Erica's Missionary Adventures

Erica's Missionary Adventures
Merry Christmas from Mesa!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

June 30, 2014

Letter from Erica
June 30, 2014

Hahaha yay I've forgotten which week this is!! 



Okay but seriously. Just two days ago I was in companion study and suddenly I realized that I am happier here than I've ever been at Disneyland!! That's huge!! Cause you all know how much I obsess over Disneyland.

Yeah, I'm the worst at writing hand written letters. So if you don't ever get around to it it's really okay :)

Yes the school shooting really is a tragedy as those things always are :(

And that really is a testimony builder to show you that you really were called of God to be in that calling at this time and place.

Ammon is the coolest. Every person I meet here knows about how cool I think Ammon is. So I guess that's a great compliment that you and Dad think I am like him..... but Ammon is about a million light years cooler than I am.

And I love that story about how Ammon fell to the earth!!! Ammon!! Haha yeah I did "fall to the earth," but it wasn't that far of a fall. We always do companion study sitting on the floor.... so I was already half way to lying on the floor.

We were reading in the introduction of the Book of Mormon about how the church is the "Lord's kingdom" here on this earth. And that just really struck me as amazing! I suppose I've always heard that phrase, but then suddenly I just realized how big of a deal that is.

Also: The gospel of Jesus Christ is perfect! The church's organization is perfect! These things are perfect because all of these things are of God. (But man is not perfect and therefore any faults we have in the church are because of man). Any question we have about the church or about modern revelation (i.e. why do we have to follow the word of wisdom?) all comes down to whether or not we believe that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet of God. Because if we believe in that, we will know that these revelations came from God. And if we don't believe that Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet, then it comes down to whether or not we believe the Book of Mormon is true, cause if it is, then that means that Joseph Smith was indeed a prophet. It's amazing!!

Haha! I will make sure your letters are the longest, Mom :)

I tried the bacon ranch fries at Carl's junior this week. yum.

Action packed, Pee-Wee!! (That's in reference to the fact that you watched an "action packed Tom Cruise movie.")

What's going on in July? Is that the Utah trip? Fun!! :D

One of my first nights on the mission we had dinner with the U*****. She told us about how she and her husband (They are both probably in their late 70's) were married when she was 16 and he was about 17. what?! crazy right? And then! She went on to tell us this crazy story about her parents were married! (I will make up names for the sake of the story) Patty (Sister U******s mom) was about 21 when she was at a dance and a drunk man, Scott (I think he was about 7 or 8 years older), came in and started dancing with everyone. Scott kept pointing to Patty and said, "Someday I'm going to marry her!" But Patty was a goody-two-shoes Mormon girl who was not interested and that was that. But Scott never forgot her. About a year later, Scott was driving through Patty's town and remembered her (Scott was good friends with Patty's cousins). Scott had some frozen steak in the back of his truck and it was a very cold and snowy night. He decided he was going to drive to Patty's house and ask if her parents would like the steak. Patty's parents invited Scott into the house and said they would cook up the steak (haha of course they wanted the steak). So now here is Scott at Patty's home eating dinner with Patty and her little sister Amy. Amy was quite the jokster and said allowed "Patty, I dare you to marry Scott" Patty: "He wouldn't want to marry me."  Scott: "She wouldn't have me." Now you have to understand this day was a holiday and therefore the city hall/courthouses/ anything government related was closed. But Amy said again: "Patty, I dare you to marry Scott." Knowing it was holiday, Patty said: "I will if he will." Scott: "I will if she will"
So all three of them (I've no idea what happened to the parents at this point...) giggling and laughing piled into the car and drove up to the courthouse (or city hall or whatever so they could get a marriage certificate) knowing full well that it would be closed and nothing would come of this. When they got there there was a man who just happened to be opening the doors to the place. Still laughing, Patty, Scott, and Amy walked in and got a marriage certificate. Then the man said, well did you want to see a minister. They are all belly laughing now and decide to see the minister who performs the quick ceremony and they both say "I do." At the end of the ceremony, Patty turns back to her sister Amy and says "This was the best prank you've pulled yet!!" Amy's face is pale and her jaw is dropped. finally she says "I didn't set this up" When they realized what had happened, Scott told Patty, "If you want we can go back in there and get this taken care of (is annulled the right word?)." AND THEN Patty told Scott that she never went back on her promises. She had promised to marry him through better or worse and that was that.

CRAZY STORY RIGHT???!! Haha it makes me laugh. Sorry it was such a long story, it was just so funny to me! 

I love you all and I hope you have a fun time in Utah! I will talk to you next week :)

Sister Brady

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