Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

February 9, 2015

The Best $5 I Ever Spent!!



Letter to Mom
Dear Mom,

Thank you so much Mom!!!! I really appreciate all that you are doing to help me out.

Yayyyy!!! I am so excited for Natalie [She got the lead in the CHS Musical “Annie Get your Gun]!!!! How awesome!!!! Yes!!! I want to see her in it!! She will just have to sing it for me when I get home. Also, who is the male lead? Emily is going to do so awesome as the little sister!! And she is going to have so much fun in the chorus! The chorus was my favorite!!

Oh My goodness I bet Bishop Wilson is the BEST seminary teacher!! And you sound like a pretty good one  too ;) Haha, actually I've seen you teach, and you are extremely talented. I always get so nervous and I end up saying something stupid. Oh hey, if they are no longer bishop, do you still call them bishop?

When we taught ****** this week he told us he had ordered the Book of Mormons on CD's. His wife started telling us about how convenient it would be.....

Sister *****: "Oh it's so great because you can listen to it in the car, and it can be on your iPhone, and you can listen to it while putting on makeup-" 
Brother ******: "Yeah, I've got a lot of makeup".... hahahah
(She clarified that she was the one who would be putting on makeup)

Emma gets to go to EFY again?!?! How exciting!!!! Is she going to go every year? She is so lucky!!! I love EFY!! She should do AFY!

Willie Wonka! How is the actor playing Willie Wonka doing?

Man, I am so bummed that Emma didn't get any recognition at the drama competition :( I wish I could have heard her sing!! But ya know, Emma, you don't need a high school ribbon to tell you you are a good singer. You were hand picked to sing with Michael Harrison in his concerts this winter. But I toootallllyyy understand how disappointing that can be! I didn't get any recognition at the first competition I went to :( I bet next year you go to state though! Just keep learning about new musicals and trying out new songs. Listen to songs on youtube. You will eventually find a song that will blow the socks off the judges! Are their any songs from Legally Blonde that would be good? Also, make sure that you get the score sheets from McCarty when she gets them. The judges will have written things that you can try putting into your songs! Constructive criticism! Yay :) (will you pass that paragraph on to Emma?)

Yeah, I totally remember riding in that car!!!! I don't really remember Phayne though, but I do remember that car ride!!

I helped some friends paint their new offices this week!! Yay we are both painting twins!!

I love you mom!! Thank you for your emails and your uplifting encouragement!! 


Sister Brady

A few of my favorite things!
The kid on the right (above) is Stettson
and we have the  same birthday!!!
the puppy (below) is just soooo cute!!!

Relief Society Activity!
We made cookies!

Game night with the missionaries!
We did an obstacle course!!

Letter to family
Dear Family,


But we need extra extra prayers this week because the week leading up to the baptism is always the hardest. So please keep ****** in your prayers!!

This last week I was learning about Real Intent. Have you all read the new CES devotional from last month? It is AMAZING!!! And now I am rethinking everything in my life!! What is my real intent for serving a mission? What is my real intent for reading my scriptures? What is my real intent for becoming an actress?? Real intent!!!

The gospel is true and I love all of you so much!! 


Sister Brady!

How I look when I drive!

#candid #imsoembarrassed

Getting a back massage.  Haha, jk, they are beating me up. #help

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