Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Friday, October 2, 2015

September 28, 2015

Look! Look at my hair!!! So blonde!!

One of our member's daughter got a new stuffed animal.
It's an owl 
The member thought it was really weird.
I thought it was 
 Dear Mom and Dad,

I jammed my finger at zone sports. I am a little grumpy today and I just want to cry. I don't normally start my letter like that but I just am really sad and I just want a hug. But I'm okay. I'm really just stressed. :/ I promise I will be over this in two days though! :)

 I ran into Sister Rasheed!
First Answer:

We just had transfers. On Wednesday. I serve in the H*** V***** Stake in the M******, L******, and H********* wards :) 

My first area was the V***** and A********* wards in the A***** stake. 

My second area was the C***** and M**** wards in the C*** Stake as well as the H***** ward in the M****** YSA Stake. 

I am currently still in my third area :)

 Saying goodbye to my companion Sister beach 😢
All of my wards are my favorite ;). I actually sometimes think "maybe I should move back to Arizona!" But then it's really hard because I'm not sure which ward I would want to move into! But then I remember that I've only ever served in well-to-do wards, and I probably wouldn't ever be able to afford to live in any of the wards I've served in...

Yes we have our new companion!! Her name is Sister H***! She is actually a visa waiter. She is headed to New Calidonia speaking French! Her dad was in the air force so she grew up all over the country. She is super sweet and an amazing teacher!!

This cute little girl wanted to wear my tag! So cute!
Okay we had an INCREDIBLE lesson with B**** this week. We taught her the law of chastity and the spirit was super strong. God has given us this commandment for our own happiness and so that we can have better relationships with those around us! B**** also told us about some sad news in her family and Sister M***** testified of the Plan of Salvation and I testified that we can find peace and answers in the Book of Mormon. We were all in tears. The spirit was strong! I love being a missionary!

Second Answer:

They are closing the Temple Visitor Center because they are doing some major renovations. New carpet, new wall coverings, all new displays. The only thing staying the same is the Christus statue.
Yes let's go to the temple! I love the temple!

THROWBACK! My first district!
Also my first temple trip on the mission!
That story about Michelle and Katrina made me cry! So sweet! [I shared with Erica the story of how Katrina got to see Michelle for 1 day in Korea when Michelle was serving her mission in Korea and the BYU-Hawaii choir had just stopped in Korea for one day while on tour in Asia. Michelle had permission from her mission president to eat lunch with Katrina and go to the temple with her and to see the BYU-Hawaii choir perform to the Korean Latter-Day Saints and friends. Michelle and Katrina cried when they saw each other and hugged and cried and then half the choir cried – they were rehearsing and had to stop! It was a tender mercy for the girls.]

Dad, funny stories!! I love Nick even though he probably has no idea who I am... And I love the primary program story haha did anyone else pick up on that?

Centennial Middle school has two floors too...

Yeah I guess it hasn't been a very good week for football games.. :/ sad...

I will watch the football games with you when I am home! I love football now!!

Trio Life!
My mission president is from Idaho! Haha so he loves anyone who is from Idaho and often at big mission meetings he will say, "okay let's take a picture with all the mission leaders" and then after that he will say "alright, now one with all the Idahoans!" Hahaha!!

So how big is Emily's role in the play? Also, I saw that Susan is doing Peter Pan in the spring!! When are the performances?!

Haha I loved Dieter F. Uchtdorf's description of the "Stalker Cat." It was a great start to General Conference! Did you know that it is actually considered a part of General Conference now? It is officially called the General Women's Session and you can now find it at the top of the list in the General Conference section in your Gospel Library app. Cool stuff!

Okay, I love you Mom and Dad!!! Have a great day!!

Sister Brady

Oh PS. By the time I finished this letter and sent it I am feeling MUCH BETTER already :). I had a long prayer and talk with God and I am feeling a lot less overwhelmed and a lot more happier. Which is why my subject title says "Missions are my favorite." I really do feel that :)

To Emily:

Hey will you please send me the cast list for Leaving Iowa?  

We are so cute!!

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