterday :)

T*** is a referral from our zone leaders. We just got his information
and have yet to meet him, but he has had quite a few discussions.
Yes Sister T********and I are still together :)

Uncle K****** and D******* are not in my area right now. And we're really
not supposed to call people outside our area unless they are recent
converts or investigators that we have been working with. But if I get
well into my mission and I still haven't met Uncle K******, I will see
what I can do to receive permission to meet him maybe. 

Kara is the best!!!!!! I just love her!! December 31!! Yayyyyyy!!!!
Weddings!!!!!!! How much help are you going to put into the wedding
then? Is it probably different since is is your first (and only) son
getting married? How does that all work? Have you even talked with
Kara's mom yet? I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!

Of course Arizona won the baseball game!! AZ pride!! Haha :)

That's cool that Tessa is gonna come visit!!!

I had a really weird dream last night. I dreamed Tessa and Estela were
in my apartment (here on my mission), and she was helping me pack
because we were all going to Disneyland. And then Dad and Emily showed
up (not sure where Tessa went), and we started driving. In the car I
started singing Disney songs and then dad said "aren't you not
supposed to sing Disney songs on your mission?" I totally felt guilty
cause he was right. we stopped at a restaurant where you and Kevin were
inside waiting. While dad was gone from the car I quickly opened up
the laptop and started playing Disney songs on Pandora and singing
along to them, even though I knew I wasn't supposed to. Emily didn't
stop me. Then I woke up.

What I don't understand is why dad was so concerned with me singing
Disney as a missionary (cause I still was a missionary), but he was
totally fine with me leaving the mission area!!!! That's kind of a
huge deal!!! We do not go outside of our mission! Ever! So don't plan
on coming and taking me to Disneyland. I highly doubt you'll receive
permission from President Jenkins!

I love that quote from Neil L. Anderson! He gives such great talks!
I've been studying the priesthood recently, and his morning I listened
to Dallin H. Oaks talk "the keys and authority of the priesthood" I've
studied that talk a ton before I came out on my mission, but when
listening to it this time, especially after studying priesthood
authority in the scriptures, I had so many new insights. I love
studying the scriptures and listening to general conference addresses!
I listening to talks every morning when I get ready :) it's great!

Being a missionary is THE best thing that has ever happened to me (Kip voice).

Have you ever seen TheTestaments? It just happens to be the best
movie there is!

Okay I love you so much!!!!!!!!!

Love, sister Brady

P.s. I have NOT been out on my mission for 3 months. Only 2!! You're
giving me anxiety mom! I have a full 16 months left! Do not cheat me
any of those months! :) also sister T******'s family totally sent her a
"happy 9 months" email when she had only been out 8 months, haha DO
NOT do that to me!!!!! But the days of the week thought was very sweet
:) I love you very much :))

Letter #2 from Erica
August 4, 2014

Dear mom,

Happy birthday!! I hope you have some good plans!! I am putting a card
in the mail today, so I really hope it gets there in time :) also
I really hope you like the card choice ;)

Thank you so much for sending the pictures!!!!!!! The pictures load
just great on my iPad (heehee we are such cool missionaries :)) so if
you want to send them exactly the way you did (with the explanation at
the the top and the picture attached) that would be fantastic! And if
you could just send as many as you have time for, that would be great
:) Are you also sending them to other people or something? That's fine
too :)

We have been asked to not have a ton of pictures on our Facebook, so
it would probably be a good idea if you didn't tag me in any pictures
you post on Facebook :) you are welcome to post pictures of me, just
don't tag me :)

Sister Brady

Letter #3
August 4, 2014

I just found out from President Jenkins that one of the Twelve (we
don't know who) will be coming to the mission on September 20th!! He
has also requested to shake each and everyone of our hands before the
meeting!! And we will be meeting with the Scottsdale missionaries for
a two hour conference with this apostle!! Cool right??

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